Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1147: The show starring the strongest magician in the world

"Let's begin our game..."

Ellen flashed a dangerous look.

"I don't care what you are, nobody can beat me!"

Ellen grabbed her laser sword with both hands. She got into a stance where the hilt of the sword is at her waist level. She propelled herself forward with her thrusters. Zooming past the sky, she drew a line in the sky while leaving behind sonic booms. It took her no time at all to get in range for an attack on Wu Yan.


Her laser sword struck something metallic. The ensuing shockwave blew away the clouds within a radius of a few dozen meters. They created a hole in the cloudy sky.

"Not bad, you've got the power..."

Wu Yan assessed while defending with Nietono no Shana. He could see Ellen who clenched her teeth while pressing down on him with a desperate look. Wu Yan shoved her away with a slight push of his Nodachi.


The nimble blade smashed hard against Ellen's laser sword. Despite the overwhelming difference in size, the Nodachi almost split Ellen's laser sword in half.

Nietono no Shana couldn't complete that task because Ellen got thrown into the distance before Nietono no Shana can shatter Ellen's blade.

Ellen broke through several layers of cloud before stopping hundreds of meters away from Wu Yan. Her thrusters worked overtime to steady herself. The hands holding her blade trembled. She couldn't believe what she has just seen.

Pendragon isn't specialized for brute force. However, it's still powerful enough to block attacks from Spirits, even outright stopping an airship's charge.

Even so,  she still fell into a disadvantage in a clash against Wu Yan. Her blade also almost snapped.

What the hell kind of strength does this Spirit possess?

Ellen doesn't know she's going up against a True Ancestor. His physical prowess easily sat near the apex of demonic beings. Plus, the miraculous water baptism he experienced before also enhanced his body to a level where even strength-specialized beastmen can't hope to hold a candle to.

This is just a small fraction of Wu Yan's power.

"Hmm? Is the game over already?"

Wu Yan started throwing verbal jabs in Ellen's direction.

"So much for the strongest magician in the world... How disappointing..."

"I will make you regret saying that!"

Ellen snorted. Her laser sword started vibrating as golden lightning arced around her blade. It's brimming with weird energy.

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He mused out loud.

"So that's Maryoku?"

That's the energy channeled by Realizers with magicians as the medium. The energy coursing through Ellen's blade is known as Maryoku.


Ellen shot towards Wu Yan like a meteor. She lunged at Wu Yan with her charged-up blade attack.

Haven't learned your lesson yet?

Wu Yan raised his Nietono no Shana to block the laser sword.

The two blades collided.


The shockwave blew away the clouds around them.

The laser blade hit the Nodachi on its body. Despite that, the lunge failed to do anything other than scatter Maryoku into the environment.

Wu Yan's expression changed slightly.

That golden lightning on the laser blade carried an inferior strength that still managed to tilt Wu Yan's blade. The repulsive force it emitted was the culprit!

Ellen smirked. She pulled back and started a barrage of slashes on the same spot on Nietono no Shana


His Nodachi tilted once more

Ding ding ding

Ellen's piercing strike struck Nietono no Shana hundreds of times in a short span of time. With a crisp clang, she disarmed Wu Yan, his blade flew into the distance.

Ellen's eyes flashed.

"It's over!"

Ellen slashed Wu Yan on his chest.

Ellen never doubted her ability to finish the fight.

Without his Angel, a spirit's power will diminish greatly. Even an AST member can strike down a depowered spirit.

It also looked like Wu Yan's too cocky for his own good, he never put on his Astral suit. Her strike will definitely hurt him like she's attacking a mortal.

Ellen is sure she has this in the bag.

Alas, Wu Yan isn't a spirit. Nietono no Shana isn't his Angel.

Wu Yan also has no need for an Astral suit, he's immortal!

He has no need for an Angel because he is far stronger than Angels.


Ellen thought for sure she would rip a huge gash on Wu Yan's body. That didn't happen.

She heard a light pling.

The laser sword brimming with Maryoku landed between Wu Yan's fingers. He pinched her blade.


Ellen's cool expression finally collapsed, despite donning Pendragon, the scene before her truly shocked her.

"You're right..."

Wu Yan snickered. He made sure to look at Ellen's disbelieving face. He continued slowly.

"It's over..."

Wu Yan raised his other hand. A chilling force that threatened to freeze everything formed a large ice icicle before he shot it at Ellen's chest.

Moved by her survival instinct, Ellen immediately used her Territory.

"Defensive Territory, deploy!"

A green glow appeared before Ellen. She condensed it into a hexagonal piece of shield near her chest.

The icicle struck her small energy shield.


The shockwave from the collision blew away the clouds around them for miles and miles. It took the shockwave a long time to die down.

Ellen focused her attention on maintaining the shield. The icicle spun while drilling into her shield, ripples of energy continued expanding outwards.

Ellen's heart turned cold.

She had the strongest Territory known to magicians.

She can't even block an attack from an Angel?!

Who is this spirit? What the hell is with this guy?!

"You sure know how to put up a futile show, oh, the strongest magician in the world..."

While she's still busy dealing with that icicle, Wu Yan conjured another icicle. This icicle is at least twice as large as the previous icicle.

"Let me destroy your laughable pride!"


Ellen's expression turned deathly pale.

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