Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1148: Game over, the light that pierces the heavens

After a preliminary test, Wu Yan more or less understood the Pendragon CR unit Ellen's wearing.

She's basically at the peak of tier 8 with that power suit on.

Stronger than Kotori, Kurumi, Yoshino, and Miku in the past.

Wu Yan understood where Ellen got her confidence from. She had the strength to take down spirits all by herself. If she's serious she could probably kill spirits too.

At least, that was the status quo before Wu Yan's arrival. That was how it is when Kurumi, Kotori, Yoshino, and Tohka weren't Wu Yan's summons yet. 1v1, the girls with their past strengths couldn't have defeated Ellen.

The strongest magician?

An invincible fighter?

Ellen had the power and qualifications to do so.

At least, in the past anyway.

With Kotori and Tohka already at tier 9, Kurumi at the zenith of the eighth realm, each of the girls could beat Ellen easily.

Kurumi and Ellen might be on the same level but Kurumi's mastery over Zaphkiel and her nigh-infinite stock of Time made it easy for Kurumi to defeat Ellen if they fought.

Heck, even Yoshino, the weakest spirit among his harem can still fight Ellen on an even footing with the help of her Angel.

Wu Yan is the sole variable that ended Ellen's era as the strongest.

Granted, Wu Yan cannot be sure there are no enemies that can take down Ellen. However, Wu Yan is the strongest in this world, that goes without saying.

With the misty icicle in his hand, Wu Yan looked at the pale Ellen with similarly frosty eyes.

The thick icicle shot at Ellen's defensive Territory with the force of a rampaging drill.


Her defensive Field started trembling rapidly under the assault of his icicle.


Ellen moaned in pain. Her body shook as if somebody struck her with a lightning bolt. She's as pale as a ghost now.

Unlike other Realizers which had controls for magic power generation, the combat realizers, or CR units relied on the magician's brain to control the CR.

Under the immense burden, Ellen's mind started suffering the negative feedback of her Territory being destroyed. Blood seeped out of her nose and mouth. She looked haggard.


Even the strongest magician in the world couldn't stand the drillings of two super-powered icicles. Ellen's Territory got devastated as it rained down in a rain of energy fragments.


Ellen spat out blood from her mouth. Her brain went into survival mode, she couldn't even control the thrusters in her CR unit. She started falling after the boosters died down.

Before she can complete her untimely descent, chains with a magical purple glow appeared out of nowhere to wrap her up like stringed ham. She was suspended in the air by the magical chains.

"Not bad, the strongest magician..."

Wu Yan said, it's unknown if he meant that sarcastically or he's really praising her. Wu Yan grabbed at the air and a ray of light shot into his palm.

Nietono no Shana's back in his hand.

"Although I was careless, you still managed to disarm me. I see why you kept calling yourself the world's strongest..."

Wu Yan said while sliding his finger across his Nodachi.

"However, this is the end of the line. Our game is over..."


Ellen looked at Wu Yan with her bloody eyes. It took too much of her strength just to do this. Her gaze was empty.

"Impossible... I am the strongest magician... Ellen Mira Mathers... I would never lose to a spirit..."

"Perhaps you were the strongest..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Not anymore, there are a few individuals in this world who can beat you."

"You are no longer the strongest person in the world."

"I am not the strongest?"

Ellen shook, she started frantically shaking her head like she couldn't deal with reality.

"Impossible... impossible... I am the strongest in the world..."

Wu Yan looked at Ellen with pity in his eyes. He chortled.

"It seems DEM has a nasty habit of living in their own visions of utopia. Treating spirits like animals you can hunt, using despicable methods to get whatever you want, truly disgusting..."

Wu Yan raised his hand. A magic formation formed above his palm.

"Let me free you from that delusion..."

Magic started pouring out, he inserted a terrifying amount of magic into his magic formation.

Just when it looked like he was about to finish the formation, Wu Yan suddenly raised his hand overhead.


At the same time, a large pillar of light rained down from above, landing on his expanded magic formation.


The magic formation took the brunt of the attack head-on. Sparks and shockwaves flew everywhere.

The sudden attack petrified Ellen, she was prepared for death at Wu Yan's hands. Then, she looked into the sky after recalling something. Wu Yan snorted, he clenched down on his magic formation and the formation expanded to match the light pillar in diameter.


The magic formation dispelled the light pillar in a magnificent explosion. The ensuing shockwave also swept up everything around them.

If they were on the ground then this attack would have gouged a large hole in the ground.

Wu Yan looked up to see an airship designed like a giant cobra head hovering above them...

"No way!"

The captain and crew of Arbatel couldn't believe their eyes.

That focused laser strike was an attack that drained most of the Airship's power. That laser would have been enough to erase Arubi island.

And, that guy... he... against that kind of attack...

"A spirit just blocked the laser strike without any harm..."

Arbatel's captain started backing away with a dumb look. He looked at the image of Wu Yan in primal fear.

"Is this... the power of spirits?"


One of the crew shrieked.

They saw it. The spirit everyone's terrified of started opening his arm wide.

With two red magic formations near his palms, he converged the formations, forming an anomalous orb of power that ripped the fabric of space and time near his palms.

Then, white light suffused the screen and command room...

A gigantic white laser shot across the sky like an unstoppable meteor. The laser struck the red airship, destroying everything it touched.


The airship got blown into bits by Wu Yan's white laser attack.

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