Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1150: Kaguya, Yuzuru, which one is the real Yamai?

The vast sky was slowly taken over by the swirling black clouds.

On the ground, the forests on the islands near the hurricane got leveled, leaves flew toward the sky, drawn in by the suction force.

Smaller trees even got uprooted as they transformed into dangerous projectiles that created craters and holes in rock walls.

The seas churned violently while everything on the ground got thrown into disarray.

Fortunately, the islands ravaged by the violent tempest are uninhabited. The only island with inhabitants on it, Arubi Island, is perfectly fine because of the anti-spacequake measures installed on the island. Aside from trash and small trees, the island's relatively fine.

High in the sky, where nobody on the ground can look with their naked eyes, two individuals brawled. They smashed into one another before circling each other, they repeated this weird dance over and over.

The two fighters created shockwaves with each collision.

They also created storms with their attacks.

The storm clouds only grew with each attack. The winds also sped up as time went on. It seemed like the typhoon would sweep up everything.

At this rate, it won't take long for the hurricane to reach an intensity that the defensive measures installed on Arubi Island can't handle.

At that point, Arubi will suffer damages on par with a spacequake.


The attack this time was particularly strong. The two individuals smashed each other far away. The storm also stopped moving for a second.

The two flying combatants hovered in the air as if they ran out of steam. They stared at each other.

With the chaos on pause, one can finally see the appearance of the two silhouettes.

The fighters were extraordinarily beautiful ladies.

They looked like they should be studying in high school instead of fighting in the sky.

With mercury-blue eyes and orange hair, the two beauties with style stood in opposition to one another.

The two ladies also wore very distinctive attires.

They had black, tight-fitting clothes. They also had chains and cuffs that made the ladies look like they are convicts.

The girl on the right had braided-up hair. Her right hand and foot had chains. Her prideful look gave her the aura of a regal queen.

The girl on the left had her orange hair braided in three sections. Unlike the other girl, she had a lethargic look. She also looked more agreeable than the other one.

This meek girl also had a similar attire to the determined girl. However, her chains were on her left hand and foot.

Similar look and clothes.

Dissimilar vibe and style.

The revealing clothes they wore would probably make males without proper restraints to salivate on sight.

However, anyone thinking of trying anything funny should remember that the ladies can blow away tiny islands with their attacks.

With tiny cyclones around them, the ladies leered at each other. The prideful girl finally spoke up.

"Not bad!"

She stood with arms akimbo, she spouted lines that made her look like she was taking her dramatic act a tad too far.

"Your performance up till this point has been satisfactory, I will grant you that praise, Yuzuru!"


Yuzuru coldly replied, she's the tired-looking lady with hair braided in three sections.

"Kaguy's flattery is a cheap tactic to lower Yuzuru's guard and combat efficiency."

"I have no need for such petty tricks!"

Angered by Yuzuru's accusation, Kaguya pointed at Yuzuru.

"In front of my superior power, your weak psychological attacks cannot harm me!"


Yuzuru interrupted.

"Absolute power is not something Kaguya possessed."

"Your mortal vision cannot hope to catch a glimpse of my sheer superiority!"

Kaguya snorted while lifting her chin.

"Only a superior spirit like me is worthy of the title of Yamai. Yuzuru, you should give up!"

"Laughter, it is unthinkable to let a spirit like Kaguya become the true Yamai..."

Yuzuru nonchalantly said.

"Yuzuru is the one who is worthy of taking Yamai's title."

"Sure, speak your piece while you still can, Yuzuru!"

Kaguya shouted at Yuzuru.

"Today is the most important day where I shall become Yamai. Be at ease, Yuzuru, I will remember you as someone who had the qualifications to compete with me for the Yamai title, you will become a glorious stepping stone for me!"

"Criticism, Yuzuru is the only one who can become Yamai!"

The two ladies lashed out at one another despite spotting similar looks. Then, the cyclones around them expanded outwards. The storm manifested itself as a rain of sharp wind blades.

"This is it..."

Kaguya shot herself towards Yuzuru with sharp winds around her.

"Here's the final attack!"


Yuzuru also charged towards Kaguya with whistling gale around her.

"The victory shall belong to Yuzuru!"

The two ladies who looked like twins split the clouds in their way as they flew at near-supersonic speeds. At the center of this final confrontation, the two gave each other one last look.

Then, both ladies swung at each other with a right hook.

Before the two ladies can punch each other in the face. A figure appeared out of nowhere and he stood between them.

The sudden arrival of the visitor caught them by surprise. They also couldn't stop their fists in time.

Before Yuzuru and Kaguya can do anything, the figure stretched his arms out. With mana rippling around his arms, the guy blew away the winds around the two ladies. Then, he grabbed their fists with his bare hands.

Kaguya and Yuzuru emitted audible gasps.

They might have gone easy on their punches but the power contained within each punch was still enough to shatter a cliff.

The guy easily blocked their attacks?

The two spirits of wind continued letting off violent winds, the gale whipped the mysterious man, causing him to frown. Sighing, he released a wave of magic power from his hands that held the ladies by their fists.


The magic power he scattered into the environment curbed the raging storm around Yuzuru and Kaguya. He dispelled their winds.

Yuzuru and Kaguya felt a strong but gentle force pushing them away.

The two ladies got shoved away from one another. They slid dozens of meters away before steadying themselves. They looked at the mysterious man with astonished looks.

They gazed at the man who just subjugated them by himself.

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