Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1151: Berserker

Within the raging tempest, everything started to fade back into serenity.

"Who is that?"

"Repeat, who is that?"

Kaguya and Yuzuru looked at the mysterious man who stood between the two of them. He's hovering in the air just like them. They were bewildered by the sudden appearance of a third party here.

Wu Yan sighed after confirming the two ladies are focusing on him. He scanned the two beautiful girls.

Yamai Kaguya: Level 73

Yamai Yuzuru: Level 73


He pieced together their story from what he had in his mind.

"They are the Yamai sisters?"


Inside Fraxinus, Yatsuki gasped in astonishment, she looked towards Reine for an answer.

"Those two spirits, are they the Berserkers?"

Reine looked a the screen with her baggy eyes. She nodded.

"Indeed, those two spirits are the Berserkers."

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Looks like you guys know about these two spirits..."

"Rather than know..."

Yatsuki shrugged.

"It would be more accurate to say they are infamous among the Spirit community..."


Wu Yan roamed his gaze over the Yamai Sisters who are still staring holes into him.

"What makes you say that?"


Yatsuki pondered.

"Of the signatures captured during spacequakes all over the world, these two spirits appeared most frequently."

"All over the world, you say?"

Wu Yan gasped.

"In other words, these two sisters caused spacequakes on a global scale?"


Yatsuki denied.

"They started large-scale spacequakes but those spacequakes are high up in the sky where they could hurt no one, the same can't be said of Tohka and Yoshino's spacequakes. The casualties from their spacequakes paled in comparison to the ones on the ground."

"Ah, so their spacequakes rarely hurt anyone?"

Wu Yan furrowed his brows.

"I am getting the feeling that there is another reason for their epithets?"


Yatsuki sounded grim.

"These two spirits didn't hurt anyone with their spacequakes. However, since they fought during each encounter, the powers they wield as the spirits of wind..."

"It's like these two are moving hurricanes with a conscious mind. Their duels can wreak havoc on the places they visit?"

Wu Yan said that while looking at the islands wrecked by the tidal waves and storm they conjured. Wu Yan laughed out loud.

"I see, that's why they are called Berserkers, quite the term of endearment there..."

"It is as you said..."

Yatsuki helplessly continued.

"Although they didn't do it on purpose, the disaster they brought cannot be overlooked. Also, these two frequently appeared in front of public eyes so they are a headache for those trying to hide the existence of Spirits."

"In any case, Ratatoskr and AST treated Berserkers as priority targets. But, these spirits boasted superior mobility and range. It's almost impossible to catch or fight them. I didn't think we would encounter them here..."

Yatsuki felt excited.

"If we can seal these two spirits then we can save a lot of people and damages. We can also solve a major pain in our butts. This is the perfect chance. Captain, if the commander finds out about this then she will be very happy!"

"I see..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheeks. He looked at the twin sisters.

"True, let me see how tough these Yamai sisters can be..."


Yatsuki started sweating.

"Please use peaceful methods to contact the spirits. We don't want a repeat of what happened with Miku last time, the part where you fought her..."


Wu Yan started grinning like a naughty brat.

"Well, I will try..."

The Yamai sisters got annoyed with Wu Yan.

"Hey, you there!"

Kaguya leered at Wu Yan without a hint of fear.

"I don't know who you think you are but don't you think it's rude to interfere with another person's duel?!"


Yuzuru chimed in.

"Not that Yuzuru wants to agree with Kaguya but this duel is very important for Kaguya and Yuzuru. Please abstain from interference..."

Wu Yan listed to Kaguya's Chuuni antics while enduring Yuzuru's unique speech pattern. His lips twitched before forgetting all about the advice Yatsuki gave him.

"You two are the rude ones here..."

Inside Fraxinus, Yatsuki, Reine, and Kannazuki grabbed their faces in dejection. They couldn't believe Wu Yan.

Kaguya's eyes widened. She used a sharp gaze on Wu Yan.

"Your statement, I take it you're besmirching the Yamai Sisters?!"


Yuzuru said.

"Yuzuru never did anything rude. That's defamation."


Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He pointed at the islands down there.

"Look at the islands with your eyes, look what you two did!"

Kaguya and Yuzuru flinched. They looked at the wrecked but uninhabited islands. They exchanged a look before coming up with a defense.

"So what? We destroyed a few uninhabited islands, what's the big deal?"

"Query, Yuzuru would like to know the answer too..."

"You girls..."

Wu Yan crossed his arms while pursing his lips.

"When someone butts into your duel, you say he is rude. When you mess up someone's daily life, you don't consider it rude at all?"

Yuzuru and Kaguya choked for a second before they came up with another retort.

"Those are uninhabited islands, no?!"

"Statement, since the islands have no humans on it, Yuzuru didn't bother anyone's life."

"Too bad for you, I was living just fine on the islands."

Wu Yan lied without even a twitch of his facial muscle.

"You bothered me so I came to see what's up. Who would want to fly up here just to play with you two?"


Kaguya and Yuzuru were rendered speechless.

"Well? Am I right?"

Wu Yan started coming down on them with a grin.

"As children of the typhoon, are the Yamai spirits going to deny their own wrongdoings?"

"O-of course, not!"

Kaguya nodded. She looked a bit awkward.

"It is the case that I overstepped my bounds. In view of that, I will not pursue my grievance against you any longer..."


Yuzuru said.

"Yuzuru is the one who cast the first stone. My apologies for that..."


Kaguya changed the topic, she jerked her chin forward.

"Let us adjourn to another sacred venue for our epic duel!"


Yuzuru narrowed her eyes at Kaguya.

"Wait, I am not done yet."

Wu Yan rubbed his aching temples. He sighed.

"Why are you two fighting in the first place?"

"Hoho, are you interested in our duel?"

Kaguya puffed her chest out.

"However, you're an external party. Even if we are at fault for disrupting your life, you may not interfere in our duel!"

"Request, please stay out of our duel..."

Yuzuru nonchalantly said.

"This duel is very important for Yuzuru and Kaguya. We must do this!"

"Okay, why can't I?"

Wu Yan asked.

"Since it's a duel, don't you think you should appoint a referee? Enlighten me, I may be able to offer some advice..."


Kaguya and Yuzuru wavered for a second.

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