Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1152: Yamai Twins are on fire!

The sky slowly returned to the usual blue color after the dark clouds faded.

The seas also calmed down, the gentle sloshing of the waves echoed well with the warm glow of sunlight. The soft glow is a much-welcomed respite for the devastated islands, including Arubi Island. Ignoring the damages from a hurricane, Arubi Island looked fine. It makes one think the tempest from before was nothing but a dream.

In the boundless sky, three figures hovered in the air. The two females talked for a long time with the only guy there. It appears they are discussing something, the familiarity between them also looked good.

Anyone looking at the scene wouldn't have thought the two cute ladies were the ones who started the storm.

They also wouldn't believe the girls were trying to kill one another...

"In other words...

Wu Yan rubbed his chin, he was talking to the twins in front of him.

"Simply put, you two were originally a single spirit named Yamai, after multiple materialization and dematerialization, the original Yamai split into two and she lost her original personality?"

Wu Yan verified the intel he got from the sisters with the information he had on them from his past.

He frowned.

"After that, you two wanted to see who would become the dominant personality after joining back into a single entity. The loser will disappear and the winner will become the true Yamai, something like that?"

"As expected of one who can stop our duel, you have wit."

Kaguya praised Wu Yan while crossing her arms.

"It is as you said."


Yuzuru looked calmer than Kaguya.

"It is why Yuzuru and Kaguya fought non-stop, it is to decide who will become the true Yamai!"

"I see..."

Wu Yan nodded. His frown didn't loosen a bit.

"I have heard tales of multiple personalities, it sounds ridiculous that merging will make one personality disappear..."

Kotori had two personality modes. Meanwhile, Nagisa merged with Avrora without losing either ego.

If they merged, it's highly likely they can still keep their personalities.

"That... is something only the Goddess of Fate will know..."

Kaguya sounded melancholic when she said this.

"Explanation, this is something Kaguya and Yuzuru knew the moment they came into existence..."

Yuzuru shifted her gaze away.

"Yuzuru and Kaguya have no idea why it is like that..."

"Hmm... sounds troublesome..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. Judging by the dark looks they spotted, he could see this is a heavy topic for them.

"So you two are just split clones of the original spirit. The original spirit must have been very powerful. I reckon you're probably as strong as Ellen when you two merged..."

Wu Yan bitterly smiled.

"You two are the hidden bosses of this world..."

"Of course!"

Kaguya puffed her chest out, she was very proud to hear that. But, she quickly followed up with another question.

"Who is Ellen?"

"Well, don't sweat the small stuff..."

Wu Yan waved her off.

"I get where you two came from. Let me get right down to brass tacks.'

He looked at Kaguya and Yuzuru.

"Truth be told, your duels are pointless!"


Kaguya and Yuzuru got angered.

"You, are you belittling our divine duels?!"

"Anger, Yuzuru cannot ignore that remark. To survive, that is the basic purpose of our duels!"

"Look, don't get angry at me. I am the judge so I am just giving you two a piece of my mind..."

Wu Yan wasn't fazed by the angry spirits.

"Think about it. You two were originally one and now you're two. You two are equal in most aspects. You have similar powers, Astral Dresses, even your Angel split into two. Isn't it pointless to see who is superior by fighting?"

Kaguya and Yuzuru paused. They exchanged a look in silence.

"This can't be helped, okay?!"

Kaguya is the first one to throw a tantrum.

"We have tried all kinds of duels. We still can't decide the victor despite dueling in different events. We just can't think of a way to break our ties."

"Desolation, Yuzuru also can't think of a proper way to end this..."

Yuzuru shook her head. She shifted her beautiful eyes over to Wu Yan.

"Maybe, the judge has an idea? How do we settle this once and for all?"

Their mercury-grey eyes were on Wu Yan. He can sense they genuinely wanted a suggestion from him.

"Well, even I am not sure when you suddenly asked me like this..."

"Come on..."

Kaguya pursed her lips in disappointment. Suddenly, Kaguya had an idea, she hammered her palm.

"I've got it!"

"What do you have in mind?"

"Question, Yuzuru wants to know too..."


Kaguya scanned Wu Yan up and down. He was suddenly struck with a bad feeling. Kaguya turned towards Yuzuru.

"Yuzuru, there is one duel we never tried..."


Yuzuru tilted her head.

"Request, what is that?"

Kaguya grinned before pointing at Wu Yan. She laid down her declaration.

"We never decided who is superior in charm!"


Yuzuru flinched. Wu Yan also took a step back in shock.

"Kaguya, you're not suggesting a duel of seduction against Yuzuru, right?"

"Oh, as expected of the referee appointed to preside over our duel!"

Kaguya giggled.

"How about it? This is a nice way to wrap up our fights, right?!"

"Reply, I see..."

Yuzuru nodded. She locked onto Wu Yan.

"It is as Kaguya pointed out. This is the aptest final duel..."


Wu Yan stared blankly as the sisters decided the fights by themselves. He laughed out loud.

"What are you laughing at?"

Kaguya frowned. She leered at Wu Yan.

"Are you doubting my judgment?!"

"Agreed, Yuzuru is displeased by his reaction..."

Yuzuru's brows twitched.

"Please explain yourself, referee..."


Wu Yan laughed while waving his hands.

"I just find it weird..."

"What's weird about this?!"

Kaguya glared at Wu Yan. She looked like she wouldn't pass up a chance to chomp down on Wu Yan.

"Are you laughing at my ability to charm people? You think I can't do it?!"

"Well, you've got that right..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"You two are cuties for sure. But, there are many ladies around me who look just as pretty. I have built up an immunity over time, are you sure you two are up to the task?"

That doubt lit the flames of competition in the Yamai twins' hearts.

"Hey, Yuzuru, looks like we have to do this..."


After seeing the flames within the eyes of the spirits of wind, Wu Yan realized how he just dropped a boulder on his own feet.

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