Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1153: Abducted? The lost sheep...

Arubi Islands, tourist center...

The clouds darkened as distant winds whistled like sharp blades coming their way. Lighter objects started taking to the skies as if drawn by an invisible force.

The trees also bent slightly under the heavy winds. Everybody can hear the sharp whistling gale that bypassed the walls. Raizen High students can tell a storm is inbound. The students with a timid attitude turned pale as they shivered.

Who can blame them?

They were prepared for a happy trip when the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse.

In one minute, they were hurrying over to the tourist center, the next, the sky turned dark and the seas started rumbling with the winds picking up speed. In less than 30 minutes, the strong winds transformed into a storm that can blow away people.

By the time the students got here, the outside world has already turned into a chaotic tempest.

"It seems we are in for a storm..."

The windows creaked under the assault of the wind. It sounded like the windows might break. Shiori sighed.

"When is this weather going to end? I hope it won't last until the end of your school trip, that would be terrible..."


Tohka also looked like she's feeling down. More than that, she's worried.

"Is Shido okay?"

Shiori recalled our Wu Yan departed from the group before this. She is also worried for Wu Yan.

"I think he should be okay..."


Tohka is even more concerned after listening to Shiori. Her purple eyes were looking outside. She clenched her teeth before dashing for the door.

"I am going to look for Shido!"


Shiori cried out.

She grabbed Tohka's hand.

"The weather's very bad, you can't find him even if you go out like this. There is also a chance you might get blown away. Don't do pointless things."


Tohka couldn't suppress the anxiety rising within herself.


Everyone paused for a second. The mood changed.

"Look! It's clearing up!"

The students and teachers looked out the windows. Sure enough, the clouds started parting way, revealing the blue sky beyond. The seas also settled down like  dying winds.

"It stopped! It stopped!"


"I thought we were going to have to stay inside the hotel for the entire trip.."

"Let's hope the weather stays this way..."

Even the teachers are happy to see this change in weather. They thanked the gods for looking out for them. They also couldn't believe how fast the weather changed.

The weather changed from good to bad and back to good in no time at all. They were completely caught off guard.

"The sky's clear!"

Tohka stuck her face up against the window. She ran past the students gathered near the windows and she went for the door.

The moment she was about to shove the door open, the exit opened on its own, surprising Tohka.

The person Tohka's looking for stood at the exit.


Tohka almost glomped Shido when she saw something that froze her in place.

The other students, Shiori, and teachers also became speechless upon seeing Wu Yan.

Wu Yan is fine despite exposing himself to the storm outside. His hair and clothes are also very tidy. It's almost like he never the group. It appears the storm had no effect on Wu Yan.

Shiori and Tohka sighed in relief. Then, they frowned at Wu Yan, they leered at him.

That's because Wu Yan came back with two other people.

They had orange hair and they looked like twins. They were both extraordinary beauties with mercury-blue eyes.

If it's just that then Tohka won't be acting so spastic over two new girls.

Here's the problem: The two incredibly beautiful ladies were wearing revealing clothes and they had cuffs on their wrists and feet.

More importantly, only people with special hobbies dressed like that. That is still understandable, whatever floats their boats, right?

But, if the both of them kept rubbing the guy's arms with their bodies, now that's something one can't easily ignore.


The prideful girl hugging Wu Yan's right arm started complaining.

"I am lowering myself to do this, aren't you supposed to reciprocate?!"


The girl holding Wu Yan's left arm started chiming in.

"Choosing Kaguya will only lower Shido's style. Compared to Kaguya, Yuzuru is the superior choice of mate. Please stand on Yuzuru's side!"

"What are you saying?! It's Shido's luck he gets to bask in my glorious affections!"

"Denied, your affections are worth nothing to Shido. Only Yuzuru can give Shido the highest level of service."

"Your service is as futile as you're useless!"

"Sarcasm, Yuzuru laughs at Kaguya's shallow understanding of the male mindset. You already lost by saying something like that."

"H-how is that possible? Just smile at them and they will trip themselves over trying to earn your affections, am I wrong?!"

"Not all women can achieve that level of seduction amstery. Kaguya is included in the subset of incapable women."

"Oh, that does it. You wanna go?!"

"Affirmative, Yuzuru can fight anytime!"

Kaguya and Yuzuru started bickering with Wu Yan stuck between them. They also never stopped rubbing Wu Yan while dressed like courtesans.

This envious scene is not enjoyable to Wu Yan. He's sweating really hard.

The more the Yamai twins made a ruckus, the harsher the stares he's getting from the students and the teachers. Indeed, it appears he is in hot waters.

More than that, there are two individuals staring at him with frosty looks.


Tohka growled, despite her eyes being hidden by her bangs, Wu Yan can hear she's not happy.

"Who are these girls?"


Wu Yan chortled. The students and teachers were not amused by him.

"They are... lost sheep..."

The judging gazes intensified.

"Lost sheep? You mean you abducted them?"

"Those clothes they are wearing, did he make them wear it?"

"What a terrible hobby..."


"He already has Yatogami-san..."

"And Tokisaki-san..."

"He's throwing Shiori's face away..."


He can hear the whispers coming from his class. The teachers also looked at him like he's a walking lawsuit.

Wu Yan started sweating bullets. With the Yamai sisters starting a verbal fight near his arms, Tohka glaring at him with a frosty aura, and Shiori's frustrated look some distance away from him, he really didn't know how to proceed from this point...

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