Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1154: The rumored world of adults

High above Arubi Island, Fraxinus...


Mana entered the command room while massaging her shoulders. She unequipped her CR unit.

"Fighting in the storm sure is tiring..."

"Good work, Mana..."

Yatsuki greeted Mana. He rubbed his head apologetically.

"I am not good at operating CR units. The most I can do is fire gun-type Realizers, otherwise I would have helped you..."

"Well, don't mind it..."

Mana shook her head, her blue ponytail fluttered according to her movements. Her hair looked like a dog wagging its tail, super cute.

"Yatsuki's abilities are unquestioned. I still remember that shot you pulled when we fought Nightmare, that was so awesome."

"Please, I am only good at marksmanship..."

Yatsuki shrugged.

He looked at Kyouhei who is still hugging the commander's seat like a total deviant.

"Plus, there are more capable men than me, I mean..."

Mana looked at the vice-commander who is salivating while moaning gibberish. She's not sure how she should feel about that man.

If Yatsuki's outstanding command over gun-type Realizers shocked Mana then Kyouhei's excellent leadership certainly opened her eyes.

He controlled the situation on Arubi island with almost perfect finesse. He also mobilized her while supporting her through the stormy weather. He calculated the duration of the storm and sent Mana to stop the Bandersnatch units rampaging on Arubi Island.

Mana didn't think she can stop the Bandersnatch units by herself without Kyouhei's timely and accurate orders. She would also be easily spotted by Raizen High students if it weren't for the commands issued from Kyouhei. She might have even attracted danger to Tohka and Shiori.

Kyouhei also gave her accurate details on the enemies' abilities while giving her tips to end the fights quickly. He gave her the fastest route to the nearest enemies. Mana revised her assessment of Kyouhei's abilities.

However, the guy's current appearance lowered his ratings. Mana's truly not sure how she should feel about the guy.

"Anyway, with the Bandersnatches destroyed and cleaned. Arubi Island is under control."

Mana looked at Yatsuki.

"What's going on with the captain?"

"Ah, captain..."

Yatsuki bitterly laughed. He turned towards the screen.

"It seems he's in trouble..."

"Why are you girls sticking to Shido?!"

"As my most honorable guard, isn't it clear that I should stick to Shido?!"

"Hah? What are you talking about?"

"Explanation, Kaguya and Yuzuru are currently competing in a duel, we must stay near Shido at all times."

"I don't know what's going on but I want in!"

"Oh, you want to fight me? I admire your guts..."


"Explanation, there can only be one winner. The winner will get the right of ownership over Shido!"

"Owning Shido?! I want in! I want in now!"

"A mere mortal dares to challenge a child of typhoon?!"

"Rebuttal, this is a duel between Kaguya and Yuzuru, outsiders are not welcomed."

"Why can you guys do it and not me?!"

With the girls yelling around him, Wu Yan who is sandwiched between two girls while confronting Tohka felt all sorts of tired.

It's been half an hour since the three spirits bickered. It's something not even an immortal True Ancestor can endure.

Wu Yan finally chimed in. He pulled himself free from Kaguya and Yuzuru.

"Girls, stop fighting. How long do you girls intend to keep this up?!"

"It's not me!"

Tohka pouted. With tears in the corners of her eyes, she started throwing a tantrum.

"I just wanted them to stay away from you..."


Kaguya laughed like a haughty queen. She waved her hands at Tohka.

"Too late, Shido's already mine. He is my prize!"

"Denied, Yuzuru never heard anything about prizes."

Yuzuru glared at Kaguya after giving Tohka a quick glance.

"Since Kaguya hadn't successfully seduced Shido, Yuzuru deduced that statement as Kaguya's delusion."

"My other half, Yuzuru, to think you're as short-sighted as the humans of this world!"

Kaguya said with arms akimbo.

"With my overwhelming charm, one flick of my wrist and Shido will fall helplessly in love with me. He will become my plaything, I am just giving you girls a chance to defend while you still can."

"Doubt, charm is something Kaguya never had. You're delusional."

Yuzuru continued.

"Kaguya is getting cold feet, you're not actually bold enough, yes?"


Kaguya shrieked like a cat with its tail stepped on. She blushed super hard while ditching her Chuunibyou lines. Yuzuru shut her down with another line.

"Challenge, Yuzuru cast heavy doubts on Kaguya's words."


Kaguya pointed at Yuzuru. She yelled out loud.

"Okay, since you're already talking smack, I will let you see my true abilities!"

Kaguya turned around to face Wu Yan. Instead of looking at him like as a target of seduction, Kaguya approached Wu Yan like a guy who is not sure how to slice and dice the chicken on the cutting board.

"What are you doing?..."

Wu Yan backed away with twitching lips.

"I advise you to chill. If you did seduce me then there's a high chance I will pound you into an adult's world..."

"Adult's world?"

Kaguya's eyes lit up.

"So if you did introduce me to the world of adults then it's my win, right?!"

Wu Yan choked.

"That goes without saying, it means I would fight for you, admitting that I got seduced is just par of the course..."


Kaguya had a radiant smile. She stuck her chest out.

"Alright, Shido, I am granting you the privilege to pound me into an adult's world!"


Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears.


Yuzuru stepped forward.

"Yuzuru wants to climb the staircase of adulthood too."

"Don't leave me behind!"

Tohka stepped forward too, she couldn't believe Kaguya and Yuzuru are heading for this "adult's world" without her.

"I wanna come too! Me too!"

Wu Yan's heart thumped hard. He almost fell to the floor.


Wu Yan weakly raised a question.

"Do you girls even know what it means to enter the world of adults?"

Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru exchanged looks.

"Does it involve touching butts?"

"Touching chests?"

"Shiori said I need to eat more to grow up. Does 'adulting' mean eating a lot?"

Against the curious and confused stares from the three spirits, Wu Yan felt like he is a vile degenerate...

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