Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1155: The three-steps technique of seduction


After exiting Tamae-sensei's room, he sighed in a lethargic manner. He also rubbed his aching temples.

In order to give Kaguya and Yuzuru a place to stay, he spent half an hour brainwashing Tamae-sensei.

No, he didn't use his mental spells on Tamae's brain. He used pure psychological tricks to get by.

He manipulated Tamae-sensei's pure and kind mind to his advantage, he made her feel dizzy by overloading her with information. Then, he slipped in a suggestion to make it as if the teacher came up with the idea herself.

Anyway, that's how he pulled it off.

After listening to Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru fight, the three spirits continued pestering him for the method of entry into the world of adults. Then, he had to explain himself to the teacher for half an hour.

He's truly spent.

"If I knew this was going to happen then I would have used mental spells instead..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Although I would have felt bad for Tamae-sensei..."

Wu Yan sighed again. He started walking towards his room.

Now that he got Kaguya and Yuzuru places to stay, he spared them the fate of sleeping outside or making them share the bed with him. It's a win for him.

As for regrets, Wu Yan had none.

Compared to sharing a bed with the noisy twins who fought over every single thing, sleeping in a room by himself sounded way better, even if he had to give up any chances of scoring with the twins. He willingly gave those perks up so he can get a good night's sleep.

Indeed, it was an easy choice between a noisy room with the twins or the sweet embrace of the sandman.

Moreover, he could use the rest.

He's mentally exhausted.

Now, he's going to make sure to take a good rest...

Recalling the duel he had with Ellen, the destruction of Arbatel, his encounter with the spirits of storm, Wu Yan felt like he did enough for the day. His bed is calling for him and he eagerly wanted to answer the call.

Alas, fate stood in his path. Before he can slip into the corridor to his room, two voices called out to him.


"Repeat, Shido!"

Wu Yan froze up for a second. After identifying the owner of the voices, he immediately made a dash for it.

"Don't run!"

"Watch my flying tackle! Hiya!"

Wu Yan got tackled to the ground by two soft bodies. His escape was unsuccessful.

"To think I deigned to lavish you with my love only for you to attempt an escape. How brazen!"

"Annoyance, Yuzuru thinks Shido's action is very harmful to a maiden's heart. Please just stay put..."

Wu Yan lost all strength to struggle. He turned around to see the two Yamai Twins sitting on his back. One of them spotted a proud look while the other one looked at him nonchalantly.

"You two haven't given up yet?"

"In my book, there is no such thing as giving up!"

Kaguya pursed her slips while straddling Wu Yan.

"Before I get you to offer your loyalty, don't even think I will give up!"

"Explanation, your words rubbed us the wrong way."

Yuzuru stared at Wu Yan.

"You doubting our charm is not something Yuzuru takes lightly."

"Okay, fine, I am sorry, is that okay?"

Wu Yan gave up.

"I just said that without thinking about it. Look, there are many beautiful girls around me. I said that because I wanted you two to know that it wouldn't be reasonable to use seduction on me when we could opt for another way to settle your feud."

"Hmph, the audacity to compare the Yamai spirits to mere mortals!"

Kaguya pressed down harder on Wu Yan.

"When you get a taste of my charm you are going realize how foolish you sound!"


Yuzuru also pressed down.

"Shido, since you have 'so much experience' it makes you the perfect candidate for the final duel between Yuzuru and Kaguya."

"Y-you girls..."

Wu Yan started shaking in anger.

"Fine, we will do it your way. Can we do this tomorrow? The duel of seduction or whatever..."

Wu Yan raised his arms in submission.

"I am very tired. So tired that after sleeping you can try whatever seduction techniques you want on me and you will have my full cooperation, sounds good?"


Kaguya rejected his offer.

"We have decided to use you as the stage for our final duel, we shall brook no delay."


Yuzuru also nodded.

"If we backed off now then the efforts of the good samaritan would have been in vain..."


Wu Yan was confused.

"Who is this good Samaritan?"

Yuzuru and Kaguya exchanged  a smile.

Ten minutes ago...


Kaguya stomped along the corridor, she unequipped her Astral Dress.

"That annoying fellow. How dare he commit the capital crime of desertion!"


Yuzuru's mercury-blue eyes also had hints of displeasure.

"Men who ditch women are the worst!"

"Ah~ It was so close too..."

Kaguya's shoulder sagged down.

"I was just inches away from making him completely infatuated with me. He would have been the guy who gave me the throne..."

"Denied. Kaguya's unit of measurement is wrong. The distance between you and the target is as far as the boundless sea..."

Yuzuru's eyebrow twitched.

"Yuzuru is further on the path of seduction."

"No! Shido will become mine!"

"Rebuttal, Kaguya can never attract Shido. He will choose someone like Yuzuru..."


"Conclusion, he will."


"Answer, yes!"

The twins fought so hard they forgot about their objectives. They lost sight of Wu Yan just as they lost their situational awareness.

A guy in a trench coat and sunglasses emerged from around the corner. He is screaming probable cause just by existing. The guy dashed over much to the twins' surprise.

The twins assumed he was an enemy and almost fired an attack at him. Then, the mysterious man started talking.

"Young misses, you two appear to be troubled..."

Yuzuru and Kaguya frowned at the same time.

"Who are you? How dare you block my path!"


The guy started chuckling by himself. The twins almost lost their patience. Then, the guy in a hoodie and coat spoke up.

"You two want to seduce a man, right? I have a sure-fire technique you can use..."

"Sure-fire technique?"

The two spirits perked up their ears.

The hooded guy didn't wait for the twins to say anything.

"There are three steps to capturing a man's heart!"

"Three steps?..."

The twins held their breaths.

The mysterious man nodded.

"First, you strip."


The twins gasped.

"Then, you kiss!"


Their eyes widened.

"Let the other party proceed with the final step!"

The hooded guy roamed his gaze over the two ladies.

"That is all..."

Kaguya and Yuzuru exchanged a look...

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