Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1156: The first and second step

"That's how it is!"

Kaguya revealed the technique taught to her by the hooded man. She slapped Wu Yan's back with a refreshed look.

"Shido, be grateful for you are about to experience a great honor like no other."

"Suggestion, please let Yuzuru perform the three-step technique to seduce a man!"

Yuzuru spoke without so much as a twitch in her facial muscles.

"Yuzuru will definitely make Shido feel good..."

"Don't say stuff like that!"

Wu Yan started squirming underneath the bodies of the two beautiful ladies straddling him.

"If I really did that to you two then I am going to be treated like a human scum in Raizen High. Also, I want to know which douchebag told you that technique, some samaritan he is! I bet he gets his ass kicked every time he tries to hit on girls!"

Inside Fraxinus....

Kyouhei sneezed after taking off his hoodie.

"Shido, you're not granted the right to refuse!"

Kaguya eyed Wu Yan like he is her prey. She snickered coldly.

"Just accept my love!"


Yuzuru also stared at Wu Yan with flames of excitement in her eyes.

"Please watch Yuzuru's performance..."

The two spirits departed from Wu Yan. They stood in front of Wu Yan with red faces. Wu Yan hadn't got up yet, he had a bad feeling.


Thinking about the technique they learned, Wu Yan pointed at the two spirits.

"Don't tell me... you two are going to..."


Kaguya interrupted Wu Yan. She gnashed her teeth before grabbing the sash of her bathrobe.

"We shall decide the victor here!"


Yuzuru also grabbed her sash in a resolute but softer manner.

"It is time we decide who is superior!"

Wu Yan knew what they are going to do so he shouted out loud.

"Wait! This is a hall..."

He couldn't finish his sentence due to his shock.

With a smooth motion, the two ladies undid their bathrobe by pulling the sashes away. Their sashes fell to the floor.

The next thing he knew, he was faced with two incredibly gorgeous ladies in their birthday suits. He got a good look at every inch of their bodacious figures.

His mouth widened as the sight of the two naked ladies caused his internal self to howl in hysteria.

He's not one to turn down freebies but the two spirits really needed to mind the place and occasion. How is he supposed to explain this situation if someone passed by?!

Wu Yan looked like he was stuck in a daze.

Maybe it's because Wu Yan stared at them blankly, or maybe it's because they realized they are still standing in a narrow hallway. In any case, both the Chuunibyou Kaguya and docile Yuzuru used arm bras and hand panties to cover their swimsuit regions. They started mewling while blushing.

"Don't stare at me like that..."

"Embarrassment, Shido's eyes are turning scary..."

Wu Yan quickly stood up. He hurriedly covered their bodies with the robes on the ground.

"Girls, please don't mess around. Cover yourselves..."

Wu Yan is still fine, it's not the first time Wu Yan saw a woman's naked figure. However, this is a hallway and there are two naked ladies standing here.

Compared to the time Sylph presented her birthday suit to Wu Yan, the twins paled in comparison. But, the twins didn't lose to the imperial princess in terms of appearance. The sight of the icy princess taking off her clothes impacted Wu Yan more than the spirits of the wind.

Plus, her personality also played a great part in this.

When Wu Yan showed the twins his unfazed look, the twins were rightfully annoyed as they started leering at Wu Yan.

Is our combined charm not enough to move this "experienced" man?

The twins were angry, their rage overwhelmed their shame.

"As expected of the one bestowed the role of the judicator by the twins of typhoon..."

Kaguya is visibly pissed. She cast her robe aside without a hint of embarrassment.

"It appears the second step is necessary, I shall leverage the good samaritan's wisdom!"


Yuzuru also looked like she was on fire.

"Even if I lose, Yuzuru will seduce Shido if it's the last thing she does!"


Wu Yan gasped. Then, he saw Kaguya and Yuzuru walking towards him with resolute looks. The twins were now only a mere 2 inches away from his face.


Kaguya looked at Wu Yan's lip while nudging Yuzuru.

"Still remember the second step?"


Yuzuru nodded. She also stared at Wu Yan's lips.

"After stripping, we..."


The twins touched lips with Wu Yan in an instant.


Wu Yan's eyes widened. The ladies' soft lips were on his lips.

The last time he got forcibly kissed like this was the time back in Imperial Island City where Sylph stole a kiss. Other than that time, Wu Yan has always been the kisser.

Once again, he became the kissee.

This time, it's not the aloof imperial princess but two young ladies: A girl with Chuunibyou and another one who looks like she could use a good night's rest...

When Wu Yan realized two inexperienced girls had just stolen a kiss from him, his heart started racing in frustration and annoyance.

He couldn't find the right words to describe his current situation. As the soft supple lips of the two females rubbed against him, he fell into a stupor.

This is effective!

Kaguya and Yuzuru are happy to see this. They exchanged a quick glance and they stuck out their tongues at the same time. They licked the corners of Wu Yan's mouth, moistening his face and lips.

The sounds of lips smacking together and mucus membranes schlicking echoed in the quiet hallway. The two spirits started blushing as their movements stalled, they also inched closer to Wu Yan.

Due to the distance between the two wind spirits and him, he can feel their soft marshmallows touching him. Although the twins split from the original spirit, they were of similar height and looks. Only their three sizes differed.

Kaguya is on the lean side while Yuzuru is on the thicc side.

He can definitely vouch for Yuzuru's knockers.

Wu Yan finally succumbed to Kaguya's smooth body and Yuzuru's all-consuming divine mountains. He reached his arms out to pull the two girls closer to him by their waists. He also captured the spirits' tongues with his tongue.

The air turned into a lascivious tinge of pink.

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