Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1159: Wake up, weakness, an important thing to say

The night went by...

At dawn, when the streaks of light lit up Arubi island and the cool beaches, the sparkling sand and water threatened to mesmerize anyone who gazed upon the beautiful scene.

The waves hit the shore periodically as if it's nature's clock. The peaceful rhythm reverberated not far from the hotel.

Maybe the people here got invigorated by the vibrant energy of the sun, it's already rowdy over here in the hotel.

Then, the doors of the hotel burst open to reveal the swimmers and beach-goers wearing swimsuits. They had suntan on, safety buoys, and beachballs. There are also people with parasols and beach mats. They headed for the beach.

There are Raizen High students and teachers. Tohka, Shiori, and the other students arrived at the beach with ecstatic looks.

This is the first day of the school trip. The students were eagerly waiting for today.

The beach is a very popular attraction for young people. 90% of the guests in the hotel came to the beach. Raizen High isn't exempted, even the middle-aged teachers are here, only a few stayed back at the hotel.

Normal humans are like that. However, for a certain lazy True Ancestor, he's having the time of his life doing nothing.

Inside a VIP single's room, the vampiric entity slept with his mouth wide open. Unlike the other students who charged towards the beach for a fun time, this guy enjoyed the company of the sandman. He's not salivating or kicking his blanket but a look at him will make one feel sleepy.

Kotori would normally use various methods to wake him up forcefully. With the commander absent, Tohka and Shiori too busy with the beach to care, Wu Yan naturally had no nemesis.

At least, that should have been the case...

"Shido, you up?"

His door creaked open. A lady with mercury-blue eyes and orange hair entered the room after taking a peek inside.

Kaguya scanned the room furtively. When she confirmed that no one was around other than her target, she sighed in relief.

"Here I come..."

Kaguya said while tiptoeing into the room. She's not acting like her usual Chuunibyou self that's for sure.

This isn't Kaguya's façade. It's actually her real self.

Her Chuunibyou is just a front she placed to give herself an air of authority.

With only the sleeping man near her, she has no need for that Chuunibyou streak. Yuzuru's also not around so she decided to stop the act.

She closed the door before raising an eyebrow. Wu Yan's still snoring like Snorlax.

"Everybody's already up, this guy, I can't believe he's still sleeping. Isn't this a bit too lazy?"

Kaguya slowly moved to Wu Yan's side. She nudged him lightly.

"Shido, Shido, wake up..."

Wu Yan furrowed his eyebrows, somebody's disrupting his beauty sleep and he swatted the air as if shooing away a fly. He then turned to the side.

"Please, Kotori, let me sleep a while longer..."

Kotori? Who's that?"

Kaguya tilted her head. She started shaking Wu Yan in annoyance.

"I am not Kotori! Shido, get your butt up! I have important things to discuss!"


Wu Yan mumbled.

"Tomorrow please, let me sleep today!"

"It's already tomorrow!"

Kaguya shrieked.

"Wake up or I will blow you away!"


Wu Yan smacked his lips before prying open his eyelids.

Kaguya assumed Wu Yan was getting up. Instead, Wu Yan grabbed the defenseless Kaguya and pulled her in.


Before she can react, the brute had already pulled her into the bed.

Wu Yan grabbed Kaguya in a bear hug. He whispered near her ear.

"How about you nap with me?..."


Kaguya felt his breath and she blushed. Kaguya yelped as her ears burned up.

"Wait... don't blow into my ear... it feels weird..."

Kaguya mumbled. Her soft voice betrayed her, she sounded like she secretly enjoyed this. If Wu Yan was awake he would have smashed her right there and then.

The special sensation and weight pressing against her made her recall what transpired inside the closet last night. Kaguya felt her body turning weird so she struggled.

"Shido! Get up! Shido!"


Wu Yan rubbed his body against his spirit body pillow.

"Why is the bed moving?"

"W-who is the bed?!"

Kaguya raised her voice. She gnashed her teeth when she saw Wu Yan's sleeping mien.

"You better stop here, buster!"

Kaguya started conjuring a minor storm inside the room.

Wu Yan immediately woke up when this magical storm started. He might like sleeping but any signs of danger will still wake him up.

Wu Yan immediately channeled his magic power. He used pure magic power to smash apart her minor storm. He also accidentally blew Kaguya into the ceiling.


Kaguya's head hit the ceiling, she got stunned by the impact.

Wu Yan gasped before quickly catching Kaguya.

"That... hurts..."

Kaguya saw stars as she rubbed her aching head. Wu Yan chuckled.

"Oh, it's just you..."

Kaguya got angry.

"Y-you, who's fault did you think it was?!"

"Well, I don't know what happened but that's what you get for disrupting my dream..."

Wu Yan yawned. He smacked her butt once, eliciting a yelp from her.

"Come on, get up. Anyone looking at us will think I am trying to bone you..."

Kaguya realized she was still in Wu Yan's arms. She jumped away from the bed despite her slightly aching tush.

"The rudeness of you... Do you desire death?!"

"Sure sure..."

Wu Yan nonchalantly blew her off. He stretched while staring at her.

"Alright, my liege, Kaguya-heika, may I inquire as to why you're making a mess in my room so early in the morning? If I don't get a good explanation then wipe your ass because it's in for a heavy spanking session..."

Kaguya grabbed her butt on reflex. She leered at Wu Yan.

"I have something important to discuss so I will overlook your prior transgression for now."

"Important topic?"

Wu Yan recalled something. He nodded.


Wu Yan changed his tone.

"But, let's wait for the other guest before we get down to brass tacks..."

Kaguya is shocked.

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