Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1160: Sacrificing oneself for the other one

Yuzuru is currently walking in a certain direction.

Because most of the hotel is currently booked by Raizen High, and, the students were out playing, she's one of the few guests still inside the hotel, excluding the staff here.

Yuzuru can be at ease.

She chose a time when Kaguya is still sleeping and she chose to depart from Kaguya. This is important because she's about to ask something Kaguya has no business knowing.

Yuzuru isn't going to risk it.

With almost nobody around, this is the perfect chance.

She's headed for Wu Yan's room.

She needs to tell him something.

It's something very important to Yuzuru.

It's almost her final request.

With the tragic and tiny wish inside her heart, Yuzuru walked forward with her hand on her chest.

With each tick of the second, Yuzuru's resolve became stronger.

"Motivation, Yuzuru must be strong. I must convince Shido, there is no other choice..."

Yuzuru started speeding up.

The lonely corridor made her footsteps echo. The footsteps were in sync with her heartbeat. In no time at all, she's in front of Wu Yan's door. She knocked on it.

"Summon, is Shido there?"

Yuzuru can hear sounds coming from inside the room.

She heard a feminine gasp and a masculine invite, the guy sounded like he's expecting her.

"Come on in..."

Yuzuru wondered about the gasp but she still opened the door because her request is top priority.

She entered only to see her twin staring at her with the same confusion as Yuzuru.


"Shock! Kaguya?!"

The twins were astonished to see each other here. They didn't think they would see each other here.

The twins made sure to avoid each other and chose a suitable time to visit Wu Yan, why did they end up together again?


Kaguya turned around with a dark look.

"You were referring to Yuzuru when you said you're waiting for another guest?"

Yuzuru woke up from her stupor. She gazed in Wu Yan's direction.

Wu Yan sighed when the twins gave him shocked looks. He waved at Yuzuru.

"Anyway, come in, Yuzuru... have a seat..."

Yuzuru looked at Kaguya and Wu Yan. Then, she sat next to Kaguya. The twins faced Wu Yan with grim looks.

Kaguya and Yuzuru didn't know why the other twin is here. It seems like Wu Yan expected this outcome. The twins felt anxious all of a sudden.

"I knew this was going to happen when Kaguya sought me out by herself..."

Wu Yan calmly assessed the situation. He's calm as the sea on a clear day. However, Yuzuru and Kaguya felt pressure coming from Wu Yan that made them tense up.

The twins felt chills when Wu Yan revealed their deepest thoughts.

"You two came here thinking you can ask me to rule in favor of the other twin, you two want the other twin to live by forfeiting your own life, correct?"

Kaguya and Yuzuru inhaled deeply.

Their minds were read?


Wu Yan had another meaning they can't ignore.

"You're saying Yuzuru's here to make you choose me? Don't joke with me!"

"Riled up, Yuzuru never thought Kaguya would sacrifice herself to save Yuzuru!"

The twins denied at the same time. Then, they gasped at one another.

"Yuzuru, don't tell me..."

"Shocked, Kaguya, are you..."

The twins spoke at the same time. They weren't happy to see the reaction from the other twin.

Indeed, the twins came here to privately talk to Wu Yan. They wanted him to choose the other twin so that they can die on behalf of the other twin.

That is it, that is their final wish.

No matter who, both twins loved the other one deeply.

So selfless is their love that they would give up their own life for the other twin.

They hid that intention deep inside. The other twin had no idea even if they fought through countless duels.

They didn't think the other twin had the same wish.

"Don't mess with me..."

Kaguya clenched her fists. She stared at Kaguya.

"I finally managed to formulate this path for you, and you would..."


Yuzuru also started a tiny storm.

"Yuzuru never wanted to live. Yuzuru is the one who wanted to let you live!"


Kaguya yelled back.

The superior Yamai must live, Yuzuru is the one most worthy of Yamai's name, am I wrong?!"


Yuzuru retorted.

"Kaguya is the one truly worthy of Yamai's title. Yuzuru can never hope to compare to Kaguya!"

"D-do you know how hard I tried to let you live? I intentionally lost those battles for you!"

"Yuzuru is the one who is most frustrated. I endured countless losses so Kaguya can live, why did you have to screw it up like that?!"

"You're the dummy!"

"Kaguya's the dummy, not Yuzuru!"

The twins started bickering as they whipped up a storm in Wu Yan's room. Smaller furniture started moving from the intense storm.

The whole hotel might be destroyed if the twins really fought.

"Look, you two..."

The only man in the room silenced them.

He sounded calm but authoritative. The twins stopped when they heard him.

The two stopped their Reiryoku powers and the storm halted. They looked at Wu Yan who was watching them fight from the beginning.

"Isn't this enough?"


Kaguya yelled at him. She gnashed her teeth.

"Shido! Choose Yuzuru!"

"Denial, no need for that!"

Yuzuru said.

"Choosing Kaguya is the wisest choice here!"


Kaguya begged Wu Yan because arguing with Yuzuru is useless at this point.

"Choose Yuzuru. If you do so, I will let you do the thing you did to me last night no matter how many times you demand of me with what little time I have left..."

"No, Yuzuru can offer the same thing..."

Yuzuru also begged Wu Yan.

"Choose Kaguya. Yuzuru will do whatever you say..."


Wu Yan sighed. He headed for the exit.

"Come with me!"

The two spirits took a step back.

"Where are we going?"

"No more questions."

Wu Yan said.

"You want an end to this? Come with me."

The twins lowered their heads before tagging behind Wu Yan.

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