Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1161: Changing the duel

In the endless sky, three meteors streaked across the sky. They were flying at nigh-supersonic speeds.

Bursting through layers of cloud, the three meteors looked brilliant. Heck, they are even more eye-catching than real meteors.

The meteors stopped somewhere far from the limits of human vision. The three individuals finally halted at a desolate corner of the sky.

Wu Yan and the twins showed themselves.

Wu Yan confirmed that they are far away from any islands or ships.

"Yeah, this is the spot."

Kaguya and Yuzuru exchanged a look.

They are confused by Wu Yan's actions.

"It's about time you tell us why you brought us here, right?"

Maybe it's because the twins' final wishes got exposed, Kaguya dropped her haughty act and she frowned.

"You said you can end this, have you chosen the main personality?"

"Unease, Yuzuru would like to know too..."

Yuzuru and Kaguya stared at Wu Yan intently.

"Please give Yuzuru a satisfying conclusion..."

The sharp stares from the twins hit Wu Yan. Even the air felt sticky as Wu Yan endured their serious looks.

Kaguya wants Wu Yan to choose Yuzuru.

Yuzuru wants Wu Yan to choose Kaguya.

Whoever is chosen, the other twin will die while the chosen twin will live.

The two loved each other too much. The moment Wu Yan chooses someone, the chosen twin will unleash the fiercest attack they can muster.

That's the resolve of the Yamai twins.

Alas, Wu Yan doesn't want to touch this resolve with a 60-foot pole.

"Yeah, I already came to a conclusion..."

Wu Yan looked around, they are high up in the air and there is only the boundless sea beneath them.

"I chose this place because I don't want the fallout to hit humans..."

The twins furrowed their brows.

"What do you mean?"

Kaguya asked anxiously.

"You want us to duel it out here?"

"Nope, no more duels to the death."

Wu Yan shrugged. He's frustrated with the twins.

"You two are almost identical. Only your personalities and aura differed. I don't have a particular taste for any of your different qualities. So, I can't arrive at a conclusion, I can't decide who is the winner of the battle of seduction..."

"Then your eyes are faulty!"

Kaguya curled her lips.

"Yuzuru is obviously cuter, the victor has to be Yuzuru, right?!"

"Rebuttal, Yuzuru cannot agree to that statement."

Yuzuru continued.

"Kaguya is the cuter one!"

"No, it's Yuzuru!"

"Denial, Kaguya."



"It seems you two can't even arrive at an answer..."

Wu Yan bitterly shook his head.

"Okay, we are going to settle this another way."

"You want to change the fight?"

They were puzzled by Wu Yan's idea.

"Yes, we can make things right once more..."

Wu Yan said while chortling.

"If it's here then we can go all out..."

"You want us to fight again?"

Kaguya wasn't pleased with this suggestion.

"We never decided who is superior despite fighting against Yuzuru so many times. Didn't you also say it's pointless for us to duel when we have about the same strength?"

"Concur, Yuzuru thinks so too..."

She continued.

"However, if defeating Kaguya means she gets to live, Yuzuru will definitely come out on top!"

"Same here!"

Kaguya leered at Yuzuru.

"In that case, let us duel one last time!"


"I say..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"You two are sorely mistaken..."

The twins stopped.

"I did say we are going to decide this with a fight. But I never said you two should fight each other..."

Wu Yan sneered. He hovered away while facing the twins.

"When I said we can go all out here... I mean I can fight freely!"

Wu Yan opened his arms wide.

"You only have one objective, defeat me."


The twins were stunned.

"Beat you?"


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. They can sense a familiar but suspicious vibe coming from Wu Yan.

Wu Yan's taunting them!

"Since you two can't decide who is superior despite hundreds of duels, it's about time you change the target. Let the judge who can't decide who is more attractive decide once and for all who is the superior fighter."

Wu Yan looked at Kaguya.

"Beat me and I will do as you say. I will choose Yuzuru as the main personality.

Kaguya's eyes lit up.


Wu Yan looked at her in turn.

"I offer you the same terms. Beat me and Kaguya gets to live as the main Yamai."

Yuzuru widened her eyes, flashes of light came from within her eyes.

"If you two can't defeat me then you two will become my slave. You will do as I say, got that?"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"How does that sound? Good?"


The twins knitted their eyebrows once more.

"You're going overboard..."

Kaguya gave him a frosty smile.

"You want to turn us into your slaves?"


Wu Yan nonchalantly continued.

"Since I am putting my life on the line, my victory should be rewarded, don't you think so? Or, are you telling me you two have something of equal worth to offer?"

Kaguya and Yuzuru choked.

"Fine! You're on!"

Kaguya decided first. She had a cocky smile.

"I just need to beat you!"


Yuzuru also nodded.

"If I can't beat Shido then that means I will have failed in ensuring Kaguya's survival, I will become your slave in that case!"

Wu Yan floated a radiant smile. His confidence is basically overflowing at the seams.

"Come at me!"

His thunderous voice echoed across the sky. Plumes of magic power started shooting out of Wu Yan. He unleashed a giant wave of pure magic power.

"Come and defeat me!"

The twins smiled back. They unleashed a storm with their bodies.

Their robes got blown into pieces as particles of light clumped to their bodies.

When the light dimmed down, Yuzuru and Kaguya appeared in their Astral Dresses.

In purple and blue tight mini-dresses, the twins had cuffs and chains on their feet and wrists.

The sky darkened...


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