Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1162: Full power, attacking with conviction

A typhoon appeared out of nowhere. It enveloped the sky.

The seas started rumbling as the wind picked up speed. Thick and dark clouds expanded outwards. It took the storm no time at all to take over this part of the land.

With a typhoon slowly forming, the seas churned violently. Even the air felt like it's suffused with apocalyptic energy.

The twin spirits of the storm only had middle-tier eighth realm powers. However, with mastery over the weather, they already achieved something only tier 9 and demigod cultivators in Silvaria can do.

This is because they are Spirits.

Spirits are similar to vassal beasts, they are existences synonymous with destruction and power.

Wu Yan slowly hovered in the storm. He faced the twins with a confident smile. The twins are also very confident with their abilities.

Wu Yan stopped Kaguya and Yuzuru's attacks when they first met. However, at the time, the spirits were caught off guard and held back their powers. In the twins' eyes, Wu Yan looked and acted like a slightly stronger magician. There's no way he can defeat them, right?

Plus, they were holding back their powers at the time. Put bluntly, Kaguya and Yuzuru never considered Wu Yan to be someone similar in power to them.

At least, in terms of combat prowess, they never considered Wu Yan a threat.

"Oh? Not attacking?"

Wu Yan taunted them.

"You can't scare to death with your sour looks, you know..."

"Oh, don't you sound confident, Shido..."

Kaguya succumbed to his basic taunt. She sarcastically replied.

"You don't look normal but for a human to contend with the children of the typhoon, you're too naive."

"Advise, Shido is someone dear to Yuzuru, the second dearest compared to Kaguya. Yuzuru doesn't want to see Shido hurt..."

Yuzuru warned him.

"Please surrender. Shido, bow out of this one."

"Nope, not going to do that..."

Wu Yan shrugged. He curled his index finger.

"If you're that confident then you should really attack me. I don't mind who goes first. As long as I am defeated, whoever struck me last will be the victor."

Kaguya and Yuzuru stored their smiles away.

"Sorry, Shido I will not go easy on you because this is about Yuzuru..."

Kaguya raised her cuffed right hand.

"Reply, Yuzuru will also take out her full power, this is for Kaguya's sake..."

Yuzuru raised her cuffed left hand.

"Raphael (Hurricane knight): El Re'em (The piercer)!!!"

Kaguya spawned a mechanical wing on her right shoulder. The tornado around her right side disappeared.

Her entire right arm had transformed into an oversized lance that's taller than Kaguya.


Yuzuru also conjured tornado from her left hand. A mechanical wing appeared on her left shoulder.

"Raphael (Hurricane knight): El Na'ash (The constrictor)!!!"

Her left hand became armored. There's a long pendulum dangling from her left hand. The pendulum ended in a blue, sharp-looking crystal.

With pendulum and lance equipped, the twins faced Wu Yan who is still as chill as a cucumber.

They are going to fight without holding back, this is all for the sake of the survival of the other twin.

Even if they are probably going to hurt Wu Yan seriously at the end of this fight.

"Very good..."

Seeing as the twins brought out their Angels, Wu Yan can see that they mean business, he also saw the love they had for the other twin.

Wu Yan also had his will to defend, although his will isn't as strong as the twins.

If the twins are coming at him with the intention to defeat him and let one twin live then he's going to face them with the aim to let both twins live.

This is why he suggested doing this.

The twins' deep love for one another will block any argument Wu Yan gives them. There is no way he can get them to seal their own Reiryoku and put aside their quarrels.

The twins don't see Wu Yan as a stranger. After the brief encounter and closet session they had last night, Wu Yan's already very close to them.

Wu Yan is the closest individual to the twins.

However, Wu Yan is far from being on the same level of consideration as they had for the other twin.

With the survival of the twins at stake, the sisters will never let their guards down around Wu Yan.

Wu Yan decided to drop the pen and pick up the sword. He's going to prove to the twins that he has the power to make sure they can co-exist.

That is all.

He closed his eyes as the torrential magic within him started pouring out. Glowing with magic power, Wu Yan looked like an ancient god especially when he stood at the center of the typhoon.

When Wu Yan opened his eyes once more, his eyes already transformed into a regal golden color.

"I might go easy but this is one of the rare occasions where I get serious, Kaguya... Yuzuru..."

A heavy suppressive force pressed down on the twins. Their shoulders sagged as their pupils shrank.

"Wh-what is this?"

They felt their lives actually threatened with a mere glance from Wu Yan. Kaguya is absolutely astounded.


Yuzuru's eyes also wavered. She's using a grim look right now.

"This isn't the same as before..."

Wu Yan raised an arm, he grinned at the twins who were gasping at his sudden show of power.

His magic power responded to his call. Like coiling dragons, the lines of condensed magic power wrapped around his arm and converged near the center of his palm. He formed a golden magic formation.

Wu Yan pointed his palm at the sky.

Then, the twins saw it...

The golden magic formation shot towards the sky like a missile launched from Wu Yan's palm. It went into the dark clouds hanging above them.

The golden magic formation imprinted itself into the dark clouds. It took over the area several hundred square meters.

The golden magic formation unleashed a suffocating sensation that raised the hair on Kaguya and Yuzuru.

Then, he spoke the name of the spell with a chilly tone that reminded one of the northern winter winds...

"Winds of Aeolus..."

The magic formation expanded rapidly outwards with a radiance that is almost blinding.

A golden tornado descended from the storm cloud. The golden tornado crashed down upon Kaguya and Yuzuru. Enveloping them much to their surprise.


The golden tornado connected the sky with the seas. The clouds were torn to shreds while the waves in the got churned until the waters turned foamy.

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