Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1163: Storm vs Storm, Mythical winds vs Spirit winds

The skies are as dark as the seas beneath. In this dark sky, a golden tornado connected the two dark bodies.

The gigantic golden tornado forced the stormy clouds above it to spin like a terrible black hole. There is also a gigantic maelstrom in the sea, the scale of this maelstrom is huge, it's at least a kilometer wide. The tornado extracted the seawater like a hungry titan. The tornado filled up with seawater.

The golden tornado connecting the sky and sea made for a grand sight to behold.

Alas, nobody's around to capture this magical moment. It would also be unbelievable to claim this is the work of one guy.

It might not even be wrong to call this a miracle.

This is a spell that was based on the Greek wind king, Aeolus.

Although it's not yet on par with God-tier powers, Winds of Aeolus can still be treated as a miracle.

With spirits of typhoon as his opponents, Wu Yan decided to show them what a mythical storm looked like. Achieving victory is a secondary consideration compared to the primary show of power.

The black hole in the sky and the giant maelstrom in the sea continued for a short while. Then, the Aeolus spell ran out of juice. Slowly, the impressive magic faded as its magic energy dried up, the golden sheen dissipated while the magic formation contracted.

The golden tornado with seawater suffusing it slowly returned to the sea as the rotation speed decreased with lower mana levels. Finally, the spell dissipated.

The black hole in the sky and the slowing maelstrom are the only evidence that this spell got cast. There is a huge cascade of water when the tornado faded.

While listening to the splashing sounds, Wu Yan looked around the calm environment before turning towards an upper corner of his field of vision.

Yuzuru and Kaguya are panting heavily despite having equipped their Astral Dresses. One of them had an oversized lance named El Re'em and the other one had a long pendulum named El Na'ash. The twins are both pale.

However, the twins aren't hurt.

Wu Yan looked like he expected this outcome. He shrugged.

"I am surprised you two managed to dodge the spell at the last second. That's some speed you've got there..."

"O-of course..."

She's weak but as prideful as before. Kaguya smiled back. It took a significant portion of their energy just to dodge the attack at the last second.

"I am the child of Typhoon, the venerable Yamai spirit, nobody in this world can match us in terms of mobility and range!"


Yuzuru allowed the tip of the pendulum to float in front of her in a defensive stance. The confidence around her is gone now.

"If we didn't summon our Angels beforehand, that attack would have been unavoidable..."

"I wouldn't have used such a dangerous spell if that was the case..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"That wasn't the full power of the Winds of Aeolus. However, I calculated the potency that would have been enough to knock you two out, I didn't think you girls can escape unharmed like this... Not bad at all..."

"I wouldn't say unharmed, I am exhausted..."

Kaguya tried to catch her breath.

'I didn't think you were that powerful. Shido, are you really human?"

"Oh? You want to know?"

Wu Yan gave her a cheeky grin.

"When you twins are my slaves then I will tell you two everything..."


Yuzuru moved her pendulum.

"I don't hate you and it felt nice hanging out with Kaguya by your side. However, becoming a slave would run counter to my objective of installing Kaguya as the main personality. Yuzuru cannot accept that outcome."

"She's right, only one of us can live. Becoming your slaves is out of the question."

Kaguya gnashed her teeth. She brandished her lance. The tip of her lance started spewing out winds.

"Of course, if you choose Yuzuru then I don't mind becoming your slave until I disappear..."

"Counter-offer, Yuzuru can do the same..."

Yuzuru requested once more.

"Shido, please pick Kaguya. Yuzuru will become your slave before my disappearance."

"Dummy, stop copying me!"

"Ignore, Kaguya's stubborn like a mule, you just wouldn't listen!"

"Pot calling kettle black."

"Denial, Yuzuru listened to Kaguya but Yuzuru isn't willing to agree to Kaguya's demands."

"Well, the same goes for me!"

"Rebuttal, don't mimic Yuzuru. Yuzuru will not compromise on this, not even for Kaguya!"


Wu Yan shook his head.

"If this was a real fight you two would have died multiple times by now..."

Wu Yan laughed out loud.

"In any case, let's wrap this fight up first. I am still the judicator here, I am rather confident I can arrive at a satisfying answer..."

Kaguya and Yuzuru felt their bodies tense up. They roared when they faced Wu Yan together.

"El Re'em!"

She pointed the lance at Wu Yan. The tip of the lance continued charging up strong winds. Then, she fired the huge blast of gale at Wu Yan.

"Strike! El Na'ash!"

Yuzuru's pendulum whipped out like an agile viper. The tip of the pendulum was clad in condensed wind pressure.

"So naive..."

Wu Yan ignited the magic power coursing underneath his skin.


He dispelled the balls of gust in front of him. Then, two flashes of light came striking at his chest. He saw a lance and a sharp pendulum.

"You think it would be this easy?!"

Wu Yan reached out to grab their Angels. His golden magic formation flashed and his hands were surrounded by golden winds.

Finally, the different winds smashed together.


The ensuing shockwave exploded outwards. The clouds got slashed by the sharp winds. The wind blades cut down everything in its path.

Wu Yan used two condensed mini golden tornadoes to suppress Kaguya and Yuzuru's Angels. Four incredibly powerful forces rubbed against one another, creating sparks.

Kaguya and Yuzuru channeled more Reiryoku into their Angels. The winds picked up speed and the thrust increased too.

Wu Yan felt the stalemate between his golden winds and the spirits' winds collapsing. He raised an eyebrow. With a slight chuckle, he infused more magic power into the tiny tornadoes.


The Winds of Aeolus expanded before engulfing the twins' tornadoes.


The twins were astounded.

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