Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1164: Combination attack, the arrow that pierces the sky

The tornadoes covering El Re'em and El Na'ash got dispelled. The Angels were revealed by the winds of Aeolus.

Kaguya and Yuzuru are spirits of storm. Their Angels had command over the winds.

Without the power of the wind, their Angels are little more than slightly stronger CR-unit weapons.

Wu Yan easily grabbed the sharp lance and pendulum with his bare hands after destroying their tornadoes. He pulled the Angels over.


Kaguya and Yuzuru got yanked over to Wu Yan's side. Wu Yan placed his hands on their abdomens.

"Explode, Winds of Aeolus!"

He conjured two tiny golden tornadoes.

Fwoosh Fwoosh


The twins felt like somebody punched them in the abdomen. The resulting force shot them out like cannonballs.


Kaguya and Yuzuru got shot across the sky like jets with tornadoes at their abdomens.

By the time the two steadied themselves, they could barely see Wu Yan as he is already a dot in their fields of vision.

"What a strong gust..."

Kaguya rubbed her aching abs.

She bitterly laughed.

"I thought we were the best at manipulating wind. I didn't think Shido can use such a terrifyingly powerful wind. Is he even human?"

"Anxiety, Shido obviously didn't use his full power..."

Yuzuru looked at Kaguya.

"That wind is weaker than the one he used at the start. If he used the same attack on us we would have lost right there and then."

"Ahhh! Who is that guy?! Why is he so strong?!"

Kaguya can't accept reality, she scratched her head in frustration.

"I thought we could win easily. Forget winning, I think there is a high chance we will lose..."

"Frustration, Yuzuru can still fight!"

Yuzuru flailed her pendulum. She looked at the dot in her vision.

"Yuzuru will definitely win!"

"At this rate, we will never win. Shido's too strong..."

Yuzuru is normally the calm one. However, Kaguya looked calmer than Yuzuru.

She looked at the dot in her sight and she looked at Yuzuru. After a brief hesitation, she asked her.

"Yuzuru, you want to use that?"

Yuzuru recalled something. She frowned.

"Question, are we really going to use that?"

"I don't think we can beat Shido without that!"

Kaguya pursed her lips. She sighed.

"But, if we use that and win, who will be the victor?"

Yuzuru had an idea.

"Suggestion, with Shido's powers, that will only hurt him. Let's give him the last tap when he's hurt..."

"Whoever lands the last hit is the victor, correct?"

Kaguya giggled.

"Okay, sounds like a plan!"

"Answer, plan established."

They exchanged a nod and a smile.

Kaguya stuck out her right hand while Yuzuru reached out with her left hand. Then, they joined hands.

The Astral Dresses on them started shining brightly instantly!


Wu Yan who was waiting for the twins to begin another round of attack noticed the brilliance in the distance. He grinned.

"Finally, are they gearing up for a combo attack?"

Wu Yan is glad to see this.

"About time, this is getting interesting..."

A red portal opened up behind him. Pushed by an invisible force, a crystalline bow of obsidian color jutted out. The bow landed in Wu Yan's hand.

The starlit bow flickered with astral brilliance.

The twins' wings merged into a gigantic bow. Chains wrapped around the bow before forming a glistening bowstring.

Kaguya placed her lance on the bowstring. The lance started spinning rapidly. Kaguya held onto the bow with her left hand while Yuzuru held the bow with her right hand...

They used their cuffed hands to pull the bowstring. They aimed the attack at the dot in their field of vision.

"It's too late to stop now..."

Kaguya thought about the man who fondled her all over. Anxiety dyed her expression.

"Don't die on me, Shido..."

Kaguya and Yuzuru released the bow attack at the same time. The spinning lance shot picked up speed.

"Raphael, El Kanaph (Sky Rider)!"

Just like that, the twins released the bowstring. The sharp lance flew into the distance.

The lance emitted super strong winds on a scale the twins can never hope to pull off on their own. The flying lance swept away everything in its path.

A force stronger than the initial Winds of Aeolus flew rapidly towards Wu Yan.

Wu Yan pulled the bowstring of his Meteor Shower. He pointed it at the incoming lance.

Starlight gathered near the bow, the starlight formed a brilliant arrow. With the initial wave of El Kanaph already hitting him, he unleashed the bow attack.

Brilliant rays of starlight lit up the dark sky.

The lance and the starlight arrow covered the remaining distance in almost no time at all. The clouds were torn to shreds while the ozone got disrupted by their attacks. Then, the attacks collided.

There was a brief moment of silence...



There is a tiny stellar explosion. The intense light lit up this part of the sky. The dark clouds were overwhelmed by the brilliant explosion that looked like somebody had created a sun here. This was followed by a giant shockwave that could blow away typhoons. The shockwave expanded outwards.

This time, they created a zone without any clouds. The blue sky returned as the storm clouds were completely blown far far away. The sea beneath them parted way, like magma, the collision created gigantic tidal waves that expanded outwards.

Kaguya and Yuzuru had to block with their arms to prevent being blinded by the radiant light.

The shockwave then slammed them into the distance.

Before the twins can get blown away. A figure stopped them by holding their shoulders down.

The twins weren't happy with this development.

That's because the person who touched their shoulders is brimming with magic power...

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