Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1165: Don't trust me? The first order...

The dark clouds that were blown away started fading as the blue sky returned to its rightful astral throne. Golden rays of sunlight rained down on the calm sea. It looked like a beautiful morning after the rain.

Kaguya and Yuzuru held their split Angels. They were frozen in place because the hands on their shoulders brimmed with dangerous magical power ripples.

They are currently locked into place.

They knew what the opponent is trying to tell them.

If Kaguya or Yuzuru moved then that hand is going to knock them out in one shot. There is enough magical power in those hands to defeat them.

The moment the hands grabbed them, the twins already lost.

They lost the duel.

They cannot decide who gets to live and who gets to die.

When the twins realized this, they lost motivation as they zoned out.

Wu Yan cannot see their expressions because he used a teleportation spell to capture the twins. He can, however, guess how the twins felt.

He is currently smiling faintly.

"You two lost..."

"We lost?"

The twins reacted with intense emotions.

"Don't screw with me!"

Kaguya struggled as she turned to lunge her lance at Wu Yan's chest.

"How can I lose?!"

Yuzuru also used her pendulum to whip Wu Yan.

The twins can't accept this defeat.

Becoming his slaves is one thing, they wanted to let the other twin live.

They can't compromise on this.

Wu Yan also expected this. His golden eyes looked past the lance and pendulum with magical wind covering it. With a wave of his golden windy hand, he blew away the tiny tornadoes on their Angels. He also pushed them further away.

The twins couldn't put up a fight. Their gripped their Angels so hard their hands turned pale. They were filled with frustration.

They already know Wu Yan is going easy on them.

Had he used his entire skillset on them, Wu Yan could have ended this fight in mere seconds.

The trump card they used didn't do anything against Wu Yan. The goddess of victory isn't with them in this fight.

Knowing this, defeat is imminent.

"This fight is pointless..."

Kaguya's voice shook.

"I can't even save Yuzuru. What's the point of fighting?"

"Complications, Yuzuru can't accept this..."

Yuzuru shook her head.

She lifted her Angel. Then, she lowered it with a hesitant look.

Wu Yan couldn't bear to see the twins like this. He sighed.

These twins are cursed.

They love each other deeply but fate forced the twins to fight and decides who gets to live...

If spirits are cursed to a life of being hunted down for their powers then these twins are in for a crueler fate.

If they don't die then the other twin will die.

That is how it is.

Luckily, the twins didn't arrive at a conclusion before Wu Yan met them.

"Alright, you two lost so now I am the boss. What I say goes, got that? If I say you live then you better make sure you live!"

Wu Yan started rubbing salt on their wounds. He looked like he couldn't care less what the twins had to say.

"Of course, if you two regrets this, I can still give the right of choosing back to you..."

The twins thought about his words.

'What I say goes, got that? If I say you live then you better make sure you live'

The twins wavered.

Anyone would hesitate when they are told they would live as a slave to another. Given the choice, anyone would choose to unfurl the bindings around them. How about a spirit who stood above others with her powers?

Yuzuru replied with a resolute look.

"Confirm, Yuzuru will abide by the rules of the duel. Shido gets to decide!"


Kaguya gasped. She didn't think Yuzuru would say this. Wu Yan also didn't see this coming. Kaguya lost the speech she prepared due to her panic.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Yuzuru is sure."

Yuzuru nodded.

"Please, tell Yuzuru what she has to do to get you to choose Kaguya as the main personality."

"What are you saying?! I don't agree to this!"

Kaguya turned towards Wu Yan frantically.

"Okay, I've made up my mind. You're the master, I will do my best to serve you but you must choose Yuzuru as the main personality!"


Wu Yan grinned.

"I take this as you twins agreeing to this proposal?"

The twins nodded.

For them, serving Wu Yan is just another way to duel.

They just need to keep Wu Yan happy and get Wu Yan to choose the other twin as the main personality.

That is the gist of it.

"Very well..."

Understanding the twins' thoughts, Wu Yan answered.

He already got his main objective.

"Alright, here's your first order!"

Wu Yan tapped the air a few times and he materialized two pairs of bracelets.

The bracelets had red and white colors.

He gave the red bracelets to the twins.

"I am still doubtful that you two will truly listen to me so I need insurance..."

He explained the bracelet's function to them.

"These bracelets can seal your powers. After wearing it, you will be de-powered and only I can unseal your powers. You will never be able to take off the bracelets. In this manner, the authority to use your powers become mine..."

"Hey, what do you mean?!"

Kaguya started grumbling.

"We already said we will serve you, we won't go back on our words!"


Yuzuru also showed Wu Yan a pouty look.

"Yuzuru already treated Shido like her friend. To think Shido still doesn't trust us..."

"Well, trust is one thing. I just feel like you might want these bracelets..."

Wu Yan shrugged when the twins showed him animosity.

"Think about it, once you put these bracelets on, your powers will be sealed and you become humans. No longer are you spirits and no longer do you have to think and fight about who becomes the main personality..."

"I mean, humans don't merge into one..."

Wu Yan explained. His words entered their aural canals.

The twins' antagonistic attitude disappeared instantly. Their expressions changed as their hearts started thumping...

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