Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1166:

Becoming a human?

No need to worry about merging into one anymore?

Which means, we can both continue living like this?

Kaguya and Yuzuru tightened their grips on the Sealing Rings when they heard this. The way their hands were shaking, it’s almost as if they were afraid they might misplace an important relic. They grabbed the sealing rings with both hands.

“Sealing our Reiryoku, we don’t have to merge anymore…”

That would be the perfect solution to their problems.

With the flames of hope burning within the twins. They looked at Wu Yan with anxious and worried looks. They couldn’t hold back themselves from asking about the rings.

“Is it true? These rings can make us human and I can continue living with Yuzuru?”

“Request, Yuzuru would also like to continue living with Kaguya…”

Wu Yan is glad to see the twins expressing their innermost desire. He floated a kind smile while shrugging.

“Who knows? I am just treating this as insurance. If you two really wanted to find out then you should probably try it on…”

Anyone knowing the effects of the Sealing Ring would have to be crazy to put the bracelets on if they received such an answer from an opponent.

Not for the twins, however…

Although they are highly doubtful of the rings’ effect, the desire to survive along with the other twin trumped any other qualms they might have.

The sealing rings can only be deployed if the wearers are aware of the effects of the Sealing Rings. Secondly, the wearers must put it on willingly and without a shred of hesitance.

Plus, Wu Yan already proved that he is overwhelmingly powerful, his powers are something that the twins can only look up to. His credibility increased in the twins’ eyes.

With his abilities, it should be well within Wu Yan’s competence to seal their powers.

The twins saw the light at the end of the tunnel as they slowly raised the sealing rings. Then, they wore the bracelets around their wrists.

The next instant, the bracelets adjusted to their size and matched perfectly with their wrists.

Wu Yan finally placed down the huge boulder of worry in his heart.

The Sealing Rings are very restrictive in activation but once the wearer puts it on, there is no going back.

Even Yukari can only use her powers of Boundary manipulation to temporarily bypass the effects of the Sealing Rings. She couldn’t destroy or remove the bracelets.

Once the twins put the bracelets on, he can already slap a case-solved tag on this whole thing

He wore the controller ring, the white bracelet that can control the red bracelets the twins had. The new bracelets turned into a ray of light that shot into the white bracelets he was already wearing.

At the same time, The five red bands on his white bracelet turned into seven red bands on his white bracelet.

This happened at the same time as the twins’ transformation

Their mechanical wings slowly disappeared,  the armor and Angels the twins equipped also started disappearing.

“Wh-what the…”

The twins gasped when they saw these developments. They can feel their Reiryoku being gathered in one place, their powers were condensed and stored away in their cores.

They are becoming humans!

Kaguya and Yuzuru couldn’t hide their awe and shock.

With their Reiryoku and Angels gone, their Astral Dresses also dissipated in orbs of light, revealing their pristine bodies.

After morphing into humans, the twins started falling.

Before they can even attempt to cover their swimsuit areas, the lost of Reiryoku levitation also caused them to fall rapidly as the twins shrieked in horror.

Wu Yan quickly flashed below them and he grabbed the two ladies who are still yelling in fright. His eardrums almost ruptured under their loud screams.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed as he looked at the twins who were still petrified from shellshock.

“How did I forget that we are still in the air?”

“I-I thought I was a goner for a second there…”

Kaguya wrapped her arms around Wu Yan’s neck. This is the first time she felt afraid of the sky.

Yuzuru also squinted her eyes while examining her trembling body. She looked deeply moved.

“Astonishment, my Reiryoku is really sealed…”

“H-Holy crap, you’re right…”

Kaguya also couldn’t feel her powers. She can’t sense her Astral Dress or Angel much less call out her summoning. She started tearing up.

“This means we can continue living together?”


Yuzuru nodded with misty eyes.

“This feels like a dream come true, I can finally live with Kaguya…”

“Calm down, it’s not a dream…”

Wu Yan gave them both a few pats on the back. Wu Yan beamed at the twins.

“I still need to introduce you girls to my family. Don’t waste all your energies freaking out or you’re going to make a fool of yourselves later…”

“Hmph, the Goddess of Luck smiles upon those visited by my royal self. They should feel honored to be graced by my presence!”

Kaguya started using her haughty tune again. However, she is wearing a smile dozens of times more radiant than before.

The twins exchanged a look before grinning at Wu Yan. Their mercury-blue eyes mellowed out.

“Since you’re our master, we would be more than happy to meet your family…”

“Agreed, Yuzuru would like to get yo know master’s family”


Wu Yan chuckled.

“I didn’t think you girls would take this so seriously.”

Kaguya and Yuzuru were amused by Wu Yan’s helpless smile. Their giggles echoed across the sky like cheerful bells in the vast expanse of the blue world.

On the beach of an uninhabited island on the other side…

Waves slapped onto the lonely beach. The waves returned the rubbish humans created back onto the land. Then, the waves bowed out, returning to whence they came.

The seagulls were going about their business, chirping loudly and picking scraps off the beach. A few of the seagulls landed on the beach.

The seagulls flocked to a human body, at least, it looked like the human’s dead. The birds started pecking the unmoving body.

Then, the body twitched.

The seagulls started flying away because they didn’t think this body was still alive. The “body” twitched once more.

The seagulls loud chirping woke the unconscious lady up.

She opened her blank eyes as she looked around to confirm her current location.

She lifted her bloody and sandy arm to see her armored hand still covered in dense armor plating.

“It seems I am not dead yet…”

This lady is none other than Ellen who got soundly defeated in the previous “game”.

She vividly recalls the man who looked at her like she was a joke. She clenched her fist when she remembered the taunting smile on the man’s face.

“The Red Devil…”

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