Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1169

Arubi Island, in a certain hotel…

Shiori in her skirt bikini sighed after glancing around.

She heard Tohka’s yell. She heard the holler after sending Tohka to wake up Wu Yan.

Shiori was shocked to hear such a reaction from Tohka so she hurried over. Then, she saw the scene…

It is a scene of carnage. Two twin beauties with orange hair and differing hairstyles: One with curled-up hairstyle while the other one spotted a three-braided hair, stared at a similarly beautiful lady with purplish-black hair. The ladies looked like they are gearing up for a fight.

The room was filled with a sense of impending carnage.

Underneath the three beauties was a man with black hair and red eyes. His eyes are almost completely rolled back, he looked like he wanted someone to end his misery.

If Shiori inspected closer, she would have seen the tug of war between the three ladies.

Specifically, they are fighting over something in Wu Yan’s blanket. If Shiori can see the spear they were fighting over then she would probably express her disdain for Wu Yan.

Luckily, she couldn’t see it from her current vantage point. Peace narrowly escaped a loud demise.

Even if he’s the victim, even if he’s not at fault, he’s the one who walked away with a three-person handiwork so it’s his fate.

Shiori’s not entirely sure what happened but she reckoned that it’s time for her to step in.

“Look, let’s all calm down here, I don’t know what’s going on but Shido looks like he is very troubled…”

Then, they looked at Wu Yan who is almost unconscious from being sandwiched like this, both for him and his Johnny.

They finally removed their hands from his Chunchumaru as they got down from the bed.

“Are you okay?!”

The three ladies asked at the same time only to leer daggers at the other party once more.

“Ignorant mortal, how dare you disrupt the Yamai’s service plan. Do you wish to feel the wrath of the children of Typhoon?!”

Kaguya wagged her finger at Tohka.


Tohka natural couldn’t understand Kaguya’s Chuunibyou speech. She also yelled back.

‘I don’t know what you’re yammering about but why are you two in Shido’s room and why are you on his bed?!”

Shiori’s expression froze. She more or less got what went down here. She scrapped her plans to check on Wu Yan’s condition. Instead, she used a frosty stare on Wu Yan. He had just recovered but now he’s sweating hard.

Before Wu Yan can cook up an explanation, the twins said something that basically devastated him.

“Explanation, kaguya and Yuzuru are here to fulfill their ends of the bargain…”

Yuzuru squinted her mercury-blue eyes.

“After all, Shido is the master of Yuzuru and Kaguya.”

After they said this, the air turned still. Shiori’s frosty eyes turned into one of malicious disdain.

This is the second time Shiori met the twins. The first time, they were in revealing clothes but Wu Yan somehow convinced everyone that they were just lost travelers in need of refuge.

Shiori assumed Wu Yan just encountered the ladies of doubtful trade on his trip here and he pulled his moves on the escort-looking ladies, tricking them into coming with him while wearing clothes that belonged to an SM club. It’s very hard for the buster to wiggle his way out of this situation.

She already tagged Wu Yan with “playboy”, “cheater”, and various unsavory titles for his actions. It is also why Shiori couldn’t stop judging the man.

“You already have Tohka as your GF, you also have Kurumi as your fiancée, it seems like Shido isn’t satisfied with those two outstanding ladies…”

Shiori’s heart-piercing glare was directed at Wu Yan.

“Aren’t you afraid that someone might stab you in spite?”

“Look, it’s not what it seems…”

Wu Yan peeked out from the safety of his blanket.

“There is a very complicated story leading up to this development. Shiori, don’t be fooled by appearances…”

“My eyes might not work properly but I am sure I didn’t hear wrong.”

Shiori gave him a radiant smile.

“If I didn’t hear wrong, I was sure the twins called you their master, no?”

“Li-like I said, there is a very complicated reason behind this…”

Wu Yan wiped away the sweat on his forehead like a guilty convict.

“Long story short, I became their master for a very pure and altruistic end…”

“Okay, I am going to overlook the story for now…”

Shiori narrowed her eyes.

“So you’re admitting the fact that you’re their master…”

Wu Yan fell speechless.

“What are you planning on doing to my master?!”

Kaguya stood between Wu Yan and Shiori. With arms akimbo, she yelled at Shiori while standing with her chest puffed out. Yuzuru also stood near Kaguya in solidarity.

“Warning, even if you’re the master’s sister, anyone who wants to hurt my master will hae to go through Yuzuru first!”

“Shiori will never do that!”

Tohka flew to Shiori’s defense before Shiori can say anything. Once again, the two opposing parties stood against one another.

“Plus, I can protect Shido, he doesn’t need you two!”


Kaguya raised an eyebrow, she heard something she couldn’t ignore.

“In other words, you want to rob the Yamai twins of their right of servitude?”


Yuzuru also jutted out her sizeable meat missiles.

“Kaguya and Yuzuru are being challenged by a mysterious third party. However, Yuzuru will not lose…”

“Mysterious third party? You’re the mysterious party here…”

Shiori retorted.

“Plus, I have no interest in serving another person…”

“Although I don’t understand what is going on, but…”

Tohka tilted her head. She stared back at the twins.

“If it’s a challenge you want then I will never lose!”


Kaguya started laughing as her spirit of competition flared up.

“Don’t think I will go easy on your just because you’re new. Losing a challenge against us is something you can only compensate by working your butt off for the rest of your life. Feel remorse for your actions!”


Yuzuru also grinned. She’s burning with the flames of competition oo.

“Although Kaguya and Yuzuru have lost their powers, as long as we are together, we are invincible. We will also accept your challenge.”

“Uwa! Stop with the hard words! Anyway, I will defeat you all! Watch me, Shido.”

“Are you belittling us, the incredible Yamai twins? If Yuzuru and Yamai work together, the children of Typhoon will prevail!”

The mood in the room became very tense. Tohka stared at Kaguya and Yuzuru. Sparks flew between the two opposing parties.


Shiori raised her hand meekly.

“I never issued a challenge…”

The three ladies shot a look at Shiori.


Shiori hurriedly ducked behind Wu Yan, rather, she hid next to Wu Yan’s bed. She directed her aggro at Wu Yan.

“Shido, if you don’t give me a proper explanation then you can look forward to only one dinner instead of three meals!”

Wu Yan felt like crying.

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