Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1171: Various mishaps, another invitation.

“So, you settled the thing with the twin spirits?”

Miku asked from the other side of the phone. Wu Yan sighed while picking up his own stuff.

“Yeah, the process was complicated but we managed to solve the case anyway.”

“Then, why are you still sighing?”

Miku sounded like she couldn’t wrap her head around this affair.

“I thought you were worried about the twins, now that you have wrapped things up, why aren’t you glad?”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

Indeed, he not only defeated the champion from DEM, he also met the Berserkers, elusive spirits of the storm. He settled the case of the children of Typhoon while also beating the DEM members.

For Wu Yan, he solved the Yamai’s problem while adding more to his dish.

It’s been a short while since they returned from the trip to Arubi Island.

After that, the Ratatoskr certified the Yamai twins as normal. Then, they assigned the twins to Wu Yan by arranging for them to stay with Wu Yan.

The Itsuka residence is already filling up by the time Kurumi got here. When Kurumi moved in, there was a time when Wu Yan slept on the couch. After that, they cleaned up one storeroom and Wu Yan lived in that one.

Ratatoskr was going to make them stay in a nearby apartment. They could live near the Itsuka.

The Sealing rings can only be unsealed by Wu Yan. Unlike in the original work, there is no risk of a Reiryouku overflow when the spirits are unhappy or distressed.

Moreover, the twins are very stable when they are around each other. Even if Reiryoku overflow is a thing, they still wouldn’t lose control over their powers.

It is completely fine for the twins to live on their own.

However, the twins vehemently rejected an arrangement by Ratatoskr.

They decided to make themselves Wu Yan’s slaves. In reality, they are more like maids than slaves, they insisted on following Wu Yan no matter where he goes. They don’t want to live in an apartment if their master isn’t there with them.

Any man would be over the moon to receive the service of these two lovely maids. Wu Yan was also happy at first. Then, he realized they were more trouble than worth it.

For one, twin slave sisters were completely inept at their jobs. They could barely pull off basic seduction.

The second reason, he is fine if the maids were completely bad at their jobs. He cooked up the slave thing to get the twins to wear the Sealing Rings. However, the Yamai twins had greater pride than he had anticipated.

They insisted on servicing him despite their various shortcomings. Going further than that, they actually got their hands on instructional videos, the kind of videos you can’t show to kids.

They said they wanted to study the videos to improve their skills.

Here’s the problem: there is only one TV in the Itsuka Residence.

And, the TV is in the living room.

The twins played the AVs on loudspeaker in the living room and they cranked the volume to max to make sure they got the essence of the videos. After that, Wu Yan got chased out by Shiori who blushed like mad. It’s only on the second day that he’s allowed back in the house.

The third reason is related to the initial problem, there is just not enough room to go around.

There are only five rooms in the Itsuka residence. Shiori took one, Wu Yan took one, Kotori took one, Tohka and Yoshino shared one room while the last room was Kurumi’s. Even if the twins could live in Kurumi’s room for now, it still wouldn’t solve the problem because they have to move out once Kurumi’s back.

Against all these reasons, the twins had only one thing to say.

“We can just live in the same room as our master.”

Then, the problems started popping up one by one.

Ignoring how Shiori treated Wu Yan like a bug, Tohka is the loudest protester. Yoshino also expressed her disagreement with a red face after Yoshinon filled her in on the possible implications of cohabitation.

The negotiations after that are just a nightmare. They couldn’t come up with a proper solution until they found a compromise.

Tohka and Yoshino will group up.

The twins will also group up.

Then, they will choose a duel and the detail of the duel can range from any topic. However, the reward is constant.

The winner of the duel can stay in one room with Wu Yan for one night. The losing group will have to stay in Tohka and Yoshino’s room for a night.

This compromise is rather good. It is also good for Wu Yan because if he played his cards right, he could walk away with a win regardless of the outcome of the duels.

It would have been the perfect heist for the lewd wolf.

Except for one tiny detail…


Wu Yan still remembered the cold tone Shiori used to warn him the first night the spirits fought. She made sure to warn him on the down low.

“I am going to check on you every night. If I find anything weird going on, I am going to snap pictures of you and post them on the internet while also sharing it with your classmates…”

Shiori accepted the twins because Kotori called her up. After that call, Shiori accepted the twins with tears in her eyes, she was moved by whatever Kotori told her.

Also, Kotori called Wu Yan after he sealed the Berserkers. That day, Wu Yan cried and laughed.

As for the exact details, only the insiders know…

Thinking about the various trials inside the Itsuka Residence, Wu Yan summarized his experience rather tersely.

“I am happy but there are reasons why I am conflicted…”

“That’s why men are such hateful creatures, you think you can fool me by being mysterious?”

Miku upgraded her negative generalization from disgusting to hateful. This might be a sign she’s slowly opening the doors to her heart. It could also be she’s only like this when she’s around Wu Yan.

“I thought the ladies liked it when a man’s mysterious…”

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

“Also, what is up with you? You called me every night during the school trip and then you hung up on me whenever I asked you why you called me, do you want to stress me to death?”

“Wh-what’s it to you?...”

Miku panicked. She whispered in a tiny tone.

“You think I want this?... I just felt like calling you whenever I open up my phone…”

“What was that?”

Wu Yan helplessly continued.

“If you’ve got something to say then say it clearly…”

“I said you should count your blessings that I called you!”

Miku screamed at him.

“Just give me the phone numbers of the cute spirits around you and go die!”

“Too bad for you, I can’t die!”

Wu Yan retorted.

“Also, are you gunning for Tohka and the others?”

“Since they are spirits, I am guessing they are all very cute, right?”

Miku sounded like she was lost in her own world.

“It would be so nice if I can go drinking tea with them. After that, we could go hunt for sweets and the like…”

Miku hesitated.

“How about… you bring the spirits along to my next concert?”

Wu Yan stopped sorting his stuff.

“Are you going to use your real voice?”

Miku is the one who got silenced this time.

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