Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1173: On the day of the concert, differential treatment

Tengu city…

This is the central plaza of Tengu city’s northern district. It’s a rather famous spot.

It’s famous because the central plaza is very wide and there are multiple facilities available for rent. It’s also very close to other entertainment outlets so the traffic flow here is very good. Whenever there is a concert or anything big going down, this is the place to be.

There are many plazas in Tengu city. However, when one referred to the northern plaza, they usually meant this plaza.

In the plaza, the biggest concert hall got booked by a certain party.

There aren’t a lot of people who are aware of the identity of the organizer. However, all the insiders are women. Apparently, all the guests heading for this place are women.

When Wu Yan brought Yoshino, Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru here, they saw a huge human meat wall standing between them and the venue.

It’s literally a sea of humans.

Given the population density here, it would be hard to move around once they dive into that sea of humans.

Next, they could see different hair colors in the guests here. Other than the people closest to Wu Yan & co, they could barely see what the other people wore for this venue because there are so many people walking around and squeezing up against one another.

“S-so many people…”

“How astonishing…”

“Awe, this is the first time I saw so many people at one place…”

Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru couldn’t help but stare blankly at the crowd here. Yoshino’s hiding behind Wu Yan meekly. She grabbed his cloth like a child afraid of being abandoned. Her cute look almost moe-killed a bunch of uncles around her.

“It’s just a plaza, do they need to do something so over-the-top?”

Wu Yan looked at the plaza with bulging eyes. He couldn’t believe the turnout here.

“This is a bigger turnout than the Tanabata festival last time. Did the citizens find out about Miku’s concert here?”

Someone answered him, the voice came from the earpiece he wore on his right ear.

“Only her fans know about her concert, Miku only shared the details on her fan page…”

Kotori moved the candy in her mouth to the other side.

“This is a famous plaza. There are various facilities here. The idols usually host handshake events, autograph signing sessions here. It’s fair to say there is a festival in here every day.”

“This is still shocking…”

Wu Yan chortled.

“I didn’t think I would see something on this scale once again.”


Kotori raised an eyebrow.

“You mean you have seen something on this level before?”

“Well, I have seen this kind of crowd at the Grand Tournament in Silvaria World Institute before. The turnout was on this level.”

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

“Also, there is another crowd like this when I hosted my wedding in SAO back when I was doing my forced quest in SAO….”

“Wedding ceremony?”

Kotori, Mana, and Yatsuki yelled at the same time. Wu Yan realized he just slipped up so he hurriedly put a stop to himself.

“Hey, Shido…”

Kotori finally called Wu Yan by his other name when she normally referred to him as Onii-chan.

“What was that about a wedding ceremony? I’ve never heard about this…”


Mana also ditched the captain title. She sounded like she’s very unstable right now.

“Is Onii-sama already married?”

“As expected of the captain, he’s still a high school student but…”

Yatsuki’s confused by Wu Yan’s revelation.

“What is a forced quest and what is SAO? Silvaria World Institute? Is there such an institute?”


Wu Yan can hear the dangerous, panicky, and confused voices coming from his earpiece. He ended the conversation with a burst of laughter before moving forward with Yoshino. He pretended like he never heard anything.

“Saa, let’s go, we are going to be late…”



“To witness our advent is the honor these mortals should thank their gods for. However, being tardy is a rude trait. Plus, master said we should hurry so we should listen to his order.”

“Agreed, Yuzuru also wants to meet master’s friend…”

Wu Yan walked towards the central plaza with four incredibly beautiful ladies around him.

There are so many people here. It’s unknown if this is due to Miku’s concert here or just the overall popularity of this place.

To prevent getting washed away by the deluge of concert-goer, Wu Yan grabbed Tohka’s and Yoshino’s hands. Kaguya and Yuzuru wanted to hold hands with Wu Yan but Yoshino and Tohka already occupied his arms so they can only compromise by grabbing his shirt.

Wu Yan immediately became the most salient person at the plaza. He can faintly hear people cursing his luck for having four beauties around him.

Alas, Wu Yan is already used to the curses of incels and jealous people. He also zapped anyone planning to cop a feel or steal their money with his lightning.

After 20 minutes, Wu Yan & co finally arrived at the concert venue.

Compared to the last concert, this time’s scale is larger without a doubt.

The main doors are bigger than the doors to a museum. The concert-goers presented their tickets to the ushers with giddy looks.

Most of the fans here were involved in the last scuffle between Wu Yan and Miku.

However, their memories are already wiped and the fans were healed using healing Realizers. To them, the events of that day seemed like a surreal dream.


Tohka stood on the tips of her toes. Her amethyst-like eyes glistened with intrigue and excitement.

“There are so many people here too…”

“Oh, let’s go in first, I am sure there are more people inside…”

Wu Yan pulled Tohka and Yoshino along.

He made his way backstage.

Yuzuru and Kaguya were confused.

“Hey, master…”

Kaguya tugged Wu Yan’s sleeve.

“Why aren’t we using the main entrance?”

“Well, I would use the main doors…”

Wu Yan sighed.

“However, Miku restricted her concerts to females only. Only her fans with tickets can enter. There are no other ways to get her tickets. She told me to use the backstage route because the fans might blast me out of the stadium if I didn’t.”


Kaguya narrowed her eyes.

“To think these mortals are brazen enough to attack the Yamai’s master. The audacity…”

“Agreed, master, why don’t you just use the main entrance?”

Yuzuru tilted her head. Her mercury-blue eyes were burning with outrage.

“This is discrimination. Yuzuru will not stand for this kind of treatment against master!”

“Well, there are various reasons for this…”

Wu Yan tried to stop the twin spirits from barging into the place.

“Let’s back away from here, okay?”

Kaguya and Yuzuru aren’t convinced but they nodded nonetheless, they didn’t forget to purse their lips of course…

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