Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1174: Another encounter, nothing changed.

In the hallway reserved for staff of the plaza, Wu Yan & co walked forward despite the female staff giving them weird looks.

Kaguya is like a country bumpkin who just arrived in the city. She kept looking at everything she passed by. Then, she turned her attention towards the staff working near them. She tilted her head.

"Why are all the people here women?"


Yuzuru looked around too.

"Yuzuru has the same question in mind..."

"You're right, they are all women..."

Tohka asked Wu Yan.

"What's going on? Shido..."


Wu Yan rubbed his nose.

"I know the reason but I don't think you girls should know the answer lest you regret coming with me..."

Tohka, Kaguya, Yoshino, and Yuzuru exchanged confused looks. Before they can ask anything, Wu Yan interrupted them.

"We are here!"

Wu Yan stopped outside a preparation room. The four spirits also stopped.

"Watch out!"

Kotori cautioned Wu Yan.

"Don't forget what happened last time, Miku attacked you without saying anything. I know you two built up a good relationship but that's only on the phone, we don't know what might happen if you two meet for real. Your likeability might fall to the level of a cockroach."

Wu Yan shook his head. He knocked on the door.

"Come in..."

An intoxicating voice greeted them from within the cold hard door. Tohka, Kaguya, Yoshino, and Yuzuru's hair stood on ends. Their expressions also loosened up.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"As expected of Diva, her voice is still as captivating as usual..."

Wu Yan pushed open the door to her preparation room.

There is only one individual in the preparation room.

Her bluish-purple hair is the most striking feature that entered their eyes. Her silver eyes sparkled like the night sky. Her figure is also explosively good, she wore a white dress that paired well with her glowing skin.

After the last encounter, Miku still looked as beautiful as when they first met. She still looked like a beauty from a fairy tale. The four spirits were stunned by Miku's appearance.

Noticing that the guests aren't staff members, Miku turned around after slightly adjusting her hair. Wu Yan & co entered her vision.

She flinched slightly. Confirming the identity of the guests, she quickly looked away in a fluster and faked dissatisfaction.

"You sure took your time, the concert's about to start..."

"Well, we made it, didn't we?"

Wu Yan still used the same nonchalant he used on her when they first met. He shrugged as he continued.

"If we could use the main entrance then we probably could have made it here earlier..."

"I don't want to let a man enter my concert venue."

Miku snorted.

"I've already made an exceptional exception by giving you access to my concert."

"Sure sure..."

Miku is still using that half-serious half-dodgy tone with him. Wu Yan isn't sure what she meant so he just sighed.

His earpiece started ringing again. The operatives on Fraxinus started giving him the data.

"Familiarity at 70%, status is stable and unchanged."

"Reiryoku signatures are also stable. No abnormality and spacequakes detected."

"Mental state is wobbly but Diva appears to be mentally stable for now."


Kotori roamed her red eyes over the data on the holographic interface overlay in front of her.

"Her mental state is the only thing we need to watch, why is her mental state fluctuating so much?"

"The patterns here point to her panicked mind, her heart rate is also higher than average..."

Reine reported.

"I am guessing that's from seeing Shido-kun..."

"Is that so?"

Kotori raised an eyebrow..

She teased Wu Yan.

"Onii-chan, why don't you use this opportunity to take down Miku?"

"That's basically sending me to die..."

Wu Yan retorted.

"Plus, I have four spirits with me. You want me to pull out my moves in front of the ladies?"

"It's fine!"

Kotori said.

"There is no chance of a Reiryoku overflow, you can just think of ways to cheer them up after this. You're an expert at this, aren't you?"

"Your sister is the expert!"

"Indeed, I am."

While Wu Yan is bickering with Kotori, Miku snorted. She glanced at the spirits he brought with him.

When she saw the four beauties standing behind Wu Yan, she paused for a second before her silver eyes lit up like bright stars.

"You girls..."

Miku stood up with a very bright smile. She started approaching the four spirits with a radiant grin.

"What are you doing?"

Tohka immediately raised her guard instinctively. She grabbed Shido's sleeve with a tense look. She also didn't mince her words.

"Don't come closer, you feel dangerous..."

"Hmph, are you planning to defile our royal selves?"

Said Kaguya while hiding behind Wu Yan.

"I praise your boldness but you better prepare yourself for the terror the Yamai twins can inflict upon you!"


Yuzuru's eyes flashed dangerously.

"If you come any closer then Yuzuru will be forced to exercise her right of self-defense."


Yoshino pulled her hoodie down. There are beads of tears near the corners of her eyes.

"Ah~ Oh my gosh~"

Miku stopped there. It looked like the simultaneous rejection of four spirits managed to stop her in her tracks.

However, Miku's next action proved Wu Yan had much to learn about Yuri girls.

"An airhead, a chuunibyou, a sleepyhead, and a meek loli..."

Her eyes are already starry with fascination. She clasped her hands together. She's blushing with elation. Like a maiden in love, she tried to hold in her excitement but her overwhelming affection still burst forth.

"Ah! I can't hold it in any longer!"

Miku dashed over to Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru.

"Please have dinner with me! My charming ladies!"

"Wah! Don't come over here!"

The four spirits immediately ran for their lives.


"This is violence! This is abuse!"

"Fear, stop running towards me!"

"Ah... why are we running?! Wait for me..."


The five spirits started making a ruckus. Wu Yan looked at the ceiling and he sighed.

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