Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1177: Join us?

In a certain part of Tengu city, DEM branch company…

The buildings around the center building are all properties of DEM. The circular area with a diameter of 100 meters fell within the control of DEM.

With this base, DEM acted like they owned the place. They built all sorts of operations and supportive facilities here. There are offices, administrative branches, research & development arms, and various other facilities here. There are also staff quarters here.

The central building is reserved for the bigshots of this branch company. It’s the most building in this area.

Ellen led Wu Yan into a huge lounge. They continued into a wide and opulent corridor. They are heading for the director’s office on the top floor.

According to Ellen, Westcott is waiting for him.

Looking around, Wu Yan can see squads of magicians in CR (Combat Realizers) units. The magicians had their weapons at the ready, they vigilantly looked at Wu Yan. He’s too tired to pay the magicians any notice.

“Ellen-san, is the security in DEM always so tight? Or, did you guys set this up to welcome me?”

Ellen paused after Wu Yan posed that question. She continued walking after that abnormal pause.

“This is the most important building of DEM’s branch company, there are many secrets housed here and there are critical personnel walking around. This is the security we have in place, it’s not something special we prepared for you…”

“Irrelevant, you say?”

Wu Yan shrugged. He couldn’t care to verify the truth of Ellen’s claims.

“If this is your normal state then I am kind of curious as to what your emergency state looks like…”

“DEM is one of the most powerful organizations in the world. With mastery over Realizers, nobody on earth would even dare to cross DEM. Nobody can afford to cross DEM too.”

Ellen continued.

“The emergency protocol has not been triggered for many years now…”

“Is that so?”

Wu Yan placed his hands behind his head. He leisurely strolled forward.

“You invited me here under the assumption that I can’t trigger the emergency protocol?”

“You’re mistaken…”

Ellen explained with a cold look.

“The security measures here can do nothing against your powers. If you wanted to breach this place then this kind of security isn’t enough to stop you.”


Wu Yan chuckled.

“You’re talking like I won’t try to breach this place. You trust me way too much…”

“You won’t.”

Ellen replied.

“Plus, you’re just fulfilling your end of the bargain from our last game…”

“Again, you trust me way too much…”

Wu Yan grinned.

“What’s stopping me from going back on my words? Why can’t I just kill you off right here? You’re defenseless, aren’t you?”

“You won’t.”

Ellen’s eyes turned sharp.

“At least, if it were me, I wouldn’t need to do that. You’re stronger so I am sure you won’t too.”

Ellen’s volume went lower.

“Of course, if it’s an order from Westcott then we won’t be having this discussion…”

“You’re loyal…”

Wu Yan ignored the magicians around him. He followed Ellen as they went past a dizzying array of corridors. They used a special elevator to go to the top floor.

After 10 more minutes, they finally arrived at a dark end on the top floor.

The place is so dimly lit it’s hard to see anything. The security on this floor is rather lax compared to the previous floor. The leaked lights from the seams of the door lit up the hallway.

Although it looked like the security here is lax, that is only true if one measured security by a number of guards. The automated Realizers on this floor are in the dozens, Wu Yan can sense energy in the automated defense Realizers. The danger posed by these automated units is higher than the guards down there.

They arrived at an automated gate. Ellen approached the gate with her ID. The scanner scanned it and the door opened up. Wu Yan can see what the room looked like.

It’s a very luxurious suite.

The ground is draped in a red rug. There are precious furniture everywhere he looked. The bed and window blinders appear to be made of golden silk. It didn’t take an expert to reckon the pricey construction cost of this room.

There is a man in a suit standing near the huge windows. His platinum blonde locks fluttered slightly with the wind. He looked like he is in his thirties.

The guy turned around with a smile like he had been expecting Wu Yan’s arrival. He locked gaze with Wu Yan’s red eyes. Then, the two exchanged bright smiles.

Westcott is the kind of guy who can’t hold back from smiling when he sees something he fancies.

Wu Yan is smiling dangerously. It looked like he might pull out a knife on the two executives.

Ellen slowed down after the two men met. She stood next to Westcott like a guard. She took on a defensive look.

Wu Yan is stronger than her.

Ellen doesn’t think she could stand a chance against Wu Yan if he attacks Isaac.

Even if it’s for Isaac’s sake, Ellen must stand on guard.

The two men excluded Ellen from their attention spans. They looked at each other with piercing gazes.

“Welcome, Red Devil, or should I say, Itsuka Shido?”

Westcott’s smile became wider.

“I am Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, you can just call me Pelham…”


Wu Yan sighed.

“I already knew you’re annoying but goddamn you’re so easy to hate. Don’t greet me like I am your pal, I am going to call you commoner A…”

Ellen furrowed her brows. Westcott flinched before laughing out loud.

“That sounds fantastic to me. I am getting tired of being treated like a sir every day. Being treated with scorn is a fun new experience. We will go with that.”


Wu Yan sighed.

He’s starting to doubt his decision. Ellen is looking dark while Westcott looked very radiant. They formed a stark contrast.

“Alright, why did you invite me here? Commoner A?”

Wu Yan crossed his arms. He looked at Westcott who is still strangely amused for some reason.

“If it’s you, I reckon you didn’t invite me over just for some tea with a spirit, right?”

“That sounds like a good idea but I didn’t invite you here to drink tea with a spirit…”

Westcott’s lips curled.

“If you say yes to my offer then I might consider clearing my schedule for all the tea time you want…”

Westcott directed his fervent gaze in Wu Yan’s direction.

“Why don’t you join us?”

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