Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1178: Shock, Diva targeted…

“Why don’t you join us?”

The room turned silent.

Westcott kept his nasty grin while staring at Wu Yan. Ellen spotted a shocked look. She didn’t think Westcott would say something like that.

Westcott is only after the power of spirits. He’s obsessed with obtaining the powers of spirits. It’s unheard of for him to invite Wu Yan like this.

Compared to absolute power, it’s troublesome to deal with personality and different attitudes.

How easy would it be to deal with a spirit that had attitude and personality? Would it be easy to dance around a manifestation of calamity?

One wrong move and it’s over for him.

Westcott seemed like he never considered this possibility.  Ellen is puzzled as to why Westcott would do this.

Wu Yan is chill compared to Wu Yan. He looked at Westcott.

“Alright, I will bite. Why?”

“Oya? Is it that hard to understand? I phrased it the way I meant it…”

Westcott shrugged. He opened his arms wide as if he’s about to hug Wu Yan.

“I am inviting you to join DEM. Like Ellen, you will become my right-hand man, you can also be on my level if that fits your liking. I can even give you the title of the world’s ruler. All you need to do is say yes. No matter what you request, I will give it to you.”

Ellen’s expression changed.

Wu Yan also frowned.

Westcott is the executive director of DEM.

He is the top dog of the company.

DEM is also one of the most powerful companies in this universe.

Westcott is standing on a level higher than rulers of nations.

Anyone would be tempted if someone at this level offered them anything they desired.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance…

Alas, for Wu Yan and Ellen, the promise might as well be a joke.

“Is your brain working fine?”

Wu Yan sighed.

“Position? Status? The top of the world? Do you actually think spirits would want power and status?”

“You can ask for other things.”

Westcott replied, his smile never faded.

“If I can do it then I will do my best to fulfill it. Even if I can’t do it I will still find a way to deliver it!”

“How about it?”

Westcott extended his hand out.

“Join us?”

The room became quiet once more.

Ellen is not supportive of Westcott’s offer. However, she will not intervene. It’s his will so she’s going to let it be.

Wu Yan ignored Westcott’s gesture. He sighed after looking at Westcott one more time.

“I thought you asked me to come here on some serious business. This is just ridiculous…”


Westcott nodded.

“Is that a no?”

“I wonder, just where did you find the confidence to approach me like this?”

Wu Yan turned towards Ellen.

“Is it because the Strongest Magician is here?”

Wu Yan looked around.

“Or are you counting on this fragile establishment you call DEM?”

He sneered before staring at Westcott with his oppressive red eyes.

“Hmm, don’t tell me you think you’re charming enough to persuade me?”

“I see, so you’re telling me you don’t see a reason to stay?”

Westcott helplessly grabbed his forehead. Then, he recalled something before chuckling.

“How about this?”

He found something fun in his mind.

“If you don’t say yes then the girls around you…”

Westcott didn’t finish because he choked on his words.

Wu Yan disappeared in an instant. Westcott couldn’t catch Wu Yan’s figure.

Then, something hot and cold at the same time poked him from behind. He froze up.


Ellen gasped. She jumped as she immediately equipped her Pendragon CR unit.

When she turned around with her light saber ready, Westcott was already captured. Her expression collapsed.

“I already know you’re detestable…”

Wu Yan leaned forward like he’s friends with Westcott, he gazed out the same window Westcott looked at. His frosty tone chilled the souls of the two humans here.

“You’re not only detestable, you’re just downright trying to make everyone your enemy.”

Westcott stored away his playful smile. His sharp eyes also wavered.

“Oh? That’s too bad, I wanted to forge a good relationship with you…”

“Yeah, it’s a shame…”

Wu Yan leaned against Westcott’s back. He ignored the tense-looking Ellen who had shaking hands. Wu Yan shook his head.

“In the end, you’re just Commoner A, I feel it beneath me to remember your name.”

Wu Yan walked away from Westcott. He stood near the window.

“I am warning you…”

Wu Yan cautioned Westcott. He flashed a very lethal look.

“Don’t touch what you shouldn’t touch and don’t do what you shouldn’t do…”

“Those who ignore this basic rule tend to die rather quick in my experience, Commoner A…”

A strange ripple came from Wu Yan. The next second, he disappeared from the spot.


Ellen asked Westcott.

“Are you okay?”

“I am fine, he didn’t peg me as a worthy foe.”

Westcott laughed while shaking his head.

“Ellen, your assessment was way off…”

Ellen clenched her fists.

Ellen assumed she would be enough to stall Wu Yan until Isaac can escape.

In the end, Wu Yan captured Westcott in an instant, she couldn’t even grasp how Wu Yan reached Isaac’s back.

If Wu Yan had attacked…

Ellen’s face turned pale.

Westcott also bitterly laughed.

“Looks like we can’t make a move before ascertaining his abilities…”

Westcott moved to the window as he gazed out at the wide sky above. He creased his eyebrows.

“It seems like Princess, Nightmare, Berserker, and Hermit are out of the equation. This is becoming quite troubling…”

Ellen lifted his head.

“How about Diva?”


Westcott flinched.

“What do you mean?”

“I detected a Reiryoku signature when I went to invite Itsuka Shido!”

Ellen squinted.

“That concert, it had Reiryoku residues…”

Westcott’s eyes lit up. He chuckled…

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