Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1179: Getting up is a field of knowledge too

The morning came like a refreshing oasis.

The golden rays of sunlight pierced through layers of cloud. The beautiful scenery in the sky showered the land with its brilliance.

The blazing sun was high in the sky. The air started turning warm under the intense glare of the sun.

It’s been about 2 months since the school trip.

Going to a beach resort for summer vacation was definitely the best decision. The students and teachers are still talking about the trip 2 months after the fact.

2 months, that is not enough time for the summer to end. The air is also dry. Tengu city’s average temperature is higher than it was 2 months ago. The students who can’t deal with heat are basically all stuck at home now.

Of course, these people haven’t seen the kind of heat on Itogami island of the Strike The Blood universe. Otherwise, they would thank god for living in heaven.

The highest record temperature in Tengu city is just the norm for Itogami Island, the two places differed so much.

How is this observable? Well, a certain individual can sleep just fine despite the heat.

“Master! Get up! We are going to be late!”

“Calling, if master doesn’t wake up then Yuzuru is going to play a prank on master.”

After wrestling a victory from Tohka and Yoshino, the twins made sure to utilize their “sleep together” privileges to the max. They tidied up their beds before trying to wake up Wu Yan.

The twins couldn’t believe how hard it was to wake up the dead pig known as Wu Yan.

“Dang, our master is so lazy. This is going to tarnish our title as children of Typhoon…”

“Confusion, Yuzuru cannot comprehend this. How did master’s sister wake him so easily?”

“Maybe it’s experience? Ah, if only Tohka and Yoshino didn’t interfere with our privileges to sleep with master, we would have mastered the technique of waking up master by now!”

“Annoyed, this is unforgivable. Master belongs to Yuzuru and Kaguya. It’s always our right to sleep with master.”

“Right! We must make it our duty to teach them a lesson they will never forget.”

“Agreed, our scoreboard is currently 35 victories out of 60 against Tohka and Yoshino. We possess an absolute edge over our competitors. As expected, it’s different with Kaguya around.”

“No no no, Yuzuru is the MVP. Tohka and Yoshino lost to Yuzuru, I can’t take all the credit by myself…”

“Agreed, Yuzuru couldn’t have done this by herself, Kaguya is critical!”

“Yeah, we are invincible as long as we have one another.”


The twins talked while conversing with one another on Wu Yan’s bed. The two praised each other with too much modesty, they also had suspicious blushes on their faces.

In an instant, the air took on a pinkish mood. They are more like an intimate couple than twins. Who would have thought these twins fought over who gets to live 2 months ago?

The twins continued flirting with each other. However, their giggles and conversations sounded like a fly’s buzz in the ear of a certain individual. His veins started bulging.

Wu Yan finally had enough. He tossed his blanket aside. Then, the nimble man pinned the twins down on his bed.

“You ~ Two~”

His face was as black as charcoal.  He gnashed his teeth at the twins. They were shocked by this sudden display of clarity.

“Y-you’re awake. That surprised me…”

“Inform, if master didn’t get up then Yuzuru would have been forced to call Kotori over to help…”

“You two kept chattering near me, I can’t even sleep!”

Wu Yan gave the twins a very cheeky grin.

“No, this won’t do. I need to mete out punishment…”

“Hmm? Ngh…”

Kaguya and Yuzuru cried out at the same time. They arched their backs up..

One demonic claw climbed into Kaguya’s nether region while the other demonic claw took control of Yuzuru’s knockers.


The twins went red. They started struggling as a weird sense of pleasure stared echoing in their bodies.

Rather than truly struggling, it’s more like they are wriggling their bodies, their breathing rate increased too.

After two months of undergoing seduction training using “instructional videos”, the twins had developed knowledge in this field.

However, because they know some stuff, they knew better than to seduce Wu Yan.

It’s not because they didn’t want to get freaky with Wu Yan. No, they are just too bashful and afraid to do it.

Whenever Wu Yan starts touching them, the twins reacted like maidens in love. They also forgot about the valuable advice given to them by the good Samaritan on Arubi Island from 2 months ago.

Alas, the twins had no idea the huge turn on this had on a certain wolf.

He made sure to work Kaguya’s tight oyster and Yuzuru’s marshmallows.  He licked his lips while sneering.

“As expected, one of you is very lithe while the other has a bombshell figure…”

Kaguya and Yuzuru blushed harder. Kaguya is the first one to vent her discontent.

“Uuu, why does master like Yuzur’s breasts so much?”

Kaguya panted while moaning.

“I have a pair too…”

“Ex-exclaim, Yuzuru is confused too...”

Yuzuru tried to squirm her upper half despite Wu Yan going to town on her gazongas.

“You keep rubbing Kaguya all over but you only ever fondled Yuzuru’s breasts, why?”

“Well, it’s your fault for being so special in unique places…”

He sped up while explaining himself. The twins moaned harder under his caress.

“For me, it’s all about maximizing the attention paid to critical points…”

Wu Yan gave the twins a few tugs and pull before retrieving his hands. The twins heaved a huge sigh of relief, he almost caused a deluge in their pants.

“Haa… Haa…”

Kaguya panted while looking haggard with her clothes in a disarray.

“I-is it over?”


Yuzuru looked at Wu Yan with misty eyes.

“Yuzuru thinks that this isn’t the end…”

“Much as I would like to go further, being discovered by Shiori will be very bad for me. We will save the best for later…”

Wu Yan sighed. He stood up.

“Okay, tidy up yourselves, we have an important meeting to attend.”

“A meeting?”


Wu Yan shook his head when the twins gave him puzzled looks.

“It’s almost time for the combined cultural festival, all ten schools will be meeting to discuss how to run the show. Our class is also involved in the talks…”

Wu Yan glanced at the twins.

“What’s the matter? You two don’t wanna join?”


“Repeat, there is no possibility of that happening!”

Kaguya and Yuzuru jumped down. Their excitement elicited a chortle from Wu Yan.

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