Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1186: This is it, who is superior?

“Too bad for you, in terms of numbers, you’re outgunned here…”

Black figures flew past the windows of this luxurious office. The mechanical robots flew into the office by bursting through the windows.

Clang bam boom

The robots destroyed the windows of the office. The robots hovered within the office, surrounding Kurumi from all sides.

There are not just Bandersnatches here, there are also squads of DEM magicians in CR units here.

“Ara ara…”

Kurumi widened her eyes slightly. It’s like she’s feigning shock.

“Did I get discovered?”

“You waltzed into the enemy base and fought against the second-in-command…”

Ellen lowered her hand. She floated a sarcastic smile.

“Did you think you could have kept your cover?”

“Oh really?”

Kurumi tilted her head while winking cutely.

“I was trying hard to stay hidden. What a terrible screwup…”

“It’s rare to find a spirit strong enough to touch me, personally, I wanted to capture you by myself…”

Ellen grasped her laser blade. She closed her eyes.

“However, doing this will reduce the risk of something adverse occurring. You also look like you’re stronger than you let on. If I mess up here then it’s going to be hard to explain to Isaac. This is how we are going to do it…”

“Is that so?”

Kurumi snickered.

“According to m intel, you got your tight little butt handed to you by someone, didn’t you? Why aren’t you going after him?”

Ellen opened her eyes, she stared daggers into Kurumi.

“Looks like you know a lot, I will have to dig the information out of you bit by bit.”


Kurumi shrugged with her guns akimbo.

“You’re in for disappointment…”


Ellen coldly sneered.

“You think you can win? Although the magicians here might be weak individually, what can you possibly do against so many of them? I can also kill you if you’re distracted by them.”

“Ara ara, the strongest magician resorting to petty tricks, is that how you do things?”

“This isn’t my personal wish but I have to obey Isaac’s order…”

“How scary…”

Kurumi patted her chest like she was terrified. She looked around to see the magician and Bandersnatch squads cornering her. She started giggling.

“I can also play the numbers game with ‘us’…”

Ellen’s expression changed.

Kurumi’s shadow started distorting freakishly. Her shadow had an iridescent sparkle in them. Her shadow expanded outwards rapidly.

In an instant, the shadow covered the entire room. It felt like they just entered a world of darkness. The DEM magicians started freaking out. An overwhelming sense of fatigue hit the magicians.


“What’s happening?...”

“My strength…”

The magicians felt their strengths being sapped through unknown means. They felt like somebody had placed heavy shackles on them. The magicians fell to the floor.

“This is…”

Ellen deployed her Territory so she avoided the fate of the hapless DEM magicians around her. But, her expression paled slightly too.

“What did you do?”

Kurumi snickered with glee.

“This is my shadow barrier, the City of Devouring Time. Mana-san Should Have told you DEM people about my abilities, no?”

“A barrier that can eat people’s time?”

Ellen gnashed her teeth. She recovered slightly from her stupor.

“Good move, but, it’s useless against Bandersnatches…”

“Ara ara, didn’t I mention it?”

Kurumi tilted her head.

“’We’ can also use superior numbers against you…”

After that sentence, legions upon legions of Kurumi in Astral Dresses started merging from within the City of Devouring Time. The time clones outnumbered the Bandersnatches. They all grinned at the DEM members.

Ellen’s expression grew dark.

“This is what you meant by ‘us’, huh?”


Kurumi kissed her smoking flintlock.

She beamed at Kurumi.

“Well? How are you going to deal with this? Magician-san?”


Ellen started floating up with her Territory deployed. She had a menacing look brimming with killing intent.

“I don’t know what’s going on but since you created those things I am guessing these things will die if I kill you, yes?”

“How rude, calling ‘us’ things…”

Kurumi shrugged nonchalantly.

“But, this is it for now…”

She looked at the locust-esque objects flying towards them in the distance with a smile.

“I am afraid things won’t look good for me if I keep this up. I have enough time but not enough to waste here…”

“You want to run?! Nightmare!”

Ellen deployed her Territory outwards.

“Don’t even think about it!”


Kurumi giggled before she dove into her shadow faster than Ellen can deploy her Territory.

The time clones also disappeared with her City of Devouring Time. The expanded City of Devouring time didn’t catch a single Kurumi.

“I still have unfinished business, Ellen-san…”

Kurumi’s voice echoed like she’s a denizen of the abyss. Ellen could hear her clearly.

“We will meet again someday…”

Ellen used her CR unit to search the whole place. However, she didn’t discover anything.

“She got away?”

Ellen looked out the window to see dozens of Kurumi clones diving into nearby shadows.

Ellen stored her CR unit away. She looked at the magicians moaning in pain around her in silence.

“You guys worked hard…”

Westcott entered the room in his signature suit. He raised an eyebrow when he saw the defeated magicians.

“You guys sure made a mess…”


Ellen shook her head.

“We let her run away…”

“It’s fine, now we know Nightmare is still active in Tengu city. That’s enough for now…”

Westcott looked at Ellen.

“Well? Think you can defeat her?”

“Of course!”

Ellen answered without hesitation.

“She’s far stronger than reported but beating her is only a matter of time…”


Westcott trusted her words. He gazed out the window with a hint of devilish thought in his mind.

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