Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1187: Let us wash your back? The studious twins

Night time…


Lying in the bathtub, Wu Yan sighed in relief. He is both tired and relieved at the same time.

He is very satisfied with the hot bath he is currently bathing in.

However, he is tired because of the Tenou festival.

They poured over details of the Tenou festival. The representatives from each school were discussing about the placement of stalls, the activities, special requests, types of tasks, and various other annoying details. By the end of the day, Wu Yan is already dead tired.

Although they did rest a bit over at Miku’s mansion, the recovered energy got spent when they returned to Raizen High to report to other students and teachers. He also got handed a mountain of paperwork from the others so that didn’t help neither.

He’s more mentally exhausted than he is physically exhausted. He ran from place to place, juggling information tasks, and settling multiple assignments. It’s not weird for a normal human to collapse out of stress.

Fortunately, Wu Yan is a True Ancestor so the physical tiredness is practically just his mind acting up. He also has Impeccable Memory backing him up so he went through his list of chores like a pro.

This didn’t decrease the mental fatigue though. He would rather fight someone his own size than handle petty tasks like this. He reckons he would be less tired at the end of the intense fight than being dragged through so many hurdles in a single day.

He also knows this isn’t the role for him.

If it was Misaki or Kotori then this would have been fine, he could delegate the tasks to them and it would have been the end right then.

If Yukari was put in charge then she would probably do it in a more efficient manner, setting a general direction and letting her goons do the rest for her.

Hinagiku and Mikoto are also prime candidates for the job.

While thinking about various matters, rustling sounds came from outside the bathroom. The weird sounds stopped his train of thought. He was puzzled.

Why is this sound so familiar?

It sounded like someone is taking off their clothes outside his room.

An alarm rang inside his mind when he realized this. Then, he heard footsteps.

There are only Wu Yan, Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Shiori in this house. Aside from Wu Yan, the rest of the residents are females.

Chaos would erupt the moment the new entrant screams or shrieks. Wu Yan will be the victim in every scenario too.

Wu Yan tried to put a stop to this.

“Who’s there? The bathroom’s occupied!”


The newcomer gasped.

Wu Yan assumed that was the end of it. Next, the footsteps came closer. Before he could react, the doors to the bathroom opened.

A pair of beautiful twins entered the bathroom with flimsy towels covering their divine figures.

“Kaguya… Yuzuru…”

His lips twitched when he saw the blushing Yamai Twins.

“Didn’t I say someone’s in here?”

“W-we came inside because we knew you’re here…”

Kaguya pursed her lips before lowering her head.

"I mean, Yuzuru and I came in here together."


Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears. He gasped.

"You girls knew I was in here?"

"Affirmation, Yuzuru can vouch for Kaguya..."

Yuzuru is blushing just like Kaguya. Her expression is relatively calmer though. Her chill attitude made one question if she's blushing from embarrassment or from the steamy bathroom.

"Are we troubling master?"

"I wouldn't say you girls are troubling, I am just surprised..."

Wu Yan is still trying to process the actions of the blushing twin spirits.

"Why? Is it because you girls are trying to compete against Yoshino and Tohka?"

Kaguya and Yuzuru fought against Yoshino and Tohka for the right to sleep together with Wu Yan. Wu Yan became the ultimate winner due to their skirmishes.

Wu Yan didn't understand how things came to be but he vividly recalls one time all four spirits assaulted Wu Yan when he is washing. They were trying all kinds of methods to make him feel good, including but not limited to, massaging his back, washing his back, the bold twins also suggested washing every nook and cranny on Wu Yan's body, Wu Yan almost lost control of himself that time.

The spirits didn't keep their duels on the down-low so Shiori found out.

Shiori stood outside the bathroom door with a deadly look. She was ready to go inside and stab Wu Yan the moment he gets any lewd ideas...

Wu Yan felt danger on multiple levels that night.

Now, the twins barged into the bathroom once more. Wu Yan can't be faulted for raising his guard.

Alas, he thought wrong.

"We ended our duels against Yoshino and Tohka before sunset."

Kaguya declared.

"We didn't come here from that duel..."


"Kaguya and Yuzuru are here to do the thing in the book."

Yuzuru said nonchalantly.

"The book said that a man would be very happy to get a backrub during bath time..."

"I am going to ask, just in case..."

Wu Yan's eyebrows started twitching.

"What is the title of the book?"

Yuzuru and Kaguya exchanged a look.

"Hmm, it was something-something records of growth..."

"Recall, the female protagonist was the male protagonist's paternal aunt..."

"Hmm, okay, forget I even asked..."


Kaguya looked at Wu Yan with her red face and misty eyes.

"Can we rub Master's back?"


Yuzuru also looked on anxiously.

"Are Yuzuru and Kaguya not enough?"


He took another look at the part of the towels that could barely cover their twin jigglypuffs. He gulped before bitterly laughing.

"I am just worried about a certain dangerous individual..."

"If it's Shiori then you can relax."

Kaguya explained.

"Shiori went out just a short while ago."

"She went out?"


Yuzuru nodded.

"We ran out of food materials and we still have to make breakfast tomorrow so Shiori went out to buy stuff for tomorrow, she said she wanted to make it before the hypermarkets close shop for the day. She said she's going to buy more stuff than usual so she won't be back until a while later..."


Wu Yan's bitter smile widened.

"Isn't this practically setting up a crime scene?"

Yuzuru and Kaguya pursed their lips when Wu Yan beamed at them. They started grumbling with crestfallen looks.

"Jeez, the book lied. Master isn't happy at all..."

"Reflection, I think the contents of the book are erroneous, we should switch to a different book..."

"A different book? You mean there's more?"

"Reminder, Kaguya, there's another one titled 'The oral performance after dark"..."

Wu Yan can't pretend he didn't hear that.

"Fine! Fine!"

He raised his arms in submission. He smiled at the twins.

"Let's do it. Wash my back, I love backrubs!"

Kaguya and Yuzuru turned towards Wu Yan in confusion.



Wu Yan answered lethargically.

He can guess the contents of the "Oral performance after dark" without even looking at the contents of the book. He should enjoy getting backrubs from the twins while Shiori's away than risk a later encounter with the learned twins.

Plus, this option is less risky, no?

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