Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1188: An accident? Pleasant accidents

"Uuu, this feels so good..."

"Agreed, Yuzuru feels like she's melting..."

Kaguya and Yuzuru moaned in pleasure when they entered the bath. Wu Yan's resolve started wavering as his heart wavered. His hands are shaking and his fingers are wriggling around in a very inappropriate manner.

The correct bath etiquette is to rinse one's own body first before jumping into the tub. That is the way to enjoy a hot bath.

But, the twins paid no attention to this etiquette. Tohka, Shiori, and Yoshino are already done bathing so they don't have to worry about anyone barging in on them.

The Itsuka residence's bath isn't that big, with three people in the tub, even if the twins are slender ladies, there wasn't much room left for them.

The three were basically rubbing up against one another in that bathtub.

He sat there facing the twins. Due to their proximity and movements, he was in touch with them all the time, their legs touched and a certain wolf got a good feel of the twins' smooth porcelain skins.

The twins are also distracted by the wonderful bath.

"Nothing can beat a hot bath..."

"Praise, bathing in hot water feels better than riding the winds..."

"T-that might be the case but we are children of Typhoon, we shouldn't abandon the wind..."

"Denial, Yuzuru isn't dissing our winds, I still our winds the most despite the comfortable bath."

"As expected of Yuzuru, you are quick to catch on!"

"Retort, Kaguya is smarter, Yuzuru only realized it when Kaguya pointed it out..."

The twins started conversing while their legs are still tangled with Wu Yan's thighs. Wu Yan wasn't sure where to start retorting. He's starting to wonder if the twins are here to prank him rather than wash his back.

The twins exchanged a serious nod all of a sudden.

"Hey, master..."

Kaguya asked.

"Don't you think the tub's a bit too small?"


Wu Yan flinched.

"I don't know about you girls but bathtubs are typically designed with a capacity of less than 3 people, our family home isn't a mansion so..."

"Understood, this is something we can't help."

Kaguya answered as if she expected this answer.

"If that's the case then Kaguya and Yuzuru can only squeeze over to master's side..."

The twins stood up before doing a swift 180-degree turn. Then, they sat back down as if they rehearsed this beforehand.

The twins lay against Wu Yan's chest with their spines tingling Wu Yan's solar plexus.

Wu Yan's mind went blank as the sensation of two soft bodies assaulted his nerves.

This is bad.

The smooth skins of the twins and the feminine fragrance coming from the twins melded together into a potent aphrodisiac, his mast started unfurling.

If Wu Yan lost control of his Johnny here then he's going to pound the twins silly.

He reckons the meat slapping contest won't end by the time Shiori returns.

The consequence of getting discovered sent chills down Wu Yan's spine.

He kept telling himself to make do with minuscule gains and benefits. He can still take them to slam town in the future, the twins aren't going anywhere, there will be more opportunities.

He must resist, he must develop the unyielding resolve of a focused turtle god ninja.

The delayed gratification will pay itself off in dividends in the future, as long as he can endure the temptations here!

Try as he might, his heart is still thumping away, the twins can hear his beating heart. They spotted sly grins. They looked into Wu Yan's eyes with their mercurial-blue eyes.

"Oya, master, are you afraid?"


Wu Yan laughed with a forced look.

"Why would I be afraid?"


Yuzuru placed her palm against Wu Yan's chest, she also leaned closer.

"Your heartbeat is abnormally fast, you're either afraid or anxious."

Excuse me, who's afraid and anxious?!

Wu Yan wanted to rip on her but he went speechless when he saw their misty eyes and their marshmallows that are barely hidden by their towels.

Wu Yan is at his limit.

Afraid he might turn into a ravenous beast, Wu Yan shifted the topic of the conversation while spotting a calm façade.

"Didn't you girls say you want to rub my back? Hurry it up!"

"O-oh, right..."

"Mistake, it's Yuzuru's oversight..."

The twins exchanged a look before standing up. Wu Yan sighed in relief. He turned around to allow the twins access to his back, he can also save himself by looking away at the bodacious twins.

In reality, this was all for naught.

Even if his heart remained as still as a serene lake's surface, the fingers and towels hitting him from behind still gave him a vivid image of what things looked like behind Wu Yan. This is tempting in its own way, he should have just continued looking at the twins.

Wu Yan wanted to install a sound barrier to block all sounds from leaking outside the bathroom. Then, he would be free to do as he wished.

If the twins disappeared too long then Shiori will probably suspect something's up.

He wanted to avoid the situation where his Shimaidon exploits become a widely known fact in the Date A Live universe.

He kept assuring himself that he would be able to tap the twins sooner or later but his heart just wouldn't calm down. His body trembled as his inner psyche took damage.

The twins were puzzled as to why Wu Yan's trembling.

"Master, you okay?"

"Question, are Yuzuru and Kaguya doing something wrong?"

The twins pressed down on Wu Yan's back. His face went red before he shrieked.


The twins were caught by surprise.


The twins jumped backward. They slipped and fell into the bathtub at the same time.

The sounds of splashing water arrived at the same time as the towels falling to the floor.

"Those idiots..."

Wu Yan turned around to grab them by pure reflex. However, he accidentally grabbed them by their jugs. Well, one is the size of a jug while the other one is a cup.

Wu Yan gave them a squeeze out of astonishment.


The twins moaned at the same time.

Wu Yan immediately knew what just transpired. His hands kept fondling the twins by their twins.


Kaguya and Yuzuru whimpered once more. Wu Yan sapped their strength when he grabbed their mammary glands.

The twins went limp in Wu Yan's arms. The distance between Wu Yan and the twins became 0.

Wu Yan felt something...

His divine spear poked into a warm and moist place.

Yuzuru also felt a foreign object invading her.

"No way..."

Wu Yan recognized the absolute BS situation he got himself into as he felt pleasurable waves going up his spine.

Wu Yan exhaled violently with gnashed teeth.

"Screw it! I don't care if I can't smash, I am definitely taking my money's worth tonight!"

Wu Yan brought out his demonic fondling skills.



The twins conducted a beautiful duet of female mewls.

This continued for some 30 minutes before abruptly stopping when Shiori returned to the house.

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