Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1189: annoyance, indifference, fluster, and emotions

Tengu city, Rindouji all-girls high school...

Sitting at the main seat of the meeting room, Miku listened to the debates of the students around her with a sigh.

Because Rindouji is a prestigious school unlike Raizen High and other high schools, they put more effort into the Tenou festival than other schools so there are more members on the committee.

Miku is the acting chairwoman of the liaison committee so she has authority over the members here.

She's required to join all the meetings as the leader.

Miku isn't talented in this aspect, she allowed the members to bicker with one another. With so many members here, it's inevitable that temper would flare in the meeting room.

This meeting should have been done hours ago. It's not close to sunset and the meeting that started after school ended around noon is still going on.

As for the good ideas in this meeting, Miku remembered them at first. Then, when the committee members started fighting, she forgot about them.

This meeting is no longer about making the festival better, the students are all caught up in their own egos.

Miku is annoyed to be caught in the middle of this. The members are also raising their voices so it's not easy to stay calm.

She took out her phone and looked at the time. With the golden glow outside slowly being overtaken by darkness, Miku frowned before standing up.

"It's about time, we can settle the rest tomorrow, let's end the meeting here."


The members all made a fuss when they heard Miku.

"Bu-but, Nee-sama, we have other things to do tomorrow..."

"Yeah, Nee-sama, with so many pending tasks, I don't think we can make it..."

The members started complaining but Miku only raised an eyebrow at them.

"Okay, you guys knew we had tasks tomorrow but you still wasted time bickering among yourselves, how do you explain that?"


The members exchanged looks of guilt.

Miku's expression improved.

"Anyway, it's getting dark so let's just call it a day. We will make up for the slack by working harder tomorrow..."

"Yes, Nee-sama..."

The students also saw the darkening sky, they reluctantly nodded before packing up and leaving the meeting room.

The Rindouji High female students escorted Miku like bodyguards, they are heading towards Miku's house.

Miku's house is relatively close to Rindouji High. It will only take about 5 minutes on foot to reach her house from Rindouji High.

Soon, Miku saw the roof of her mansion.

"Okay, that's enough..."

Miku addressed her entourage.

"You girls should go home now..."


The girls in sailor uniforms answered respectfully before scattering in the four cardinal directions.

Miku couldn't help but feel a bit stressed.

The students that accompanied her here are her classmates. They also called Miku Nee-sama, a sign of immense respect. They admired Miku's status as an idol and revered her like loyal fans. Even so, they aren't devoted enough to act as her bodyguards.

They escorted Miku because Miku used her Reiryoku to subtly influence them into following her orders.

They aren't protecting Miku with their own earnest desires.

At least, they aren't completely conscious of their actions.

Miku can order them around, make them guard her, and send them home with just a single command from her.

If Miku lost her powers, would this scene still repeat itself?

At that time, she will probably become lonely once more, just like the lonely soul half a year ago.

She had fans and guards but no friends.

Miku is still alone.

Even now, when she has bodyguards around her, she's still as lonesome as ever.

Miku's eyes dimmed as she watched her fans disappear beyond her sight. She shook her head, her gaze sharpened.

I don't need friends.

They will only betray me!

Men are all dirty, lowly, and ugly. They are abominable creatures.

Women are the same, they are dolls that should just listen and play with her.

Humans cannot be trusted, expect nothing from them.

Keep a distance from them, Miku only has her own voice.

That's what she kept telling herself. Her eyes became sharp once more. Then, a guy with red eyes appeared in her mind.

"I know you haven't made the conscious choice of trusting me. But, I will always be right here waiting for you to put your trust in me..."

"Miku, remember, you can always call out to me..."

"I will patiently wait for the day you sing with your own true voice..."

Her focused air dissipated as the thoughts in her mind bedeviled her.

"Ugh... Dang..."

Miku is frustrated with her own feelings.

"He's just a man, what basis does he have to treat me like a charity case. Acting all cool and mighty like that, hmph!"

"Why am I so affected by his words? Isn't this pathetic?!"

"I don't need you to wait for me!"

"Damn... damn... damn..."

Miku kept stomping the ground to vent her negative feelings. After a while, she managed to regain her composure.

Miku didn't notice her behavior is still being affected by a certain individual.


Miku closed her eyes while sighing.

"I should go home..."

Miku started heading towards her home.

When she lifted her right foot, an alarm inside her head stopped her.

Miku acted on reflex and jumped back several meters.


The ground Miku was standing on got blown up by a barrage of lasers. Dust rose from the crater.

Miku would have been shot into a bloody mess had she not detected the attacks.


Miku looked up at the culprits.

In the air, there are multiple individuals in tight-fitting bodysuits with floating armor around them.

Miku's pupil shrank.

Those figures, that equipment, Miku only recalled a certain group of people who looked like that.


No, it's not just magicians.

There are also several robots with slender and menacing limbs that resembled humans but are obviously artificial in design. The robots are made of cold steel. There is a red dot in the center of their heads where the eyes should be, that red light had a sinister glow to it.


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