Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1190: Weak magicians, fragile robots

There are magicians in CR-units and squads of robots floating in the darkening sky. They are aiming their lasers and missiles at Miku. She can smell the smoke of war in the air.

She looked around to see herself completely surrounded by magicians and Bandersnatches. Her expression darkened.

"Are you guys from the AST?"

A woman in a red CR-unit responded. Her eyes were sharp and she had flaming red hair. The fox-like lady spoke with disdain.

"Unfortunately for you, we are not from the useless AST..."

"Not AST?"

Miku frowned. She recalled something before lifting her head.

"You're from DEM!"


The foxy lady started snickering.

"I didn't think a spirit would know about DEM's name, this is the first time I've encountered a savvy spirit like you in my mission..."

"Spirit, huh..."

Miku turned grave.

"You already know about me?"


The foxy lady licked her lips.

"Are you afraid? Diva?"


Miku floated a smile.

"You're implying that I am afraid because you found out about me?"

"You're the prey so start acting like one!"

The red-haired woman used a harsh tone on Miku.

"How disgusting, you're just a spirit, stop acting like a human."


Miku stored her sile away.

"Well, I don't care. What does DEM want with me?"


The woman couldn't fathom Miku's words. She started sneering with widened eyes.

"Are you still asleep? I said it didn't I?!"

"You're our prey!"

The foxy woman lifted her gun.

"Diva! We are here to hunt you down!"


Miku found that notion foreign. She grinned.

"That's a boastful claim, how do you want to go about doing that?"

The hostile woman revealed a beautiful but distorted smile of indifference. Her expression darkened.

"Whether we can do it or not, you will know soon enough!"

The lady pulled her trigger without further ado.

Bang bang bang

The magicians and Bandersnatches around the red-haired lady started blasting Miku in unison.

Bam bam bam bam bam

The cascade of bullets, lasers, and mini-missiles hit Miku's location, obscuring her from view due to the smoke and dust generated from the bombardment. The ground she stood on got demolished.

The DEM probably evacuated the surrounding civilians because nobody came out to check on the noises. There are also only a few buildings around so the magicians can let loose their guns and missiles.

The ground turned into a ghoulish scene of destruction and flames.

After a few minutes of concentrated fire, the magicians and Bandersnatches stopped.

"What's this?"

The lady laughed out loud.

"Are we done already? This spirit is so weak..."

The DEM magicians and Bandersnatches are equipped with top-of-the-line CR equipment.

A spirit couldn't possibly endure that barrage with her Astral Dress.

At least, that's what the foxy lady thought.

Alas, brilliant light within the smoke proved her wrong just as she was about to declare victory.


The DEM magicians including the foxy lady turned towards the light. A captivating voice came from within the smoke and dust.

"Astral Dress No.9...."


The light rose in intensity as the dust got blown away by the sudden spike in shockwaves.

Then, the magicians saw her...

Dressed in a beautiful costume dress and with an oversized organ in front of her, Miku had her fingers on the lustrous keys. She beamed at the magicians before playing the organ.

Her movement generated intense wind blades that went for the magicians in the sky.

"Evasive maneuvers!"

The foxy lady issued the order a second too late.

The shockwaves struck the magicians and Bandersnatches.

Only those who generated their defensive Territories in time could survive the attack. The other magicians and Bandersnatches fell down to the ground in plumes of white smoke.

She wiped out 50% of the subjugative task force.

She also wiped out most of the Bandersnatches.

One attack from Miku reduced the magicians by half and almost destroyed all the Bandersnatches.

Although she used a strong move with her Angel, this is a testament to the difference in power between spirits and magicians.

The autonomous robots who could use Realizers might sound impressive, but in terms of combat prowess, they are far inferior to human magicians.

The Bandersnatches relied on crude movements and coordination with a central command unit, this made the robots ineffective when compared with human magicians who can exercise independent judgment and respond quickly to unexpected outcomes.

The foxy lady computed the odds of winning, her expression turned grim. Miku laughed at her. This irked the foxy lady. She screamed at her subordinates.

"Fire! Shoot her down!"

The DEM magicians started taking aim once more. They pulled their triggers at the same time.

Bang bang bang

Miku could see another round of bombardment coming for her.

But, she only raised an eyebrow, defiantly smiling, she went for the same keys to generate another round of shockwaves.

Suddenly, a brilliant lightsaber appeared out of nowhere. The blade is aimed at Miku's hands...

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