Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1191: A dangerous person appears, run?

The lightsaber looked like a meteor slash that threatened to cut apart anything in its way.

Miku thought she saw an illusion. But, that blade isn't an illusion. Her instincts told her to defend.

It's an attack!


Miku opened her mouth as she emitted a Reiryoku sound burst. The burst formed a sound barrier that protected Miku.

The lightsaber touched her barrier.


Her sound barrier got sliced apart much to Miku's surprise.

The lightsaber knew no mercy, after piercing her barrier, Miku got hit on her abdomen.



Miku felt a sharp pain from her stomach as she got sent flying into an organ pipe behind her.


An annoyed tone came from the assailant.

"The slash didn't have enough power to slice open your Astral Dress after piercing the barrier? Good for you..."

Miku had a bad feeling when she heard the voice. She stood up while enduring the bruising pain from her abdomen.

There is one individual hovering in the air where Miku once sat. She's holding a golden lightsaber. Her cold gaze fell upon miku. Slowly, the assailant descended.

She is in platinum-colored armor.

Her platinum blonde hair and green eyes made her stand out.

Miku's silvery eyes lit up in consternation when she identified the assailant.

She knew this woman.

Miku saw this person twice before.

The first time, this woman appeared to invite Wu Yan to a certain place at the staff access passage after Miku's concert.

The second time, Wu Yan showed Miku and the Yamai Twins the three magicians, spirits should be wary of when they encounter these wizards.

The heavy pressure emanating from this woman made Miku instinctively remember her.

Miku grabbed her aching abdomen while spotting a dark look.

"Ellen Mira Mathers...."

Ellen raised an eyebrow. She narrowed her eyes at Miku despite her nonchalant air.

"It seems like the spirits I encounter these days are all very aware of my existence. This isn't good..."

Miku used the organ pipe near her to stand up. She felt a sense of dread and shock.

Ellen still had enough power left over after piercing her sound barrier to hurt Miku.

Ellen Mira Mathers is a cut above the rest of the magicians.


The foxy lady and the magicians who are still able to fight immediately landed near Ellen. However, Ellen roamed her gaze over them coldly.

"So many people and you still couldn't take down a spirit..."

She said, her eyes finally landing on the foxy lady.

"Jessica, it seems you are in need of improvements..."

The magicians held their breaths, none of them dared to speak back. Only the foxy lady known as Jessica started talking back defiantly.

"Captain, Diva is proficient at group fights, I didn't think she..."

Ellen grew colder upon hearing Jessica's defense.

"Are you looking for excuses?"


Jessica lowered her head while clenching her jaws.

"Sorry we are so incompetent, captain..."


Jessica yelled.

"Diva is good at team fights, give me another chance, I can do it if I am alone..."

"Enough, I don't want to hear it."

Ellen cut Jessica short. She turned around to face Miku.

"Since team fights are out of the question, let me see what Diva can do in a 1v1 setting..."

Ellen thought about this carefully.

The DEM magicians are more adept than AST and other anti-spirit soldiers because they have access to the most advanced CR units in circulation.

DEM also requires a certain standard from their magicians, a more talented HR base and good technologies made these magicians far stronger than other magicians.

Despite Mana's defection, Jessica and her team of expert magicians still loss against Diva, it seems like Ellen is the only choice here.

Besides Ellen and Mana, nobody else in DEM had the ability to solo spirits.

After Mana's defection, Ellen is the only one up for the job.

Ellen is the most optimal choice here.

However, Jessica is still feeling frustrated. She wanted to say something but she stopped herself. She decided to leer at Miku to soothe the sour feelings inside her.

Ellen sighed silently.

"Fine, you guys are on standby, support me when you see the chance."

Jessica and the other magicians nodded gleefully.


With the magicians in a proper formation once more, Ellen's position as the captain changed the game for Miku. She turned grim as she recalled what Wu Yan told her.

'This person is dangerous, very dangerous.'

'If you ever encounter her even if she's alone, don't hesitate to run!"

'She doesn't care about hostility or words, she will come after you upon identification.'

She linked the warning with how Ellen still dealt damage to her despite piercing through her barrier, Miku gnashed her teeth. She decided on one action.

Miku inhaled deeply.

Ellen's eyes lit up. She issued an order.

"All units, deploy your defensive Territories!"

Jessica and the other magicians immediately put up their defensive fields.


Miku unleashed a sound shockwave several times stronger than the one she used at the start of this fight.

The shockwaves swept up everything in its path, dust, rubble, and smoke surged outwards in a chaotic deluge. Ellen, Jessica, and the other magicians got engulfed in the ensuing deluge of shockwaves.

"All units, increase output to your thrusters!"

Ellen cannot see anything through her vision but she sensed something amiss. The magcians' combined thrusters output blew away the shrouding smoke.

They looked at Miku.

Miku is currently flying far away in a streak of dazzling light.

"Don't even think about escaping!"

Ellen also gave chase with her thrusters at maximum output.

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