Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1192: A chase across the night sky, the final apology

No stars, no clouds, no moon.

The night sky is pitch black...

A streak of light flew across the dark sky as if the night is bleeding astral blood. The meteor appeared abruptly and disappeared beyond view in no time at all.

Inside the light is a young lady who is dressed like a jubilant goddess. However, the goddess is currently heaving as she used her Reiryoku to focus on running away.

She fled towards the Itsuka residence. Wu Yan, Kaguya, and Yuzuru told her to run here immediately at any signs of danger.

Her smooth forehead glistened with sweat, she's panting and the pain on her abdomen didn't make it easy for her to run.

She looked back only to see Ellen leading other magicians toward her at max speed, like bugs, the magicians tagged Miku tightly.

The citizens can see multiple objects in the sky that looked like meteors. After the first one, multiple meteors streaked across the sky like it's raining meteors.

Miku bit her lips when she saw the DEM who are hot and heavy on her tail. She looked in front with hopeful eyes.

She can only hope for Wu Yan to appear.

She can feel a terrifying aura from Ellen. Wu Yan's description felt pale when she actually fought Ellen.

If she can make it to Wu Yan's place then she wouldn't have to worry about Ellen or the DEM magicians.

Without Ellen, the magicians weren't a threat.

With Ellen around, the safe best is to run over to Wu Yan's place and hope for the best.

Plus, Wu Yan had Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru over there. Those five spirits are more than enough to assure Miku of her safety.

Plus, Wu Yan said he fought Ellen and beat the crap out of her.

Miku can only hope for Wu Yan to dispatch the malicious DEM magicians behind her.

Miku sneered, that snicker is directed at herself.

She said she couldn't trust anyone. But, lo and behold, she's hightailing over to the man she claims to hate the most.

She assumed the world would turn on her but in a dangerous situation, she made a beeline for the man that disrupted her thoughts and emotions multiple times.

History is repeating itself, she was abandoned once, she's holding her hands out once more with her life on the line.

Miku only realized how much she subconsciously trusted and relied on Wu Yan, he's different from other men.

Maybe this is related to how she relied on Wu Yan when he sealed her voice at the conclusion of their first hostile encounter.

Miku couldn't put Wu Yan on the same level as the men she held disdain and distrust for.

Will he save me?

Miku slowed down slightly because of this hesitation.

Ellen caught up with her because she wavered.


Ellen issued an order.



Her squad members answered back as they released missiles and lasers that looked like sparkling meteors in the night sky. The salvo of missiles assailed Miku like a gigantic maw.

With the whistling missiles and gunshots behind her, Miku endured the fatigue and unease of this constant chase to emit another shout.

This shout expanded before transforming into a sound barrier that stood between Miku and the offensive salvo.

With the missiles completely blocked, Ellen unfurled a heavy cannon situated behind her shoulder blade.

"Pierce her..."

Ellen already knew where to shoot without a GUI in her visor, she pulled the trigger.

A light pillar flew across the sky, lighting up the night sky.

The laser is so intense that looking at it from a close distance would probably sear one's eyes. The condensed pillar of mana formed a laser pillar hundreds of meters long, incinerating anything in its path.

Miku's barrier got shredded like weak paper in front of this attack.

Miku is in the light pillar's direct path.


Miku turned as pale as a ghost when she saw the laser pillar attack. She summoned her angel. The giant organ appeared between Miku and the light pillar, it acted as a shield.

Her angel intercepted the light pillar.


A gigantic explosion expanded outwards in the sky. The collision generated intense lights and shockwaves.


Ellen and the other magicians couldn't proceed further. They deployed their Territories to block the shockwaves. After the shockwaves subsided, they continued chasing Miku.

Her Angel, Gabriel got destroyed in that attack.

"My Gabriel..."

Miku couldn't believe her eyes.

The strongest weapon in a spirit's arsenal, her angel got destroyed.

Ellen is far scarier than Miku had imagined.

Wu Yan really defeated someone so terrifying like Ellen?

Miku let her guard down for a second and a few missiles slipped past the smoke to assault her.

Miku shook her head, she tried to scream one more time to install another barrier up.



Miku couldn't say anything, only groans came out of her mouth.

Miku's eyes widened.

Her Angel got destroyed so she lost most of her Reiryoku.

She can only fly and maintain her dress with her current Reiryoku level.

She couldn't use her favourite voice.

Miku couldn't do anything against the incoming missiles.



Despite using her Astral Dress, Miku still suffered from the missiles and explosions. She fell in a plume of smoke.


She turned around to see Ellen coming for her with her lightsaber ready to deliver the final strike.

Miku closed her eyes in despair.

If there's anything she felt remorse over, it's one of immense guilt.

She wanted to apologize to Wu Yan.

She wanted to say sorry because she was not going to be able to meet Wu Yan who is waiting for her.

With this in mind, the blade is now just inches away from her.

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