Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1197: Marry him and get a free-meal-for-life ticket

Tengu City, Itsuka residence...

Inside the living room, the fragrance wafting from the kitchen made Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru and Kotori drool.

Wu Yan is working the kitchen like a total pro. His skills could be seen through his deft handling of various kitchen appliances and materials. Yuzuru praised Wu Yan without holding back.

"Admiration, master is truly a master of the culinary arts..."

"Indeed, he's good..."

Said the supposed slave who is waiting for her master to cook for her instead of the other way around. She agreed with Yuzuru.

"Are all males of this world so good at cooking?"

"You're sorely mistaken if you think that's the case."

Kotori said with her eyes on the prize, namely, the dishes in the kitchen.

"Humans are invariably good in one thing or a few things. This bastard spent all his skill points to maximize his chances to score with girls."

"Stop babbling, you jerks."

Wu Yan continued cooking while gnashing his teeth.

"If you aren't going to help, at least keep your yap shut. Otherwise, I would appreciate a few helping hands in the kitchen here. You can all also eat sooner if you help out."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Why am I the only one saddled with the task?..."

Kotori, Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru gasped as if the concept of helping is a foreign concept.

Kotori continued.

"Are you dumb? Yuzuru and Kaguya might be able to help but asking Tohka, Yoshino, and I to help is just asking for more trouble, don't you think so?"

"Why are you talking like you're proud of that?"

"If you can't even cook then other people will laugh at you, yes?"

"I can cook!"

Kotori pursed her lips.

"I know I can't make dishes as good as yours but I can cook!"


Wu Yan cast a doubtful look in Kotori's direction.

"Why haven't I seen you cooking before?"

"Isn't that obvious?!"

Kotori brushed him off.

"Guys that can cook are mainstream in this universe."

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"Okay, if they are so common then why is this skill still so in demand among ladies in this world?"

"Opinion, Yuzuru thinks this is fine too..."

She's hugging Kaguya's arm. She continued to assess Wu Yan with that cold tone of hers.

"Yuzuru thinks men who can cook are very handsome!"


Kotori gasped.

"Hey, are you serious?"

"Serious. Yuzuru said that in all honesty."

Yuzuru nodded. She looked at Tohka, Yoshino, and Kaguya.

"Don't you guys think so too?"

"Ma, since Yuzuru said so she must be right..."

Kaguya looked a bit awkward but she still backed her twin up like a soul sister.

"As expected of the master of the Children of Typhoon."

"I... I..."

Yoshino lifted her hand meekly.

"I think so too..."


Tohka crossed her arms. Her purple eyes shone like tiny little stars.

"Hurray to good food!"

The other spirits started sweating cold bullets.

Look, we are asking about a person, not the food.

To Tohka, people who can cook are just ancillary accessories to the end product.


Yuzuru looked at Kotori.

"Don't you think men who can cook are handsome?"


With the topic on her, Kotori froze up. She replied in her Tsundere-like tone.

"May-maybe that element is in play but it's just average, yeah, average!"

"Understanding, ah, yes, that is the case isn't it?..."

Yuzuru summarized Kotori's response curtly.

"If Kotori can marry master then she gets a free-meal-for-life ticket."


Kotori's eyes went wide. She blushed like mad while Wu Yan is losing control over his wok.

"Wh-who would want to marry him!"

Kotori stood up in a huff. She snapped.

"He can only think about doing lewd stuff and can't even act serious half the time, anyone who wants this stinky bug that would bring home girls every time he went on a journey can have him for all I care!"

Wu Yan's heart started throbbing. He just got hit by several verbal arrows.

"Look, I know you have your own opinions but can't you mind my feelings here? Did you really have to go there?"


Kotori crossed her arms. She took a haughty tone with him.

"I am just speaking the truth..."

"Marriage... Eating Shido's food for life..."

Tohka turned red too. That sounded like a deal of the century for her. Drool also started sipping out of her mouth. Yoshino started distancing herself from Tohka.

Yuzuru thought about it before floating another question.

"In other words, Kotori doesn't want to tie the knot with master, right?"

"Is-isn't that obvious?!"

Kotori obviously wavered there but she isn't about to go back on her words.

"I won't marry him!"

"I see..."

Yuzuru and Kaguya exchanged a look. They nodded after coming to a tacit agreement.

They ran into the kitchen before grabbing Wu Yan's arms.

"Okay, then Yuzuru and I will gladly take master!"

"Agreed, if Kotori doesn't want master then Yuzuru and Kaguya will happily take master."

Kotori's eyelids twitched. Her expression contorted before Tohka glared at them. Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Kotori assumed that she would be retorting. Instead, Tohka continued.

"Why do you two get to have Shido! You should share him, I want in too!"

The spirits almost fell to the floor.

"You two..."

Wu Yan roared while sweating profusely.

"Stop hugging my arms, how am I supposed to cook like this?!"

A spatial portal appeared in the living room. The sudden disturbance attracted the attention of everyone near that place.

Then, a young girl in black gothic lolita clothes descended along with her parasol. She carried another lady in flashy clothes. That lady's clothes are stained by dust and soot. They entered the living room through the portal.

Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru looked at the haggard lady before crying out her name.


Kotori floated a slightly surprised expression. She didn't think she would see her here.


Wu Yan eyed Natsuki before raising an eyebrow at the sight of a disheveled Miku. He lowered his wok and exited the kitchen.

Wu Yan shrugged after taking another look at Natsuki and Miku.

"Looks like it was the correct move to put insurance on her..."

Miku's eyes are on Wu Yan. Her eyes turned misty as guilt and the aftershock of surviving a life-and-death fight hit her.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He rubbed Miku's head like he can read her mind.

"That was tough wasn't it?"

Wu Yan beamed at Miku. He could see she was still stained by dust and had minor cuts on her.

"Anyway, I think you should hit the shower..."

Miku would normally be sassy with Wu Yan. But, she obediently nodded this time.

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