Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1193: Brats should go home, the arrival of the big hero

Jessica and the other magicians are floating in the sky with the help of their CR units. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Miku closed her eyes while waiting for Ellen to deliver the final strike. She gnashed her teeth to brace herself for excruciating pain. But, one minute passed and nothing hit her. Instead, she heard an audible shocked gasp.

She opened her eyes to see something surprising in front of her.

She saw an individual.

That individual is short and petite.

She was wearing black gothic lolita clothes that matched the night sky well. Her dress fluttered with the wind. Her waist-length hair ended in drills that looked like tiny tornadoes.

Miku can guess from just her back that this young girl is an absolute cutie on Miku's level.

That isn't the most shocking thing yet.

She's stunned because that young lady who came in just under 1.5 meters is holding a black parasol in one of her hands and the remaining one is raised nonchalantly.

That kid held up Ellen's lightsaber effortlessly.

Miku clearly saw a young lady who blocked Ellen's attack like she's blocking a kid's playful attack. She blocked Ellen from delivering the coup de grâce.

Even shocking, that young lady is using an invisible field that stopped the lightsaber of the strongest magician from touching her, distancing the palm and lightsaber by 2 inches. Jessica and the other magicians couldn't process this scene.

That strike would have been enough to end Miku's life. That little who looked like she's twelve at most blocked the lightsaber with ease.

This is why this fight that should have wrapped up a few minutes ago isn't over just yet.

More importantly, Miku, Ellen, Jessica, and the other magicians didn't see this girl's arrival.

She appeared in the split second between Ellen's slash and Miku's falling body.

Nobody anticipated this outcome.

The young girl with a parasol lifted her head to look at Ellen with those doll-like eyes. Her exquisite mien entered everyone's vision.

The girl told the magicians off with a tender but stern voice.

"It's about time you sheathe this ugly blade, no? You brat..."

The young lady is obviously the brat here. However, the stern authoritative tone she gave off made everyone feel like Ellen is the younger one here.

Ellen stored her blade away subconsciously.

She used her thrusters to regroup with Jessica and the rest, putting some distance between herself and the uninvited guest.

Despite the doll-like beauty and harmless stature of the young girl, Ellen knew better than to treat the defender with lowered guard. Her expression turned grave.

The kid blocked her full-power attack with a simple palm block. She can also feel  suffocating pressure coming from the young girl.

That is the feeling of going up against a lifeform on another level above her.

She recognized this feeling of helplessness. She felt it from someone else before...

This young lady is the second one who gave her this suffocating feeling.

Clenching tighter onto her lightsaber, Ellen asked her.

"Who are you?"


The young girl giggled.

"Minamiya Natsuki..."

Yes, she's one of Wu Yan's vassal beasts. She's the one who intercepted Ellen's attack.

The Witch of the Void.

This demon killer who is so famous in the universe of Strike the Blood is understandably not heard of in the universe of Date A Live.

"Minamiya Natsuki?"

Ellen searched her memories for intel on this girl. Naturally, she found no matches.

"I have never heard of you, you are also not in any reports or case files, are you a spirit?"

"A spirit?"

Natsuki pursed her lips. She nodded resolutely.

"Well, let's just go with that for now. At least, I am not human..."

"An unrecorded spirit?"

Ellen gnashed her teeth.

Whether or not she's an identified spirit matters little to Ellen. Spirits are enemies to her and that is all she needs to know.

She's more concerned with the girl's ability to block her full-power slash.

Is she another being on par with the Red Devil?

Jessica and the other magicians exchanged looks of confusion. They waited behind Ellen. Natsuki couldn't ask for a better result. She looked at Miku who still stared at her in dumbfoundment.

"Well, you did good holding on with your present strength..."

Natsuki praised Miku.

"Leave the rest to me..."

Who are you? Why did you save me?

Miku wanted to ask but she lost her voice so she can only stare at Natsuki.

"Don't worry, I did come here to save you. Rather, I was watching you all this time."

Natsuki read Miku's mind.

"That bastard placed me with you when he was explaining Ellen's threat to spirits..."

Miku's eyes widened. Her heart fluttered.

Even if Miku had poor comprehension, she still knew what Natsuki meant.

Natsuki was watching over Miku all this time, preparing to protect her should the time come.

It was at the request of the "bastard" so she knew who it was.

There is only ever one person who warned Miku about Ellen.

Wu Yan.

This meant Wu Yan protected her since that day.

He was always...

Even now, when she's powerless without her voice.

Miku couldn't describe the intense emotions within her.

It's a mix of happiness, guilt, and contrition.

It's like she saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

That man looked out for her all this time.

Miku's eyes turned misty. She wanted to say something but her voice is still sealed so she only uttered whimpers and groans.


Natsuki sighed one more time.

Her consciousness is linked with Wu Yan so she knew about Miku.

Miku also felt a bit helpless.

This is why I hate dealing with brats, they cry so easily it's annoying..."

Natsuki turned around to face Ellen & co. She shooed them away with an annoyed look.

"Let us end this here. You brats should go home..."

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