Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1195: An angel? Can't attack or run


The DEM magicians looked at the Chains of Commandment binding their defensive Territories.

The DEM magicians aren't in any danger because the barriers are still up. However, they are sitting ducks if they can't move inside their own barriers.

The only way they can move is to dispel the barrier or stay bound by the chains.

Without a doubt, if they dispelled their barriers then the chains outside will wrap them up. Staying in this condition is also the same as being bound in place.

They are now between a rock and a hard place.

It took Natsuki five seconds at most to bind all the magicians. Ellen analyzed the situation before dispelling her barrier. She sought to run away.

Being caught by the chains along with her magicians will mean utter defeat in this hunt.

Ellen issued a command to her brain to maximize the thrusters output. She tried to escape the coiling chains.

The chains are like vipers that can change directions without any indications. The chains immediately adjusted trajectory to aim for Ellen.

The start of this fight is initiated by the viper-like chains. However, the chains are now behaving like super-charged snakes only seen in wuxia novels.

The purple flashes of lightning shot towards Ellen. It took the chains only a blink of the eye to catch up with Ellen.


The first of the chains smashed against Ellen's lightsaber. The shockwaves didn't stop Ellen from trying to get away.

She flew faster but only because the chains are hitting her, moving her with their inertia.

Sparks flew as the chains struck Ellen's lightsaber. Despite Ellen's rockets working overtime to stop her, she still got pushed back. Ellen's hands started trembling from the immense pressure she's suffering under.

The chains which looked like they are only good for binding had incredible offensive capabilities as well.

This is something only the original user can pull off. Even if Wu Yan borrowed Natsuki's power and combined it with his Eternal Arm Mastery, he still would find it hard to achieve such superhuman mastery over magical chains.

Ellen's hands are cracking under the immense force. Judging by the changing sceneries around her, it's fair to say Ellen is still being pushed into the distance. She steeled herself up.


She told her Pendragon CR to boost her output. She slashed her lightsaber upwards with an amazing burst of strength.


The chains got deflected off her lightsaber as they went into the sky.

"Hah... Hah..."

Deflecting the chains made Ellen take a knee from exhaustion. She is too tired and her brain is aching.

Even Ellen can't overclock her brain too long or she will collapse.

It is immediately obvious who is the superior fighter.

Ellen's full power slash is something Natsuki can block.

A random attack from Natsuki almost depleted Ellen's entire energy reserve.

The DEM magicians and Miku are spectating this with widened eyes.

Ellen's expression soured.

Miku and DEM are even more shocked than ELlen.

The DEM magicians are well aware of Ellen's capabilities. Miku who almost got killed by Ellen also knew this woman is a lethal fighter.

Ellen is someone who is stronger than the average spirit. She was originally stronger than the spirits of this universe in the original work.

Now, the strongest magician is being driven into the corner by a spirit who looked like she's only in her teens. She forced Ellen to kneel in one bout.

Ellen couldn't be blamed for sporting a dark look. Why wouldn't the spectators gasp when the strongest magician is getting absolutely schooled?


Ellen tried to catch her breath. She looked at Natsuki before glancing at her bound subordinates.

"Your chains..."

"Oh? You recognize my Chains of Commandment?"

Natsuki flinched.

"Ah, right, that bastard used my chains to fight you last time..."

"As I thought..."

Ellen pointed her sword at Natsuki, she looked very grim.

"You are affiliated with Itsuka Shido?"


Natsuki giggled.

"Rather than affiliation, it would be more accurate to say we are one and the same..."

"One and the same?"

Ellen flinched.

"How do I put this in a way you can understand..."

Natsuki lifted her parasol.

"Just think of me as an extension of this Shido you mentioned. You can imagine my existence as an Angel that can think independently and act accordingly. He is my master."

"An angel with its own thoughts?"

The magicians emitted another round of audible gasps. Ellen also tightened her hold onto her lightsaber, she didn't dare to stray her sight away from Natsuki.

"So that's why you're so powerful. You're Shido's Angel..."

Ellen furrowed her eyebrows.

"Even his Angel is so unique, is this the secret to Shido's immense powers?"

"Hmm, I guess you can put it like that..."

Natsuki pursed her lips.

"In a way, I am one of that guy's many secret trump cards..."

Ellen felt a sense of elucidation and dread at the same time. She felt stumped.

Wu Yan's terrifying powers and strength induced trauma in Ellen.

She assumed she's the strongest in this world.

Natsuki's powers showed her how wrong she was. Luckily for her, Natsuki appeared to be Shido's Angel. She can comfort herself that another one stronger than her hadn't appeared. That would have shaken her beliefs.

But, the problems didn't stop here.

Up against that guy's Angel and boasting similar strength, there is no way Ellen can retrieve Diva tonight.

This mission is an utter failure.

Ellen felt very frustrated with this outcome.

As Westcott's aide and most loyal subordinate, Ellen met a crushing defeat in Wu Yan's hands.

She cannot fail a second time!

However, she can't defeat Natsuki.

What can I do?

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