Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1196: Pointless tactics

Ellen slowly stood up after being brought to her knees. She pointed her lightsaber at Natsuki. Looking around, she saw her magician comrades are still bound in their barriers by the purple chains that had a ghostly glow.

If Ellen is rational, the best move is to declare this mission a failure and retreat.

With the chances of victory at an abysmally low level, continuing this fight will result in her utter defeat.

The past Ellen would have made the correct decision to run.

However, against the "Angel" who looked like she's in her teen years, running from an Angel of that guy who almost sent Ellen to make her maker during their first duel, running just didn't sit right with her.

Ellen can still excuse herself, however, one factor kept nagging her despite the overwhelmingly powerful opponent standing in front of her.

She's hesitant to run because Miku is already severely weakened.

She can take down Miku with one more strike.

Once she captures Miku, she can use her as a hostage to run with her DEM cohorts in tow.

Ellen staked her chances on this one weakness.

After all, she only needed one more attack, no?

Just one more strike and it's a technical win for her.

Ellen only needs one chance.

A chance.

Ellen's heart shook as she eyed her surroundings. She's looking for a break. However, DEM's magicians are all bound so they can't help Ellen. Miku also demolished the Bandersnatch. Where is Ellen supposed to get her break?

Ellen finally understood the importance of reliable allies.

If there is one person here who can support her, that person must be stronger than the average magician. Ellen is sure someone like that can give her the chance to snag Miku.

If only Takamiya Mana is still in DEM. Things would be different.

She's not even asking for Mana's level of competence. Someone like Jessica will do.

Wait, Jessica?

Ellen looked at the magicians before smirking.

Natsuki raised her eyebrow. A red light rained down from above.

Natsuki looked up to a pillar of red laser descending upon her.

She moved her chains to intercept the laser. The chains all converged in a magical fashion.


The laser struck the Chains of Commandment. However, the laser failed to do anything against the magical chains.

How can the laser produced by the faux magic equipment CR-unit pierce the chains forged by gods?

Then, more lasers rained down on her.

"How annoying..."

Natsuki sighed. She snapped her fingers and the chains formed a mesh above her, shielding her from the laser barrage.

Bam bam bam bam bam

The lasers created clouds of smoke and explosions. Natsuki watched with apathy.

Jessica continued firing like crazy with her laser cannon.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!"

Jessica still continued pulling the trigger.

"Why can't I hit her?!"


Natsuki clicked her tongue. She swung her parasol.


Magic formations formed around Jessica as the air hazed like it is boiling. Whips made of magical chains lashed at Jessica.



Jessica's Territory got shattered like it was nothing. The chains struck Jessica.


Jessica spat out blood when the magical chains struck her down.


Ellen burst forth using her thrusters. She lunged at Miku with her lightsaber aiming for Miku's abdomen.

Miku couldn't react in time. The golden lightsaber is already near her abdomen.

But, the lightsaber couldn't pierce Miku. It's like Ellen had struck air. She couldn't feel her attack connecting with flesh.

Ellen and Miku gasped at the same time.

There is a portal near the spot hit by the lightsaber.

The portal swallowed Ellen's lightsaber.

"Nice try, if I wasn't a magician adept at spatial magic, you might have got what you bargained for..."

Ellen and Miku were still stunned. The tender voice of a young girl echoed in the night.

"Alas, you failed so your tactics are useless..."

Behind Miku, there is a female knight in golden armor, it stood at an impressive 3 meters in height. The titan had appeared out of nowhere.

That is a Guardian of a Witch.

Natsuki's Guardian materialized, Gold Rain is the entity's name.

Gold Rain lifted its blade majestically. It unleashed a downward slash at ellen.


Blood splattered into the air as the blade connected.


Ellen used her thrusters to dodge back but it only mitigated her injuries.

There is still a gnarly gash across her upper torso.

Without hesitation, Ellen ran while still bleeding. She flew past her trapped comrades and went for the horizon.


The magicians whimpered.


Natsuki is a bit annoyed that Ellen got away, she watched Ellen as she disappeared beyond the horizon. Clicking her tongue, she grumbled.

"She dodged the fatal hit with her desperation, huh? Not bad..."

Natsuki had no intentions of hunting Ellen down.

It was child's play to beat Ellen using her portals.

She sighed after glancing at Miku who watched with a dazed look.

"Why am I babysitting a brat? This is harder than being an Assault Mage, why did I sign up for this with my annoying master?..."

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