Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1198: We will do something about this

It's currently dark outside...

In the living room, the spirits sat together with Wu Yan. The Yamai Twins picked the two spots nearest to Wu Yan.

They listened as Natsuki explained Miku's ordeal during the DEM hunt, she's still recovering her Reiryoku and has yet to make a full recovery yet. Miku was done bathing but Natsuki spoke on her behalf. Natsuki also made sure to sip black tea from time to time.

Due to the Tenou festival, Shiori is busy with rehearsals and other prep work for the festival so she's sleeping at a classmate's house.

Otherwise, they wouldn't brazenly talk about spirits and magicians in the living room like this.

The listeners slowly turned grim as they listened to Natsuki's account. Yoshino looked like she was absolutely terrified to hear the story.

Miku almost died.

Except for Wu Yan, they all had heavy looks. Kotori is already frowning hard.

"The DEM again?"

She clicked her tongue in annoyance. She glanced at Miku while crossing her arms.

"I know they were gunning for spirits, I just didn't think they would stoop so low to try and kill spirits who were transformed from humans. How did they find out Miku's identity when she had kept a low profile? Are there testing the Tengu City with Reiryoku detectors every day?"

"I think it would take one person at most a month to scan the whole town. It seems like they didn't find out about Miku until just recently, that is the only thing that can explain how Miku stayed relatively unharmed as a spirit for half a year."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes. He rubbed his chin.

"Well, given DEM's abilities, it should be easy to find a spirit hiding among humans. Plus, Miku used her Reiryoku to sing during her concerts. I am honestly surprised they didn't find out about her sooner..."

Kotori nodded too. Then, she raised an eyebrow.

"According to your theory, Miku's cover must have been blown during a recent concert, no?"

Kotori looked at Wu Yan.

"In all likelihood, she must have suspected Miku when she went over to her concert to invite you, right? I feel like that's the only explanation."


Wu Yan nodded.

"That is highly plausible."

Miku flinched, she spotted a complicated look.

She didn't think her voice would be her downfall.

Is it really wrong to use Reiryoku voice in place of her real voice?

She subconsciously roamed her gaze over Wu Yan.

She wondered if abstaining from Reiryoku will return her real voice to her.

Will he still want to listen to my songs?

Miku shook her head, she cast that thought far away.

"In any case, my job is done. You decide your next move."

Natsuki sipped her tea nonchalantly.

"You guys call the shots here. I don't want to butt in..."


Kotori rubbed her temples.

"Ellen is powerful. I don't think the past me can take her own, other spirits probably don't stand a chance too."

"She's too dangerous."

Kotori said in vexation.

Ellen is a threat to average spirits.

Other than Tohka and Kotori, the other spirits stood no chance against Ellen.

Ellen is the single biggest obstacle to peace when viewed from Ratatoskr's POV.

If they can't find a spirit who just Materialized then that spirit will most likely be killed when encountered by Ellen.

Death is a quick end, being captured is another matter.

Ratatoskr cannot sit idly by when such a threat is present.

"I am guessing the DEM aren't attacking us because of Onii-chan's presence. However, it's safe to assume they already know our situation here."

Kotori roamed her gaze over everyone.

"The DEM probably knows we are hosting five spirits in this house. Ratatoskr's backing might also be exposed already. We are in a situation where if we show a chink in our armor then they will come biting without hesitation."

"Isn't this a bit dangerous?"

Kaguya said.


Yuzuru said.

"Our master is here and we can cooperate to repel them. But, what about Shiori?"

"Those robotic magicians won't spare Shiori?!"

Tohka gasped.

"Isn't Shiori a human?!"

"DEM will never let collateral damage hinder them from killing spirits."

Kotori grinned.

"If they fought us here then the neighbors will be dragged into the aftermath. DEM will just find a flimsy excuse to silence dissidence. Nobody's dumb enough to resist them anyway..."

Almost every country in this world relies on DEM's Realizers.

Those OP equipment can decide the state and status of nations, who wouldn't bow to DEM's whims?

If DEM cuts off Realizers to a particular country then that country will most likely experience a material decline in living standards.

There are many nations that went into dangerous levels of debt to buy Realizers from DEM.

With this in mind, the nations will probably turn a blind eye to DEM's collateral damage.

That is a harsh truth.

"I see, looks like we cannot take a passive position..."

Wu Yan clenched his fists. He looked at Miku, Kaguya, and Yuzuru before turning towards Kotori.

"Does Ratatoskr not have any counter plans?"

"They are all hiding behind the scenes. They aren't bold enough to fight DEM."

Kotori pursed her lips.

"Although Asgard Electronics have far better equipment. The DEM employs a larger magician squad, their forces outnumber countless nations."

"In contrast, we only have one Takamiya Mana as our magician. How are we supposed to go to war against them?"

"Hmm, sounds like more trouble than I had anticipated..."

Wu Yan tapped his fingers on the table. Then, he opened his eyes.

"Fine, we will do something about this."

"Do something?"

The others all emitted audible gasps.


Wu Yan looked in DEM's direction. He had a dangerous smirk on his face.

"If we completely uproot their DEM base in Tengu City then I guess they will have to check their attitudes and plans, right?"

"You want to uproot them?!"

Tohka, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Yoshino, and Miku couldn't believe their ears. Even Kotori had a tense look.

"Are you sure?"

"What do you think?"

Wu Yan snickered. His eyes flashed with a brilliant light.


Kotori floated a hesitant look.

"Isn't this a bit too extreme?"

"Compare our actions to DEM..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"The fact that I didn't say we should kill all the DEM magicians should tell you how lenient I am when it comes to our moves."

"Ah, might I offer my agreement with this arrangement?"

A figure appeared in the living room. The sudden guest had red and golden eyes. That devilish smile also gave her identity away immediately.

"May I partake in this excursion?"

Everyone was surprised to see her here.


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