Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1199: A sea of flames, more interesting?...

Tengu city, DEM branch...

Tonight, there are no stars, no moon, no clouds, everything is wrapped in total darkness.

The DEM branch is like a desolate complex of overbearing buildings, the lights and the noises of Tengu City couldn't infect the DEM branch. The dark branch and the light city formed a unique contrast.

It's almost like someone designed this to tell the people of the world to stay on the bright side. Don't wander here.

Inside DEM's turf, there are personnel walking around like they enjoyed the night. While everyone in town is getting ready to go to bed, the DEM personnel are still operating within the buildings. Naturally, there are people who are just patrolling.

In the main building of the DEM branch, there is a luxurious room situated at the top floor of the magnificent building. Westcott stood near the window as he roamed his gaze over other DEM buildings, he also took in the view of Tengu City. But, Westcott isn't acting like his usual self.

And, he had a reason to be so brooding.

Westcott just received a report from Ellen regarding the operation to capture Diva.

His eyes that are as sharp as scalpels opened, closed, and narrowed with each description given to him by Ellen.

From the beginning till the end, he kept his grin up.

Those who are unaware of Westcott's antics can never tell what the guy is up to by just his grin. He kept his emotions hidden.

However, Ellen is very familiar with Westcott's wiring, that's why she could read Westcott's thoughts.

Without omitting any part of the operation, she told Westcott how she found Diva, attempted to subjugate her, and, ultimately, how she got routed by a certain third party.

She believed that telling Westcott everything is key to giving every clue Westcott needed to initiate the next move. She's counting on another chance to participate in the next hunt.

Indeed, she's planning to go all-out next time and redeem herself. She's not going to fail the third time around!

At least, that's what she resolved herself to.

It's highly likely the next time she's met with the same obstacle, she will still hightail her way out of the encounter.

It took Ellen half an hour to finish reporting to Westcott.

Throughout the reporting session, Westcott kept his grin. It's almost like he's not the villain planning to take the power of spirits. He wasn't concerned that the operation failed. No, he's more intrigued with something else.

"A living, thinking, independent Angel that can move around without its master?"

Westcott directed his curiosity toward ellen.

"Is there an Angel like this?"

"I don't know, that's what she told me..."

Ellen paused.

"Although the words of the enemies cannot be given credibility, I am more predisposed to believe in this hypothesis than the other alternative explanation of another hostile entity with equal or greater strength than us..."

"Now, this is interesting..."

Westcott closed his eyes. He revealed a sinister smirk.

"Is it possible to bring this special Angel home?"

Ellen twitched slightly. She also closed her eyes.

"At the current rate, a forceful measure will not yi..."

"A rare answer!"

Westcott started laughing out loud.

"you would have said: 'There's nobody in this world I can't capture', right?"

"I would like to say that but..."

Ellen opened her eyes to respond to Westcott's scrutinizing gaze.

"Unfortunately, I cannot let my own personality get in the way of finishing the job..."

"Now, that was an expected answer..."

Westcott shrugged. He followed up with another question.

"What about the magicians that went hunting with you?"

"They returned a short while ago!"

Ellen replied.

"That Angel didn't do anything to them. The angel released them when they surrendered, she allowed them to flee..."

"And, Jessica?"

"She's badly injured."

Ellen replied without so much as sympathy for her comrade. It's like she is describing the status of a lab rat.

"After intensive using Healing Realizers, she's stabilized for now. I am guessing she's probably still moaning about how she wants to tear that Angel to shreds..."

"Indeed, that sounds like her..."

Westcott looked at Ellen with an amused smile.

"What about you?"

"I just came out of Realizer Healing."

Ellen rubbed her chest.

"However, because I suffered serious wounds, I don't think I can make a full recovery without a brief rest..."

"This is the second time you got so seriously injured after the first time when you returned from your trip to Arubi Island.

Westcott raised an eyebrow.

"Are you fine?"

"I am okay."

Ellen replied.

"I need some time to rest but I can still fight. I am sure I can fight at my full power, just not as long as before..."


Westcott is satisfied to get that answer.

"What about Diva?"

Westcott's apparent disinterest fazed Ellen.

"Do we want to regroup and plan for the next operation to capture her?"

"Since that person already sent out his Angel to cover Diva, it's safe to assume he's telling us to stay away from Diva."

Westcott shook his head.

"In the meantime, it's best if we put a hold on any operations to catch Diva..."

Ellen furrowed her brows.

"Are we pausing our moves on all spirits within Tengu City?"


Ellen waved his hand. His cold voice echoed into her ears.

"Tell the guys down there to keep tabs on the spirits and their movements. Don't let the spirits out of our sight. I want special attention on that guy. His Angel suggests a special existence as a spirit..."

Ellen turned mum.

"Itsuka Shido, huh..."

Westcott nodded. he floated a radiant smile.

"I am getting more and more piqued by him. Alas, he didn't accept my offer of partnership..."

Westcott's words fell on Ellen's disbelieving ears.

Ellen isn't aware of Wu Yan's wiring but that didn't affect her judgment.

He is a spirit.

DEM kills spirits.

Why would he ever think about joining DEM?

Ellen assumed that Westcott invited Wu Yan with an ulterior motive.

Thinking about Wu Yan, his nonchalant grin surfaced once more. His overwhelming power and strength that outclassed anything Ellen knew about spirits and his equally powerful Angel, those two thoughts caused her breathing to become erratic.

In a golden flash, Ellen donned her CR unit.

She started putting up her barrier Territory as she dived for Westcott.

At the same time, outside the window, a sea of flames appeared out of nowhere. The purgatory flames bathed DEM in its burning wrath as the building got engulfed, including the top penthouse floor.

Ellen looked up only to see something that caused her pupils to shrink rapidly.


Ellen dove in Westcott's direction, her shriek shattered the silence in that room.

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