Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1200: A direct attack, DEM going up in flames...

DEM branch, in the sky...

Ripples formed in the sky like a disturbed still lake's surface. The space shook as if there is something causing a mirage this high in the sky at night. It looked like a scene from a fantasy novel.

Soon, a few individuals strolled out from the portals. They appeared out of nowhere in the dark of night. When they exited the portals, the portals behind them immediately faded.

Wu Yan, Natsuki, Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru are here to wreck DEM's branch.

Tohka and Yoshino said they wanted to tag along but Wu Yan refused their offers.

The two are capable fighters at tier 9 and peak tier 8 power respectively. With their help, it's going to take less time to wrap things up here.

But, their personalities are ill-matched for the fight this time.

Tohka is incredibly innocent as she never started fights on her own. It would be too much to ask her to kill other people given her limited fighting experience.

Yoshino is too kind for her own good. She chose to run instead of fighting her hunters last time. Bringing a kid like her to the battlefield would be much too cruel.

That's why Wu Yan told them to sleep at home instead of coming along.

Meanwhile, Miku is still dealing with her Reiryoku exhaustion, her propensity for fights is also doubtful at this juncture, coming along would just make her a liability.

Kotori returned to her commanding post onboard Fraxinus. She is in charge of supporting and covering their flanks. She's going to warn them if anything unusual happens.

Given Wu Yan, Natsuki, Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru's combined powers, this DEM branch is basically toast. She's just here to ensure things proceed smoothly.

Wu Yan still has his Red Jade mode, it's almost impossible for anything to go wrong.

"So this is the spirit-killing DEM's branch office?"

Kaguya looked down at the DEM branch turf, she's in her Astral Dress which was basically very revealing clothes with chains and locks. She smiled in excitement.

"Looks like a bunch of weaklings. Master, may I blow them away?"


Yuzuru isn't a fan of DEM either, her eyes shone with a destructive light.

"This place looks wide but I am sure I can blow everything away with Kaguya's help..."

"Ara ara, sounds fun..."

Kurumi tilted her head. She touched her lips with her index finger. It looks like that suggestion struck a chord with her.

"Too bad I don't have any AOE attacks..."

"I am in the same boat, I don't have anything that can demolish this base..."

Natsuki turned towards Wu Yan.

"But, this sounds like the perfect job for vampires like you who can use Vassal Beasts, right?"

"I am not going to use my vassal beasts here, at least, this puny branch can't make me use it."

Wu Yan chuckled.

He stepped forward. He gazed down upon the sprawling complex.

He raised his hand as a small reddish portal opened up near his palm. A nimble-looking blade jutted out from the portal, the air immediately heated up as the ancient blade fell into his hand.

"Although I am not going to use my vassal beast on them, I am still polite enough to give them a welcoming gift..."

He brandished Nietono No Shana with a hostile grin.

"I only need this...."

With that, brilliant crimson flames rose from his blade. The flames exploded outwards as it assailed everything it licked like the fiery magma of a volcano eruption. The sea of flames wrapped everything up in a tsunami of flames.

"Wh-what is this?!"

"Fire! We're on fire!"

"Put out the flames!"

"Where did these flames come from?"

"Put out the flames!"

In less than seconds, DEM's branch is already burning in flames.

The buildings were engulfed in flames while the ground reached dangerously scorching temperature. The windows sublimated into gas from the incredibly hot flames. The employees of DEM ran out of the burning buildings. They were shrieking in horror.

It's like they were suddenly dropped into hell.

Beep beep beep beep beep

The alarms started blaring, this time it's the alarm for spacequakes.

Maybe it's because DEM detected Wu Yan & co's advent, or maybe because this is just standard protocol for a fire breakout, in any case, steel plates rolled down the sides of buildings as the DEM personnel ran for the closest shelters.

Then, Wu Yan & co watched as...

Magicians in CR units, Bandersnatches draped in cold armor flew into the air like angry hornets when their nest got disturbed.

"Oh dear..."

Kurumi giggled.

"We got discovered..."

"Are they coming?"

Kaguya snickered. She stretched her body.

"Just as well, my body is full of Reiryoku and nowhere to spend it. I thought I would fall out of shape..."

"Elation, Yuzuru also thinks so..."

Yuzuru smiled, unlike her usual nonchalant self.

"A sedentary lifestyle isn't good for the body, our mental faculties will slow down..."

"Well? What's the plan, general?"

Natsuki didn't take the magicians or the Bandersnatches seriously. She wanted input from Wu Yan.

Indeed, the magicians and Bandersnatches posed no threat to her.

Even if she is still limited to her clone body, the magicians still wouldn't faze her, why would her real self feel fear when she can use all her powers, including her Guardian. Plus, she had Wu Yan's vassal powers backing her up.

"Do we dismantle the machines?"

Wu Yan wanted to nod when the sound of something flying through the air caught his attention. Wu Yan & co looked in that direction.

A golden meteor shot out from the top floor of one of the buildings wrapped in flames. The meteor flew to the leading spot among the DEM magicians and Bandersnatches.

Ellen carried Westcott out of the burning building.

Ellen turned dark when she identified the attackers. She looked at the buildings that are burning up in flames while holding Westcott. Her expression twisted slightly.

She turned around to face Wu Yan, Natsuki, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Kurumi. When she saw Wu Yan who came equipped with a flaming nodachi. She spotted an intimidated look.

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