Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1203: The DEM's trump card?

Swoosh swoosh swoosh

Bang bang bang


There are multiple objects flying around in the sky. It is an all-out war for DEM's side, explosions followed intense winds.



Bang bang bang

DEM magicians suffered heavy casualties as sinister snickers accompanied their anguished moans. Gunfire and explosions mixed together in a gruesome picture of carnage.

Ellen is rushing along the hallway of the main building. She ignored the cries for help coming from her earpiece. Her eyes were heavy with consternation.

She can tell how the situation was turning out by just her audio feed.

DEM is getting slaughtered out there.

One by one, audio feeds were cut out forcibly. She can tell how her side is suffering heavy casualties by the creeping silence of the intercom.

DEM's demise is close at hand.

Ellen cannot let that come to be.

She's not devoted to the research facilities here or the buildings. Those objects can go to hell, she's more concerned with her own feelings.

Time and time again, her attempts were foiled by Wu Yan's presence. The first defeat she suffered was the failure of Arubi Island's mission following the destruction of Arbatel at Wu Yan's hand.

Her mission to capture Diva failed after Natsuki appeared.

Now, she is on track to failing her duty to guard DEM's branch by the spirits who are supposed to be her prey. Thwarted on multiple instances, it isn't hard to see why she's so frustrated.

This is also the reason why she told Westcott to go to a shelter instead of escorting him to safety.

Ellen is planning on returning to confront Wu Yan and Natsuki even when her chance of winning is almost none. This is because she is going to give it her last old college's try.

"I can use that to at least force Shido and Natsuki back. If I am lucky I can even seriously injure Nightmare or the Berserkers..."

Ellen boosted her thrusters' output again. She flew into the hallway leading underground in a blur of light.

Soon, she is inside a tunnel with thick metal pipes.

Ellen landed on the ground after a final burst.

She looked in front of her to see a circular platform roughly 10 meters in diameter.

There is a cockpit-like construct there...

Ellen's gaze became fixed on that apparatus.

That is her target.

She sat inside the cockpit before closing her eyes.

Her Pendragon CR-unit dimmed in luster. Her suit connected with the apparatus.


A few bulbs lit up like the green signals of an aviation cockpit. The apparatus activated as a dizzying array of data streamed into her mind. The data also filled up the screen.

The screen then displayed a visual feed.

Flames and winds blew as missiles exploded all over the place. She had visuals on the battlefield.

Specifically, she can see the DEM magicians fighting against the spirits.

She slowly opened her eyes as she issued commands to the machine through the interface in her brain.

In the middle of the sea of flames and scattered metal, Wu Yan's black shirt fluttered in the wind. However, his figure stood unyielding like Mount Tai. Despite the winds being strong enough to blow houses away, he observed everything while remaining stationary.

Kurumi continued ripping Bandersnatches to shreds while the DEM magicians are blown all over the place by Kaguya and Yuzuru. With the enemies' numbers thinning out by the second, Wu Yan basked in sweet satisfaction.

He glanced at Natsuki who is playing cat-and-mouse with Jessica. Jessica shrieked furiously while Natsuki kept dodging like a pro. He scratched his cheek.

"Looks like I don't have to do anything..."

Then, Kotori's slightly anxious voice came from his earpiece.

"I am detecting tons of Maryoku near you. The levels are beyond Fraxinus's output. Watch out."

"A ton of Maryoku, you say?"

Wu Yan sensed something before he looked at the only building still intact within the sea of flames.

That is the main building of DEM's branch.

Wu Yan watched as the main building moved.

Yeah, the whole thing moved.

The entire main building floated up from the ground.

The main building glowed with a golden sheen as the Maryoku covered it. The flames on it were extinguished in an instant. The building is only charred black but unharmed.


Wu Yan and Kotori gasped at the sight of this.


The main building burst apart much to their shock.

The DEM magicians also emitted audible gasps when the hovering main building exploded. They are just as baffled as the attackers.

From within the smoke and dust, multiple black objects appeared.

Giant surveillance cameras-esque objects floated out.

"What is that?"

Kotori asked.

"Heck if I know..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He narrowed his eyes at the sight of these objects.

"I am not surprised. I didn't think they would build a base in this place without some kind of final countermeasures in place..."

"You better watch out."

Kotori warned him.

"If that's the case then those things are not going to be pushovers!''

The floating orbs spun rapidly into place, they locked onto a fixed coordinate as if programmed beforehand.

Then, the orbs shot lasers at one another, connecting in a series of laser-based framework. they formed a large semi-sphere that generated intense rays of light.

Terrifying energy started gathering inside the semi-sphere.

"Onii-chan! Watch out!"

Kotori yelled as Wu Yan looked like he was taken by surprise.


The semi-sphere of destructive energy shot out an intense pillar of concentrated laser.

The Kurumi clones and Bandersnatches in the ray of destruction's path got disintegrated.

The laser shot across the sky, turning nearby air into plasma and completely engulfing Wu Yan.

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