Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1204: Kurumi's decision, the ending

The laser threatened to pierce the sky. The gigantic laser pillar connected the horizon with the energy boosters.

Rapid winds accompanied the devastating attack. The Bandersnatches and Kurumi clones in the laser's path got obliterated. The clouds also gave way to the laser, the attack left a huge hole in the dark sky. The ray of light looked like a miracle from afar.

The spirits watched as Wu Yan got swept up in that attack. Natsuki and Kurumi turned dark while Kaguya and Yuzuru called out Wu Yan's name.


The ladies decided to go serious on the DEM magicians. They don't have the time to play with them. They unleashed their magical powers and Reiryoku. Natsuki, Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru started using big moves.

Natsuki called her Gold Rain guardian out to split Jessica's Red Licorice tank armament in half. She also tore a huge gash on Jessica's body.

Kurumi used her First Bullet to speed up her clones. The clones made short work of the rest of the Bandersnatches.

Kaguya and Yuzuru also conjured a giant tornado to blow away all the DEM magicians.

In an instant, they put the DEM defendants out of commission. Jessica also fell into the sea of flames, she's probably burned to cinders by now.

Natsuki, Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru gathered as they looked at the gigantic pillar of laser. They are trying to find Wu Yan's figure within that light pillar.

Although Natsuki and Kurumi know about Wu Yan's immortality, they are still concerned despite knowing Wu Yan can regenerate from total annihilation.

The twins are deathly worried about Wu Yan's wellbeing. They clenched their fists in anxiety. Their hearts started throbbing in unease.

They hung out with Wu Yan for two months now. However, his position within their hearts are already on the same level as the twins' affection for one another.

To the twins, Wu Yan is the savior and big brother figure who saved them from an ill fate. Had the twins not turned away from their plans, one of them would be dead and the other would most likely turn Inverse.

The stream of destruction rays slowly died down. The diameter of the light pillar gradually became smaller before it disappeared.

The girls watched where Wu Yan once stood.

Then, they saw someone wrapped in pure-white flames standing there. Wu Yan is completely unharmed by the massive attack.


Kurumi and Natsuki sighed in relief. The twins couldn't be more overjoyed to see Wu Yan in one piece.

Kotori is also secretly glad to see Wu Yan emerging unscathed.

Wu Yan also patted himself on his chest. He was honestly surprised by the attack.

Had he not used the flames of the White Dragon, Zhuo Yan within him to burn off the time of the laser pillar, Wu Yan would have died once or, at the very least, suffer severe burns.

That attack easily exceeded Arbatel's bombardment laser by at least a hundred times in potency.

Wu Yan doesn't like pain, that attack would have hurt him greatly.

"Even Raphael [Sic, Goetia] had no effects against him?..."

Ellen turned grave when she saw Wu Yan coming out of the attack relatively unharmed. She watched the whole thing unfold from her cockpit.

"What are those white flames? I've never seen him use them before..."

Ellen bit her lips.

"He didn't fight me seriously the last time we fought?"

Ellen grumbled.

"How is that possible?"

Ellen's eyes were filled with frustration.

"That's enough, Ellen..."

A monotone voice came from her earpiece.

"That's it for now..."


Ellen steadied her own emotions.

Ellen looked at Wu Yan once more. It's like she is trying to carve Wu Yan's visage into her mind.



Westcott smiled.

"Come get me, we are leaving Tengu City for now. We shall return to HQ..."


Ellen nodded. She wavered for a second.



"Are we ever coming back?"

"Of course..."

Westcott laughed out loud. He sounded chirpy and elated despite his setbacks.

"There are so many interesting things here."


Ellen looked at the dashboard before mumbling to herself.

"I will also become stronger..."

The dark night slowly receded as dawn broke over the area, revealing the charred remains of the DEM Branch. This is a declaration of the end of the fight. The carnage last night was lit up by the sunlight.

The Kurumi clones turned into jets of shadow that returned to Kurumi's shadow. The hurricane and raging flames also dissipated. Natsuki, Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru gathered near Wu Yan.

"You okay?"

"Repeat, is Master okay?"

The twins sized Wu Yan up. They are trying to confirm that he isn't missing a part or two. Wu Yan chortled out loud.

"I am fine..."

Wu Yan looked at the decimated branch office and the camera-like giant orbs that fell into disrepair after intense usage. He sighed after confirming the destruction of DEM's branch office.

"DEM should rein in themselves from now on. I think we can return to peaceful lives for a while..."

The twins giggled while nodding. Natsuki opened her parasol while voicing her doubt.

"Peace and a life with you don't mix well..."

Wu Yan grinned before sighing.

He cast his gaze in Kurumi's direction. She's looking for something in the rubble.

Wu Yan asked her a question.

"She's not here, huh?"


Kurumi nodded. She laughed slightly.

"It's as hubby-sama said, the second spirit isn't held here."

"What's your next move?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"Are we going to keep looking for her?"

"No, I think I am good for now..."

Kurumi turned around. She gave Wu Yan an enlightened smile.

"I still don't know how I feel about my true emotions..."

"And, you're okay leaving it like this?"

"Of course!"

Kurumi tiled her head. She gave him another brilliant smile.

"We can always come back and look for that spirit again. For now, I think I want to kick back and relax..."


Wu Yan looked at Kurumi.

"Sounds like a good idea to me..."

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