Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1206: Maids? Jealousy?

Tengu city, Tengu central plaza...

As Tengu city's most famous, widest, and well-positioned plaza, the scale of events hosted here means the plaza isn't leased out every day of the year. However, when there are events going down here then the event is most likely something the residents will want to see.

The once-a-year Tenou festival hosted with all the ten high schools in Tengu City is one such event.

Excluding the access hallways and pathways, almost all the available space in this plaza got taken up stages and stalls.

Students and teachers are also entering the plaza in droves. Aside from the ones with nothing to do, most of them came here to man the stalls or get prepping. They patiently waited for the Tenou festival to start.

It is not just the students, even the Tengu City residents are here early. They wanted to enter the plaza as soon as the festival starts. The tourists who came here specifically for the event are also waiting outside.

The scale of this school festival is exceptional indeed...

Raizen High designed and set up stalls with utmost care. Their stalls looked like professional pop-up restaurants. As one of the committee members, Wu Yan was almost dazzled by the stalls here.

The stalls were selling all kinds of food and drinks, examples include Takoyaki and Crêpes. Meanwhile, there are stalls that are planning on selling entertainment services.

These stalls were all from Raizen High.

Although this event is a super-sized school festival, it is still a cultural festival in the end.

What is a festival without food and drinks?

These stalls are still relatively fine. The other stalls are also operating similar stalls.

However, Wu Yan is currently near a very special stall. In fact, it's very special.

One can tell the specialization from just the stall's plaque.

Maid Cafe

Yes, the legendary Maid Cafe found mostly in 2D media.

With such a lofty title in its name, Wu Yan was immediately intrigued by the stall when he chanced upon this area. Rather, the moment he spotted this stall, he forgot about the other stalls.

Entering the place, Wu Yan got caught up with the scene inside, he forgot about his duties.

"Welcome! Master!"

The pretty ladies from Raizen High are all in beautiful maid uniforms. They had beautiful aprons and hair accessories to complement their maid uniforms. They bowed respectfully when Wu Yan entered the premise.

Wu Yan was immediately captivated by this stall.

The Maid Cafe was staffed by the pretty ladies from all the classes. Each one of them were eye-catching even without the uniforms. The maid uniforms just made them stand out even more.

Moreover, he recognized the foremost five girls.

Kurumi, Tohka, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Shiori.

The five incredibly gorgeous ladies stood in a neat line, they had head maid caps on while bowing to Wu Yan. Being called Master by these ladies made him all fuzzy inside.

Wu Yan spends his days with these stunning ladies all the time. Imagine the shock on the visitors' faces when the Tenou festival starts...

This grand scene is something Wu Yan saw only once.

It was back in Toaru's Tokiwadai summer festival.

Wu Yan is touched by this fantastic scene. He got down on his knees and thanked god for the awesome scene.

Shiori burst Wu Yan's bubble when she saw him.


Shiori gasped.

"We aren't opened yet, right? Let's practice a few more times, shall we?"

It seems the welcoming greeting was only practice by the girls.

Wu Yan's shoulder sagged as his excitement died down. He waved at the girls with an awkward grin.

"I am just here to check things out, part of my duty is to make sure everything is okay before the festival starts..."

"Right, I almost forgot you're one of the committee members..."

Shiori patted the back of her head. She looked a bit tense, she's probably a little stressed out over the festival.

"Well? How is practice going for you guys?"

Wu Yan perked himself up.

"The opening ceremony is starting in just a short while, can you girls make it?"

"Well, we are almost there..."

Shiori looked at the maids around her.

"It's a bit rushed but I think we can pull it off..."

"No, it's not okay."

Kurumi chimed in, interrupting Shiori.

"We might be done with the greetings but how to service customers, that's what we haven't worked on..."

"Servicing the customers?"

Shiori continued.

"I thought we were only supposed to greet the customers? We are supposed to wait on the customers like normal waitresses, no?"

"Ara, there are always things we can do to differentiate..."

Kurumi tilted her head, she giggled jovially.

"Let us work on our customer service."

"I... guess that's fine..."

Shiori turned towards Kurumi.

"How do you propose we do that?"

It was like Kurumi waited for this question. She looked at Wu Yan with her graceful but slightly mischievous grin.

"How about we get our hard-working committee member over here to roleplay as the customer?"


Wu Yan pointed at his nose.


"Sounds great!"

Kaguya stood out as she raised her head in pride.

"Making us call the mortals masters, we should be focusing on our true master, I concur with serving him as the first customer!"


Yuzuru chuckled.

"It's work but serving master is the reason why Kaguya and Yuzuru joined..."

"I want to try it out too!"

Tohka raised her hand like an excited elementary student.

"Shido is always making food for me, it's my turn this time!"


Kurumi is glad to see the other spirits joining in.

"Well, what do you girls think?"

The other maids exchanged various looks.

It's not that they don't want to serve Wu Yan, they just don't want to get dragged into a potential battlefield of love between Wu Yan's harem members.

Tohka is Wu Yan's girlfriend, Kurumi is his fiancee, and the twins claim to be his slaves.

This complicated relationship is common knowledge in Raizen High. To them, Kurumi's idea sounded like a contest to get Wu Yan's attention.

Wu Yan would probably face-plant if he can read the other maids' thoughts.

Shiori also sensed this. Her expression twisted as she glared at Wu Yan. She lazily waved her hand.

"Fine, Tokisaki-san, you go ahead first!"


"I mean..."

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"Do I get a say in this?"

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