Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1207: An error? Did her head get messed up last time?

"Come, Master, say 'Ah~~~'"

Kurumi fed Wu Yan some cake.

"Shido... No, Master, Ahhh~"

Tohka also tried to chuck a loaf of soya bread into Wu Yan's mouth.

"Master, Ah~"

"Repeat, Master, Ah~"

Kaguya and Yuzuru also tried to shove a big roll of spaghetti into Wu Yan's oral cavity. They had similarly resolute expressions as they stared into Wu Yan's face.

Wu Yan started sweating really hard when faced with cake, bread, and spaghetti at the same time. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead before laughing out loud.

"Erm, I will eat one by one, can you girls stop being so pushy?"

"You're going to try them all out?"

Kaguya was a bit annoyed to hear that. She reluctantly nodded.

"I mean, sure..."


Yuzuru looked at Wu Yan intently.

"Whos are you going to try first?"

Immediately, the mood turned tense. The four spirits around him exuded a heavy air that made Wu Yan want to break out in tears.

"I mean, does it matter who goes first?"


The four spirits, including Kurumi and Tohka said so.

"It is very important!"

Wu Yan accepted the card dealt to him as he took a bowl and mixed Kurumi's cake, Tohka's Bread, and the twins' pasta into a weird mix of food that he promptly swallowed albeit with a bitter look.

The meal-appetizer-lunch-item combo isn't poison but it didn't taste good....

The other maids were amused by Wu Yan's troubled look.

"Itsuka-san sure is popular..."

"This is what they call the Shuraba, right?"

"Maybe Itsuka-san will learn a lesson or two about being such a playboy, yes?"

The girls staffed as maids in the maid cafe came from different classes so they aren't used to seeing Wu Yan flirt with the spirit ladies. They also didn't comment too harshly.

Shiori sighed before roaming her gaze over Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru. Tohka is the one trying to feed Wu Yan soya bread.

"The enemies you face are formidable, Tohka-chan, you need to work harder..."

Tohka, probably unaware of Shiori's comment, cut out another big slice of soya bread. She passed Wu Yan that piece of bread while Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Kurumi also offered the same food from before. Wu Yan's face turned green.

He is starting to wonder if the girls might feed him the weird mix of cake, soya bread, and spaghetti.

"Ara, what's wrong?"

Kurumi beamed when she saw Wu Yan's green face. Wu Yan gnashed his teeth.

Wait, isn't she the one who started this?

Did she do this to mess with him?

Talk about Haraguro...

Wu Yan picked up his bowl and downed another serving of the pasta-bread-cake mix. A sweet voice suddenly appeared near Wu Yan, the sudden guest offered Wu Yan food too.


Wu Yan subconsciously opened his mouth to eat the food near his mouth. When he realized this, he looked to the side only to see purple hair reminiscent of Hoary Stock flowers. The beauty's exquisite mien entered his vision.

Wu Yan, Kurumi, Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru cried out at the same time.


"Good morning, everyone!"

Miku didn't realize the commotion she created with her appearance here. She gave them all a beautiful smile.

"Eh, who is she?"

"H-holy, she's gorgeous..."

"When did she come in?"

"She's wearing the Rindouji All-Girls High School uniform, she must be a rich noble lady studying there..."

"She looks chummy with Itsuka-san..."

"Didn't she just feed Itsuka-san with that cute 'Ah~' gesture?"

"Don't tell me... Itsuka-san..."

The other maids whispered while looking at Miku. They are starting to judge Wu Yan as his classmates did.

Miku's sudden appearance and her apparent relationship with Wu Yan got them speculating. They knew, this bastard did it again, he bagged himself another girl...

Wu Yan wanted to protest when he saw the judging gazes the other ladies were directing at him. He bitterly laughed.

Then, an announcement came through from a speaker nearby.

"The 25th Tengu City all-high cultural festival, the Tenou Festival, has now begun!"


The people within the plaza hurrahed. The hype immediately shot through the roof. Fireworks were also fired into the sky, marking an explosive start to the cultural festival.

"It just started!"

Shiori reacted.

"Everyone, get ready to welcome customers!"



Kurumi lowered her utensils with disappointment in her eyes. She looked at Wu Yan and Miku before giving them a suspicious smirk.

"Alright, I am heading back to work. Don't play too hard now, hubby-sama..."

"Much as I dislike the idea of calling mere mortals as master, I must do the duty of which I was given..."

"Farewell, let us meet up soon..."

"Bye, Shido..."

The twins and Tohka also felt reluctant but they got up anyway. They rejoined the maid squad.

Wu Yan curled his lips. Miku looked at him when she sensed his gaze. She smiled radiantly at Wu Yan, this move caused him to question his eyes.

Miku, I thought she hated men?

Wu Yan and Miku browsed the stalls while walking very close to one another. They totally looked like a couple who is out on a date. However, the air between them is slightly weird.

Wu Yan looked at the stalls with distant eyes.

He looked at Miku one more time. As usual, she returned his stare with a very friendly smile.

Wu Yan's confusion grew.

Is she really Miku?

Her personality changed a lot, this felt odd.

Miku should have told him off with lines like: "Please stop giving me that disgusting look", or something like that...

What is up with her?

Did Ellen mess her up so much her head's gone awry?

Actually, Miku didn't look back at Wu Yan whenever he stared at her. No, she kept her eyes on him from the beginning till now. Finally, she popped the question.

"Are you going to join?"

Wu Yan flinched, he recalled a promise he made. He shrugged with a chortle.

"Relax, I will go there..."

Wu Yan turned towards Miku.

"Aren't you trying to hide your real identity? If you go up that stage then the whole world will know who you are..."

"It's fine..."

Miku shook her head.

"I hid my identity because I didn't want people to find out that Izayoi Miku is actually Yoimachi Tsukino. After half a year of using my Reiryoku to slowly erase Yoimachi Tsukino's existence from the minds of the populace, I don't think anyone will be able to connect me with that person anymore..."

"I see..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Well, since you decided so, I don't have any objections..."

Miku giggled. Her eyes sparkled whenever she looked at Wu Yan.

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