Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1208: I want to answer his expectation

Tengu city Plaza...

It has been 3 hours since the Tenou Festival began...

The festival started at 9 a.m. so it's noon right now...

Normally, this is the time people go for lunch...

But, with so many stalls here, the crowd just bought lunch and snacks off the nearby stalls. Plus, there are multiple stalls offering full-course lunch so Tengu City plaza is still as rowdy as ever.

Moreover, there are people who don't eat lunch at noon.

For them, they have more important things to do.

In the center of the plaza is a wide stage meant for concerts. It had lighting, advanced sound systems and everything one would need for hosting a concert.

People are pouring into this part of the plaza as if they had planned for this. Judging by the fervent looks on their faces, it appears this concert is going to be as well-received as the opening ceremony of the Tenou Festival.

The reason: the main event of the Tenou Festival is about to begin.

The Tenou festival is designed to feature the high schools over three days of festival activities. The feature events make up the most important event of the day.

On the first day of the festival, the theme is music.

Naturally, this isn't the reason why the crowd is so hyped right now. There are concerts in the past, never at this scale of popularity though.

The real reason is because...

There is a rumor that the mysterious rising star idol Izayoi Miku is going to show her identity and participate as a student. This is going to be her official debut.

Yes, these people are here to see the mysterious rising start pop idol singer.

People are heading to the concert hall in droves. Countless fans had Izayoi Miku's name and her insignia on their shirts or caps.

They are all here because they are hardcore Miku fans.

There are the real OG fans who have been with Miku since her underground days. They already know her face and have seen her performance multiple times by now. Most of the crowd here are fans of her work who have never seen her face but fell in love with her music.

Since she is going to perform today, her fans came flying here. They wanted to hear her music just as much as they wanted to see her face.

Even the reporters from various big-name TV stations are here to catch a glimpse of Miku's performance. They got permission to record and stream her performance.

No TV worth its salt would let slip the debut of a mysterious rising start singer. The ratings of their stations are going to be on fire today, they knew this for sure.

Miku's face reveal and concert truly impacted this festival.

By the time all the concert-goers are here, an hour has elapsed.

At one o'clock, the feature event started.

Countless fans waved their glowsticks while cheering for Miku. The excitement and hype can be felt in the air.

This is her official debut so there are more fans than ever.

Her event isn't the only event today but the other performers rode her coattails, they basked in the cheers and encouragement of the fans that came to see Miku.

Wu Yan is one of the active committee member so he has access to the staff-only access hallway. he also got a front row seat to the star performer. Although this place is slightly further from the stage, this place gave the best vantage view  of the stage.

The performers are also lining up for their events. Rather, they also wanted to see who is this mysterious pop idol.

Wu Yan roamed his gaze over the crowd and performers. He stepped up to the rails to get a better view of the stage.

Miku is in her performing dress, it had a similar sheen to her supernatural hair. There are no accompanying dancers or performers near her. Her silver eyes flashed with anxiety.

For this concert, she decided to go at it alone.

Because, she wanted to do one thing.

That one thing she wanted to do but never had the courage to pull off.

"Next up! From Rindouji High, Izayoi Miku!"


Deafening roars filled the entire concert hall. Miku also started feeling tense.

She wasn't this tense when she started out as Yoimachi Tsukino.

However, she showed her grit as a popular idol. She inhaled deeply as she suppressed the anxiety and tension within herself. She donned a radiant smile before getting on stage.


Her OG fans immediately yelled out her name as they burst out in shriek yells.

The other fans finally understand...

That angelic, goddess-like beauty is the idol they came to see.

Instantly, another round of deafening roars filled the entire place.

Lights flashed and cameras went into machine-gun burst mode to capture her figure. She is, in every sense of the word, the person of the hour.

At the center of the stage, Miku could see everything. She looked at the staff-only passage to see Wu Yan looking back at her.

He sensed her gaze and he gave her a v-sign while beaming at her. That immediately dissipated the tense emotions inside Miku. She felt mellow and soft inside.

She recalled the first time she met Wu Yan. The conversations they had. The expectations and protection he offered her. Miku grabbed onto her microphone as emotions flashed in her eyes.

He wants to hear my real voice...

I want to answer his expectation...

He said he is waiting for me to use my real voice

I don't want to lie to myself anymore, I want to answer his expectation, I want to use my real voice...

Even if the world abandons me...

He will still be there just like how he always covered me...

He's a different kind of man...

She held her hand to her chest before closing her eyes.

"The showerhead is my microphone..."

"Tunes echoing in the bathroom..."


More singing ensues*

Her soothing and beautiful voice filled the concert hall. The crowd flinched while Wu Yan was also taken by surprise.

Her voice, it is not the same.

It is as beautiful as ever but it lacked the intoxicating feeling it had in the past.

Still, she sounded like a muse.

The crowd waved their glowsticks with increased elation. Wu Yan grinned when he saw Miku's resolve. He closed his eyes to enjoy her real voice.

"The colors are so special..."

"Slowly drawing me into a trance..."

"I still remember that feeling from that time..."

"Oh~ Let me sing for you..."

"Let us sing..."

"As we count the stars strewn all over the sky..."

"That's the best present..."

Finishing her chorus, Miku opened her eyes and...


Applaud and approving smiles filled the concert hall. Miku is stunned to see her fans reacting positively to her real voice.

She looked at Wu Yan as if asking him whether or not he could believe this scene. What she got was Wu Yan's soft but encouraging smile that said: "I knew you had it in you."

Miku started tearing up...

While drowning in the sea of cheers and laughter, she revealed an innocent and lovely smile unlike any before...

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