Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1209: As long as you...

"Miku-san, may we know why you have been hiding your true identity?!"

"Aren't idols supposed to shoot for fame?!"

"What made you decide to officially debut now?!"

"Are there any motivations for this?"

"Please tell us!"



Miku just finished her concert. Immediately after getting off stage, multiple reporters besieged her like bees to a succulent flower. They surrounded Miku in no time at all.

"Sorry! Please let us through!"

"Please make way!"

"Miku-san needs to rest, get out of the way."

The students were ready for this, they immediately formed a barricade between Miku and the reporters. They helped Miku by creating a path.

"Miku-san, please answer our questions!"

"Miku-san, please!"



The reporters were yelling at the top of their lungs.

Despite the constant badgering from the reporters, Miku retained her jubilant smile. She didn't find their bombardment of questions annoying, she's too happy to fuss over that.

Miku never knew she could feel this good.

She giggled at the nearest camera.

"Well, we have all the time in the world after this, do we really have to rush for answers?"

Miku beamed radiantly at the camera.

"Now, I have an important task to attend to..."

"Important task?"

The reporters and students were stunned. Miku used this chance to slip past them and she went far away from them.

Miku sighed in relief when she could no longer hear the voices of the reporters or students.

She raised a hand. Her hand is still trembling. She bitterly laughed.

She is a mysterious idol.

Before today, nobody knew Miku's true appearance.

Even fewer knew her personality.

The people outside probably don't know about the super-popular idol's hate for men and predisposition for pretty girls.

When the reporters swarmed her, there are also males around her.

With multiple men around her, each trying to ask her questions while not minding social distancing, if she hadn't experienced a mental breakthrough, it was highly likely Miku would use her Reiryoku on them.

Miku is surprised by the fact that she could resist the presence of males near her. She is also slightly happy.

This means she is recovering from her trauma.

However, she is still far from approaching strangers on her own.

"Here I was, assuming you would be super joyful over your gains, why are you sporting that complicated look?"

A familiar voice called out to her. That question summoned Miku back into reality as her eyes flashed. A wide smile immediately spread across her face.

She looked in front only to see the same familiar figure of the person who made all this possible.

Wu Yan also recognized the honest smile on Miku's face. He can't help but recall what Kotori told him...

"You should go see Miku now! Seal her powers!"

Kotori yelled all of a sudden. He almost fell forward because of the sudden order.

Kotori can see the dumb look on his face so she started explaining herself.

"Miku's favorability towards you just went to the max!"


Wu Yan couldn't process this. He was puzzled.

"What do you mean full? How?"

"How in the world would I know?!"

Kotori shrugged him off.

"After you saved Miku, her feelings for you kept going up until it just reached Max on the meter!"


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"I wonder what happened?"

"A maiden's heart can't be read, if you could read it then it wouldn't be called the maiden's heart anymore..."

Kotori pursed her lips.

"Anyway, since you maxed out her feelings for you, seize the chance and seal her powers. It's up to you how you do it..."

"Saa, let's start our date (war)!"

Wu Yan hesitated. He wanted to say something but Miku moved first.

Miku dashed toward Wu Yan and before Wu Yan can react, she opened her arms wide to embrace Wu Yan.

With her twin ballistic missiles dangerously close and pushing up against him, Wu Yan went stiff as he reciprocated that hug with an 'o'-shaped mouth.

Even Kotori & co were stunned by this scene.

What the heck?

Is this the bonus round after maxing out her feelings?


Miku rubbed her face over Wu Yan's chest. She mumbled in a sweet voice.

"Is this the scent of a male? Not bad..."

Wu Yan woke up from his stupor when Miku said that. He resisted the soft feeling from her twin globes.

"A-are you really Miku?"

Miku giggled.

"Is this your first thought on the matter? Interesting..."


Wu Yan inhaled deeply, he calmed his raging emotions and slowly pushed Miku away. The confusion showed on his face.

"I mean, it's not like you to suddenly hug people like that..."

"I would only do this to you, you know..."

Miku stuck out her tongue like a cheeky brat who got caught doing a prank. This is way cuter than her mean self in the past.

"Anyway, congratulations on recovering from your past trauma..."

"That song, it was super good. I quite liked it..."

Miku couldn't hold back her elation. Her eyes turned misty as she laughed again.

"Yeah, you did? My song..."


Wu Yan also chortled.

"I like it very much..."

"Then, are you going to keep listening to my songs?"

"Sure, I am always ready to lend an ear..."

"Then, will you still come and protect me when I need you? Just like that time?"

Wu Yan finally knew why Miku is acting like this.

He showed up to protect her when she needed him the most.

An obstacle created her hate for men. When he gave her a tiny help during her direst hour, that was enough to make her fall head over heels for him.

Truly, she had a mind like that of a kid.

He rubbed Miku's head softly. Then, he nodded much to Miku's joy and excitement.

"As long as you need me, I will always be there to protect you..."

Miku heaved a sigh. Finally, she couldn't hold herself back anymore. She stood on tiptoes and smooched Wu Yan on the lips.

In the dark passage, the figure of a male and female overlapped.

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