Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1212: When you lose everything

Because of Wu Yan, Kotori didn't spare any expense when it comes to scanning Miku.

In the end, they didn't find out anything.

Miku's memory integrity is still there. Nothing inside her mind was tampered with by supernatural forces. They also couldn't spot anything out of the ordinary. Kotori isn't happy to get blank results from her.

When Miku was released from Fraxinus, the sun is already more or less down beyond the horizon. The same could be said of Miku's mental state.

Wu Yan chuckled when he saw the fatigue and stress on Miku's face.

"You okay?"

"I-I am fine..."

Miku tried to squeeze out a smile but she only sighed in the end.

"I feel so tired, I just want to sleep in my bed..."

"Same here..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Kotori also needs to chill. I didn't think she would torture you like that just because I talked back."

Wu Yan felt a bit bad about Miku's condition.

"You look like you going to drop. Come, let me send you home..."


Miku's eyes lit up. She jumped into Wu Yan's embrace and rubbed her face over Wu Yan's chest like an eager puppy.

"Mou mou, Darling, you're the best!"

"I don't know if you're feigning nonchalance or you're really just ditzy inside..."

Wu Yan caught Miku's callipygian body.

"If people saw you and identified you then we are going to be in trouble..."

As a popular idol, Miku hid her real identity when she performed on stage. Other than her name, almost nobody knew her real appearance.

After her debut, the world at large already saw her appearance. By now, most people in this country can identify her from a distance. Only a few recluses would be ignorant of her name.

Although Miku lost her narcotic voice, her own voice has been dubbed "miracles woven into a voice".  Her angelic voice reached national fame already.

Plus, Miku is very pretty so her fans drastically increased since her debut.

According to data gathered by Ratatoskr, her fan clubs are growing exponentially.

There are fans who joined because they liked her voice.

There are also fans who had their souls stolen by Miku's divine looks.

Even without her Reiryoku voice, Miku is still as capable as Yoimachi Tsukino, if not even more popular than before!

If someone caught a picture of Miku hugging someone so passionately in public like this then the tabloids are going to be all over this by tomorrow.

Miku lost her voice because of an insidious scheme cooked up to destroy her, she got betrayed and faced despair.

If that happened one more time then Wu Yan is going to systematically crush the reporters and fans who do this to her.

Miku seemed like she could read Wu Yan's mind. She beamed radiantly at him.

"It's fine, I don't care about that..."

Miku lifted Wu Yan's hand to her face.

"Even if everyone betrays me again, I won't lose hope in this world..."

Miku looked tranquil at this moment.

"That is because I know you will definitely protect me even if I lose everything... Just like what you did before..."

Miku stared at Wu Yan's face.

"Even if nobody listens to my songs, I will still sing for you, how does that sound?"


Wu Yan felt a deep motivation.

That is not a motivation born out of sympathy or compassion. It is a desire to be responsible.

Miku thought she only had her voice.

She isn't good at studying, sports, or other facets of life. In fact, she was under-performing others at most anything.

From her youth to adolescence, people only praised her for one thing.

Her singing.

She could sing like nobody could.

Miku also thought she only had her voice to back her up. She's worth nothing without her voice.

It is also why Miku looked up to the singers she saw on TV.

She wanted to be like them.

Miku memorized the weird and fantastic lyrics and song structures she encountered.

She trained her butt off to memorize the choreography of the dancers she saw. She also poured her soul into making her own dance moves.

She studied showmanship and how to act like an idol. She wanted to become better at how to perform in front of a camera and how to get people to like her.

Miku basically devoted her life to singing. She placed all her skill points into her singer's voice.

Her voice is everything to her.

She is nothing without it.

That is the one belief she had growing up.

Miku felt like she must sing, she must show people her worth.

She knows that if she kept this up then sooner or later her hard work will pay off.

While her peers are still in school, she already started laying the groundwork of a successful performer. She already started on the path to achieving her dream.

While her advancement brought her joy, she only learned how important her voice was to her until...

The nightmare came...

Miku lost to humanity's vile side. She is a victim of slander. She also got betrayed by her fans, and even her voice was taken away from her.

The voice that personified her soul.

Miku must have faced crushing despair back then.

Miku got a new lease on life, she used this on Wu Yan, she made him the center of her universe.

How can Wu Yan possibly shirk his responsibilities to her?

With her child-like single-minded focus on him, he will her paradigm, he will protect her at all costs.

He is going to prove that her life has meaning.

Wu Yan also smiled back while caressing Miku's cheek.

"How many times do I need to say this, you're not worthless..."

Wu Yan mellowed out.

"Your voice isn't your everything, the number of fans you have also has little bearing on your worth..."

"Even without all those things, you are still beautiful..."

Wu Yan laughed like a smooth player.

"If you lose everything again, please come find me..."

"I will be there to protect you, listen to your songs, and, most importantly, you will always find a home near me..."

"Don't you ever forget that..."

Miku felt like someone wrapped a snuggly scarf around her heart. Those words and soft glow from Wu Yan's eyes...

She felt very warm and fuzzy. The warmth intensified into searing heat.

The heat baked her from the inside out and melted her soul.

Miku bit her lips as she endured the geyser of emotions inside her. Her eyes turned misty before she wrapped her arms around his neck. She lowered his head and she immediately kissed him on the lips.

More words are unnecessary.

This is how Miku is going to convey her feelings to Wu Yan.

Just like last time, she smooched Wu Yan.

Unlike last time, this kiss was more intense.

Under the golden glow of the setting sun, the two hugged as they poured out their feelings.

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