Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1214: Packed lunch for the sister who is "sleeping over"

Tengu city, Fraxinus...

Inside Fraxinus, Kotori is currently sitting on the commander seat with the rest of the Fraxinus members absent.

Since the spacequakes can come without warning, predicting them is like trying to predict the lottery. The Ratatoskr members are expected to be on the clock and ready to roll at a moment's notice.

This is so they can respond to spacequakes and reach any spirits far ahead of other anti-spirit organizations.

The Diva that created so much trouble for Ratatoskr got sealed. Berserkers who are on their most-wanted list also got sealed. She gave everyone time off for a job well done.

Of course, if a spacequake does happen, they are all expected to come back. The members will be teleported back into the ship to handle any spirit threats that pop up.

If there aren't any spacequakes over the weekend then the members can all look forward to a peaceful weekend.

Kotori let the other guys go for a weekend break but she didn't give herself a break.

She sat on the seat while analyzing the information gathered from Miku's body. She turned it into reports as she tried to analyze the whole thing from various angles.

Kotori allowed the other members to go home first. She stayed behind to analyze the data and present them during the next Round Table meeting.

There are only so many clues on Phantom. Ratatoskr also has its own mandates, it can't spread itself too thin to chase after the elusive Phantom.

Kotori wanted the backers of Ratatoskr to pour more resources into researching Phantom's background. They have more free time and less involvement in Fraxinus' daily operations anyway. Kotori wanted to see them work more.

The data analysis should hae been left to the other members but the commander decided to do it herself. She's not sure if she should let the other members of her team help her.

Other than Kurumi and Miku, Kotori is the only one who interacted with Phantom in the past. Phantom transformed her into a spirit.

Moreover, with Phantom seemingly going around giving normal humans Sephira crystals, Kotori wanted to gain as much info as possible to curb this situation.

Kotori finally typed the last line of data into her workstation, she sighed in relief.

Looking at the information on Phantom, Kotori rubbed her chin while mumbling.

"The crystal she gave Miku was purple, mine was red, does the color hint at different abilities of the spirits?"

Sephira crystals are the source of power for spirits. With it, spirits are spirits, even if they are formerly humans.

The Sephira Crystals aren't contained within a physical part of the spirit. It exists throughout the spirit. There is only one known way of extracting Sephira Crystals.

Killing the spirit housing the Sephira crystals.

This is just a hypothesis. Nobody has actually tested this theory with live practice.

According to Westcott, plunging a spirit into despair will invert the Sephira Crystals into Qlipha crystals. The inverted spirit has a higher chance of manifesting their source of power.

Westcott is so fixated on killing spirits because he wants their Qlipha crystals.

Kotori knows this too...

Kotori sighed.

"Where did Phantom get those crystals? How many does it have?"

A sound rang behind Kotori.

"Maybe Phantom is the creator of these Sephira crystals?"


Kotori yelped. She turned around to see someone standing there with a lunchbox.

"But, Sephira crystals can be created with conditions, otherwise, spirits and spacequakes would have overwhelmed this world already, that's my conjecture."

Wu Yan explained himself after realizing he just scared Kotori.

"Maybe Phantom stole the crystals from DEM or countries hostile against spirits? They might actually have gone and killed some spirits without us knowing..."

"Well, it is entirely possible Phantom killed spirits herself and that's why she has those gems. She might be making a spirit army for herself, who knows?"

"What are you going on about?!"

Wu Yan's wild theories made Kotori very uncomfortable.

"You didn't even announce your arrival, what gives?!"

"I was just captivated by your focused look, I didn't call out because I wanted to continue observing you."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"You were mumbling by yourself so I couldn't help myself..."

Wu Yan stood next to Kotori. He looked at the data visualizations Kotori created.

"And? Did you glean anything from this practice?"


Kotori said in a huff.

"I only know Phantom and God is the same entity that gave Miku and I spirit powers through Sephira Crystals. It also operates right under our noses without our knowledge."

Kotori glanced at Wu Yan.

"Well? Why are you here? I thought you were busy dating Miku?"

"I don't know where you got that conclusion but Shiori told me to pack lunch for the Imouto-chan 'sleeping over' at her classmate's house..."

Wu Yan looked at his lunchbox.

"Since you don't like to see me. I think I should give this lunchbox I made to Tohka..."


Kotori coughed with a red face.

'Si-since you went through the trouble of making it, it would be rude of me not to partake in it..."

Wu Yan chuckled while Kotori got annoyed. She snatched the lunchbox from Wu Yan before snorting.

Wu Yan just gave her a victorious grin.

"Are you that free? you came here in the middle of the night..."

"Well, I guess..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I thought you lied about the sleepover thing so I came over here guessing you're still here. Relax, I told Shiori where I was going so you're covered..."

Kotori hesitated. She asked Wu Yan to follow her.

"If that's the case, come with me..."

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