Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1216: Aren't you misunderstanding something here?

Sitting at the chairman's seat is a westerner with a very soft facial expression. He looks like he is in his fifties.

He is not stern-looking, he gave more of a friendly and wise grandpa feel than a seasoned veteran. His gaze is sharp but that is just the sharp gaze of someone who has seen it all.

He is someone who would be very hard to pick out from the crowd.

But, Wu Yan still noticed him in an instant.

No, the old man isn't exuding any CEO aura, his position also didn't attract Wu Yan's attention. It is the extraordinary air around the man that made him stand out.

Clearly, he is someone who came from a refined background.

This man is more than meets the eyes.

Woodman also looked in Wu Yan's direction the moment he entered the meeting room.

Woodman didn't assume Wu Yan's status as the expected guest. No, it is the heavy pressure that Wu Yan emitted without doing anything in particular. That normal-looking frame of Wu Yan almost stopped Woodman's breathing.

Woodman isn't involved in the day-to-day operations of anti-spirit affairs. However, he is aware of the powers of spirits.

A normal spirit wouldn't be able to make Woodman flinch. He can still beam at them with his friendly smile.

No, Woodman sensed an immense aura emanating from Wu Yan.

Woodman already believed Kotori's words based on his first impression.

Standing before Woodman is someone who can destroy the whole world. Wu Yan can declare war against the world and they wouldn't be able to do anything against him.

Kotori acted like she didn't detect anything. She bowed towards Woodman first.

"Woodman-sama, I brought the guy you wanted to see."

"You worked hard, Commander Itsuka..."

Woodman smiled. He nodded in Kotori's direction.

"Sorry to make you travel so far."

"Me too..."

Kotori only bowed towards Woodman.

"Kotori is sorry to commence a Round Table meeting in the middle of the night at such short notice..."

"It's fine, Commander Itsuka..."

Woodman chuckled.

"It is midnight over there but it's still daytime outside..."


Kotori stepped to the side.

Kotori wanted to move things along. She is not the main star today.

Woodman and the other board members looked at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan roamed his gaze over everyone sitting at the Round Table. He stopped on Woodman who is smiling affably.

"I had always wanted to meet you..."

"I know..."

Even if Wu Yan knew he is talking to the chairperson of the Round Table, the director of Asgard Electronics, and Kotori's benefactor, Wu Yan decided to take a casual tone with the middle-aged man.

"I already know why I am here."

"Sorry, we just have so many questions. We can't work comfortably without moving past these issues. I am sure my secretary would yell at me if I mess up my job."

Woodman joked.

"Well, I don't have a secretary but I do have a troubling sister who can make me helpless some of the time."

He looked at Kotori who had jolting eyebrows.

"I said I knew why I am here but I cannot guarantee satisfactory answers..."

Kotori and Woodman are the only ones who weren't fazed by this revelation.

"Well, allow me to introduce myself, you can call me Woodman..."

Woodman tapped his fingers on the table. He beamed at Wu Yan.

"And, you're Shido-kun, I presume? Or..."

"Well, you can call me that for now."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Granted, since you guys are fishing for my name, I can answer that at no cost. However, you will be disappointed with the results."


Woodman continued smiling.

"How so?"

Wu Yan looked at the Round Table members once more.

"Even if you investigate me using my real name, you won't find anything."

The other members started gasping audibly.

Their minds were read!

"Is that so?"

Woodman helplessly laughed.

"Okay, enlighten us, tell us your name."

Wu Yan looked at Woodman. The guy is still smiling. He's not holding any ulterior motives.


Wu Yan continued.

"You can call me Wu Yan."

"Wu Yan..."

The other members murmured his name. They made sure to note down his name. They wanted to investigate this name when they went back.

Like Wu Yan said, however, this will not be a fruitful endeavor.

"I will just call you Wu Yan-kun..."

Woodman nodded. He stored away his smile and took on a more serious look.

"Well, then, Wu Yan-kun, may I know your origins?"

The room turned silent.

Wu Yan predicted this. He shrugged and gave them a difficult answer.

"No comment."

Woodman slightly frowned.

"This is troubling..."

"Oh, it's troubling because you don't know where I came from?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"Get used to it, otherwise, you're going to stress yourselves out for a long time..."

"That is why we wanted to make it clear here and now."

Woodman closed his eyes. He placed his hands below his chin as he leaned forward.

"You demonstrated the uncanny ability to fight spirits without the aid of Realizers or any known equipment. You also had the Sealing Bracelets which could do things the Realizers can't. But, you also Manifested with spacequakes despite not fitting the known characteristics of spirits. You have no apparent record as a human but you can blend into human society nonetheless. Forgive us, we just don't know how to deal with someone like you."

"If at all possible, I hope Wu Yan-kun will tell us your background. That would reassure us somewhat..."

Woodman looked serious.

"This world cannot handle any more threats with the spirits already on our plates."


Wu Yan nodded.

"You're talking about me like I am a threat to the world, is it fair to say you are assuming my hostile stance?"

"I can't rule that possibility out."

Woodman said.

"We are just worried. Other than spirits, we were wondering if there are any superhumans like you that can throw the world off its balance should your whim dictate so..."

"Ah, don't worry about that."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"I can tell you that I am an exception to the rule, don't worry about it."

The other members finally spoke.

"You expect us to take your word for it?! How can we be sure?"

The other members started chiming in.

"You have to tell us your identity, background, and your source of powers. We want to know where you got your miraculous tools. Only through a thorough investigation can we..."


Wu Yan's deep red eyes gleamed with a frosty glow. He stopped the other members from talking with his immense leer.

"Are you guys misunderstanding something here?"

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