Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1218: Annoyance? The lady looking for trouble?


Wu Yan sank into the relaxing hot bath in his tub. He looked at the ceiling of the bathroom.

After being dragged by Kotori to a meeting with Woodman & co, things did wrap up according to his ideals.

The members are operating from a good foundation.

He likes the organization's usage of peaceful methods to curb the Spirit threat. The neutralized spirits are expected to integrate into society like normal humans.

Because of this, the options the Round Table has when it comes to weeding out Spirit threat isn't as varied as DEM who will do anything to capture and kill spirits. Wu Yan's forceful attitude prevented information leaks and he walked away relatively unharmed.

Wu Yan wasn't going to tell them he is an otherworlder. He wasn't going to let them know that he can come and go as he pleased, that the universe goes into stasis when he departs from this world.

Ignoring for now whether the members will actually buy this story. If they did, it would dawn on the members that there are multiple universes out there with existences as powerful if not more powerful than the spirits. That realization will stir more trouble than worth it.

Spirits are already like destructive calamities.

The major powers of this world are already having a hard time controlling the threats posed by Spirits. If they know about the cultivators in Silvaria who achieved superhuman powers through cultivation then he can't rule out the possibility of this knowledge falling into the hands of villains.

For instance, they might try to obtain Douqi cultivation techniques or magic cultivation techniques from Wu Yan.

Moreover, they might also want Wu Yan to take them away from this universe, granting them access to a higher plane.

If Wu Yan refused then they might become hostile.

As seen, this possibility is very real based on some of the members in the Round Table.

They looked at spirits like tools of war and bargaining chips. The spirits are just benefits to them. Not all of them are there to save spirits.

Given a large enough forest, one could find all kinds of birds. The members of the Round Table are powerful individuals with high positions in various sectors of the economy. They would probably covet more power.

This is why Wu Yan didn't reveal his true identity. Why would he bother hiding his identity from a bunch of mortals?

He is not going to risk the chance that a mole is present within the Round Table.

Once that guy knows about his identity then it will definitely attract more trouble to him.

He might be able to feign off the threats but what about the other spirits? What about Shiori?

Wu Yan cannot allow that possibility to manifest itself.

Woodman appears to hold the spirits' interests in mind. Wu Yan didn't go against the Round Table because the leader appears to be someone who can steer the ship properly. He also secured the orders for Realizers that he requested before.

According to Woodman, the Realizers he requested are already being manufactured. Wu Yan also gave them more than enough money to complete the order. Now, it's just a matter of time before he gets his first shipment.

Asgard Electronics are masters of the Realizers craft. Their help will make the production of multiple Realizers of various types possible.

Woodman also gave his word that Wu Yan will get the Realizers without any delay.

As for how Wu Yan is going to take possession of these Realizers, he left it up to Wu Yan.

From a certain point of view, Wu Yan is loved by the goddess of fortune.

Alas, Wu Yan isn't glad about his current situation.

He should be glad he got what he wanted without compromising non-starters.

No, this isn't his mind being in a muddled state, he just has a bad feeling.

He realized his chaotic mind is slowly taking over before he mused out loud.

"Are all vampires this broody at night?"

A tender but stern voice replied from within himself. Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"Natsuki, I am already very troubled, could you refrain from kicking me while I am down?"

"You're talking about annoyance, I am very familiar with annoyance."

Natsuki snapped back.

"Imagine the annoyance when I woke up and connected to your conscious mind only to be greeted by an irrational sense of anxiety and annoyance, how do you explain that? How bored are you?"

"You think I like this?"

Wu Yan mumbled.

"I don't know why, I just feel upset."

"Yeah, I am upset too. This is probably due to the connection between us."

Natsuki sighed.

"I thought only women had this broody period. Apparently, andropause affected vampires without consideration of racial boundaries."

"Well, I think it's still limited to women. Also, I am not old, I am still in my twenties. Don't give me random ideas."

Wu Yan quipped with twitching eyelids.

"Maybe a certain vassal beast of mine is experiencing menopause and that carried over to the master, what do you say about that?"


Natsuki growled.

"Looks like you grew bold after turning me into your vassal beast."

"I am just saying..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"Okay, since we are connected, tell me why am I feeling anxious and annoyed?"

"Don't ask me something just because you can't address it yourself."

Natsuki snorted.

"Maybe you got infected by the Round Table members."

"I am just hoping my mind is playing tricks on me."

Wu Yan scratched the back of his head.

"It just feels like I am forgetting something important..."


Natsuki gasped.

"I thought you had Impeccable Memory, why would you forget anything at all?"

"No, I mean I am overlooking something here."

Wu Yan said with furrowed brows.

"It feels like I am overlooking something or someone here!"

"An oversight, huh?"

Natsuki was amused.

"What would that be?"

"If I knew then I wouldn't be asking you, now would I?"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"It is not a memory issue, you're connected to my consciousness, can you help and look around for me?"

"Why would I be able to spot anything out of the ordinary?!"

Natsuki didn't take his nonchalant delegation lightly.

"You expect me to drag out everything that happened to you, around you, and experienced by you from when you're still a kid to now just so you can spot something wrong?"

Wu Yan sighed.

"So, no clues?"

"Who knows?"

Natsuki said.

"Maybe you just don't want to think about it. Hoping for an answer from you was my mistake."

Wu Yan was displeased by her cheeky attitude.

He had an idea, smirking, Wu Yan raised his arm as that arm turned into a demonic arm with magical veins on it. A bloody mist wafted out.

Then, Natsuki appeared from the bloody mist in her birthday suit. She was made to straddle Wu Yan. She emitted an audible gasp.


Before Natsuki can say anything, he gagged Natsuki with his mouth. Natsuki widened her eyes in disbelief.

"Ngh... Mwough..."

Wu Yan's hands started caressing Natsuki all over.

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