Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1220: Looking around? Not bad?

Tengu City, AST base entrance.

On a vacant field, the members of AST in military uniform stood at attention like a properly trained army. Under the night sky, the AST members looked in front with dignified expressions.

Standing in the front rows are a bunch of middle-aged men. They ranked higher than Ryouko so they stood in front of her.

Indeed, these commanders are all in charge of the base. They might not stand at the top of the command chain in this country but they aren't far from the top echelon.

Still, they stood at attention as if the Commander-in-chief is visiting.

The DEM delegate must have a high position too.

The AST members soothed their breathing as no one dared to wheeze or pant. The vacant field had a heavy silence wafting about.

Fortunately, this silence didn't persist long as a luxurious sedan strolled through the gates of the base.

The AST big-wigs had bright eyes when they saw the car. They went up to the car to welcome the delegates. The car slowed to a stop as if the driver had noticed the commanders.

A couple got off the car.

The male is a tall westerner with platinum blonde hair and sharp eyes.

He is Westcott.

The female is dressed in a typical office lady suit. Her porcelain white skin and platinum blonde locks went well together. She looked like a mysterious secretary.

She is Ellen.

Wu Yan & co assumed they left the city after the destruction of DEM's branch office in Tengu City. However, here they are, in the AST Base of Tengu City.

"Sir Westcott..."

Of course, the commanders knew nothing about the animosity between Wu Yan and Westcott.

They only know someone from DEM's C-suite is here.

The AST commanders bowed followed by their subordinates.

"Welcome to Japan Ground Self Defense Force, Anti spirit team base!"

The middle-aged man at the center of the front-most row bowed one more time along with his entourage.

"No no, allow me to apologize for this whimsical visit."

Westcott gave them a smile that aroused discomfort.

"I am so sorry to impose on you guys."

"No! It's fine!"

The middle-aged man quickly shook his head.

It is already midnight, anyone choosing to visit at this ungodly hour is a pain no matter how one tried to slice it.

The middle-aged man wasn't bold enough to accept the apology.

Westcott isn't just a VIP, he is someone they cannot afford to anger.

Westcott is the director of DEM. He is the boss of the only known organization that can supply Realizers and arm them. He is the only guy who can arm the most powerful weapon in the world.

Crossing him is tantamount to cutting off their country from further DEM Realizer supplies. Forget killing spirits, even the national security of the nation would be jeopardized.

The commander doesn't want to be responsible for something like that.

Plus, JSDF already owes DEM a lot of money over DEM's supplies and services. Westcott's presence here is something he should handle carefully or risk the operations of AST.

Westcott is not genuinely sorry. He shrugged in a bored manner after seeing the middle-aged man's subservient attitude.

"I had no choice in this matter. After the destruction of my DEM HQ in Tengu City, I encountered tiny issues even if I wanted to return to my overseas HQ. I wanted to stay at a hotel but my dear bodyguard here said that is too dangerous. I was troubled and since I needed access to Realizers to settle some business, I thought who better than..."

"Of course!"

The man said yes without waiting to hear Westcott's request.

"Our instruments here were all bought from your esteemed firm. I believe they should live up to your standards. We also prepared a room so please go ahead and use it, Sir Westcott!"

"Oh, I am glad to hear that..."

Westcott made his way over to the main entrance of the base. Ellen followed Westcott silently.

Westcott glanced in a certain direction before he abruptly stopped. His sharp eyes flashed with intent.


ellen asked Westcott.

Westcott continued gazing for a moment before he casually walked over to a certain young lady.

He walked up to Origami.

Origami tensed up, her brain started revving up.

Why is he heading toward me?

"Sir Westcott..."

The commanders called out to him.

Without turning back, he beamed at Origami.

"May I know your name?"


Origami also felt a bit uneasy.

"Master sergeant of JGSDF AST, Origami Tobiichi..."

"Tobiichi-san, right?"

Westcott chuckled. He pointed at a piece of paper sticking out of Origami's pocket.

"Can you let me see that?"

Origami took out the paper as everyone got closer to look.

Origami took out a picture.


Origami felt confused.

Why is this VIP so concerned with this photo?

Origami passed the photo to Westcott. He thanked her before examining the photo.

Ellen also looked at the photo.

It is a group photo with at least 40 individuals in it.

At the center of the photo is a banner indicating the group as Raizen High Second Year Fourth Class.

No, Westcott doesn't care about the class.

He noticed five people standing at the back.

Wu Yan, Tohka, Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru.

Ellen's eyes shrunk while Westcott smirked.

"These people, are they your classmates?"


Origami replied calmly. Her poker face was impeccable. Westcott returned her photo while giggling.

"I see you snapped that photo during the Tenou Festival, is that right? Looks good..."

Westcott smiled at her. Then, he entered the base with Ellen in tow. He came and went like the wind, paying no attention to those in his path.

Westcott's smile is now dyed in intrigued than indifference.

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