Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1221: Danger? The punishment skill I just learned...


Wu Yan who is still sleeping suddenly felt multiple intense gazes on him. He stirred into consciousness to respond to this sudden attention.

His vision is still blurry and even his head is still slightly aching from this sudden burst of consciousness.

His guts told him that if he didn't wake up then something terrible is going to happen to him.

Wu Yan willed his sleepy mind into consciousness. He looked at the guests who caused him to wake up.

There is a pair of twins looking at him. They had similar hair colors and eyes but completely different body build. One of them is lithe while the other is too voluptuous for her own good.

However, those eyes are brimming with anger, frustration, and discontent.

These twins were the reason why Wu Yan woke up.

"Ah~, he woke up."

"Upset, he woke up..."


With the twins grumbling about his status, Wu Yan's confusion only grew.

Kaguya and Yuzuru should be busy trying out the moves they learned in the adult entertainment educational videos. The kind of video where the actors are all covered in mosaics for some reason. In other words, he should be reaping the benefits of the curious twins right now...

Why are they acting like this?

Wu Yan looked at the twins who are fuming for an unknown reason. He tried to think back.

Did I do something to make them mad?

Wu Yan rubbed the back of his head. Before he can ask the twins why their panties are twisted in a knot. He felt it.

He felt something soft on his chest.

He looked down as he blinked in shock. The twins are apparently disgruntled with whatever was on his chest. He rubbed the soft thing on his chest before he recalled something that happened last night. He looked down at his chest.

A cascaded of mesmerizing raven-black hair entered his vision.

It belonged to the individual sleeping on Wu Yan's chest.

Natsuki is currently sleeping on Wu Yan's chest.

His eyes widened. Natsuki slept on his chest like a peaceful baby. Wu Yan finally understood why the twins are unhappy.

After pounding Natsuki silly in the bathroom last night, Wu Yan brought Natsuki into his room and used her as a hugging pillow.

Natsuki also realized her situation but was too out of it to get away. She decided to let Wu Yan be and sleep to recover her energy.

Wu Yan and Natsuki slept like this after the intense meat brawl they had in the shower.

Wu Yan is pretty sure the twins won the right to sleep in his room last night.

Where did the twins crash in last night?

"Explanation, we slept on the couch..."

Yuzuru read Wu Yan's mind.

"Because it was already late and Shiori & co already went to sleep in their rooms, we had to sleep on the sofa in the living room..."

"Sl-Slept on the couch, huh..."

Wu Yan felt a bit bad.

The twins had to crash on the couch because he brought another woman into his bed.

Wu Yan felt guilty.

"With Yuzuru and I at your service, we were still forced to sleep on the sofa."

Kaguya crossed her arms. She looked down at Wu Yan with righteous fury in her eyes.

"Even if you're our master, we cannot overlook this transgression."

"I-I mean..."

Wu Yan couldn't find an excuse to get out of this one. He cut off Natsuki's magic power supply as she turned into dots of light that dissipated in a short while. Natsuki returned to Wu Yan's body.

Wu Yan sat up. He coughed as he put on the most serious expression he had in his arsenal.

"Actually, there is a very complicated reason for this. Yes, a very vexing reason that is layered, so hard is this problem that I can't put it into words...."


Yuzuru narrowed her eyes.

"Master has no excuse, yes?"

"Y-yes... It's my fault..."

Wu Yan gave up.


Kaguya raised her chin in satisfaction.

"Since you are my master and you're honestly repenting, I will think about reducing your sentence."

"You're still sentencing me?"

Wu Yan turned bitter.

"I've never heard of a slave punishing the master..."

"Not for other slaves."

Kaguya said proudly.

"We are Children of Typhoon, the Yamai twins, we are slaves but we are still a cut above the rest."


Yuzuru nodded at the side.

"To make Yuzuru and I feel the cold and bitter assault of the air-cond in the living room, master shall pay!"

"Repent and accept it!"

Kaguya and Yuzuru took out objects Wu Yan cannot ignore.

A whip

A candle.


Wu Yan gulped audibly. His butt started moving back towards the bedframe.

"W-why do you girls have that?!"

"We learned it in one of the special education videos."

Kaguya wasn't aware of the lethality of the object she held. She swung and the whip hit the ground with a very loud snap.

"The video told us to punish those we love as it is also an expression of love. That is what we learned yesterday.'


Yuzuru lit the candle in her hands.

"Yuzuru and Kaguya bought these overnight behind Shiori's back. We didn't think the chance to use it would come so soon..."

Wu Yan started shaking his head vigorously.

"No no no! You can't use those!"

"Guilty one, you have no room for objection!"

With the lethal weapons in hand, the twins inched closer to Wu Yan with nasty grins.

"L-look, we can talk about this."

Wu Yan tried to negotiate.

"I believe communication and compromise are things that drove humanity forward."

"Your words are useless."

The twins pounced on Wu Yan much to his fear.

Then, his phone rang.

"My phone!"

Wu Yan picked up his phone and dashed out of the room. The twins were stomping furiously when Wu Yan left the room. He wiped away the cold sweat on his head.

"That was dangerous."

Wu Yan looked at the screen of the phone. He picked up the call.

"Miku, thanks for saving me..."


Miku gasped. She pursed her lips.

"W-well, I don't know what happened but I am glad I helped you."

"Nn! You have no idea, you just saved my life!"

Wu Yan said.

"Anyway, you called?"

"Oh, yeah!"

Miku sounded chirpy.

"Darling, you got any plans for Tenou festival today?"

"Plans, eh?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"I need to go check on the stalls manned by Raizen High. I am going to do that before the festival starts today and the rest of my schedule is clear for the day."


Miku asked.

"After you're done with your job, do you want to go on a date with me?"

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